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"I'll teach you a few tricks... for a price, of course."
―Onn Iria[src]

Onn Iria is a trainer in Star Wars: Uprising and can be found in the Longstar Marketplace.

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Diving RollTargetedNone1Rolls to a specified locationUprising Icon CreditsFree
2Grants Obscured for a short durationUprising Icon Currency FactionTradeSpine 01?
3Grants Immune while rollingUprising Icon Currency FactionTradeSpine 025
Hold Out BlasterDirectionalRanged1Wildly fire at enemies in a cone, dealing 13974 damage per secondUprising Icon Credits?
2Grants +20% Critical Hit Chance while wildly firingUprising Icon Currency FactionTradeSpine 015
3Reduces ability cost by 20%Uprising Icon Currency FactionTradeSpine 025
OverchargePassiveNone1Increases Ranged Damage by 10%, but reduces maximum Energy by 50%Uprising Icon Credits4500
2Increases by an additional 10%Uprising Icon Currency FactionTradeSpine 0125
3Increases by an additional 20%Uprising Icon Currency FactionTradeSpine 0225
StreetwisePassiveNone1Increases movement speed when out of combatUprising Icon Credits3250
2Increases movement speedUprising Icon Currency FactionTradeSpine 0120
3Adds 50% Dodge for 3 seconds when entering combatUprising Icon Currency FactionTradeSpine 0220
CaltropsSelfNeutral1Drops a caltrop field for a moderate duration that Slows enemies and causes them to BleedUprising Icon Credits2500
2Increased durationUprising Icon Currency FactionTradeSpine 0115
3Enemies are also WeakenedUprising Icon Currency FactionTradeSpine 0215
Think FastUltimateNone1Grants the Smuggler and all allies Haste, Obscured and Strengthen while doubling Recovery for a long durationUprising Icon Credits1750
2Reduces Cooldowns by 10%Uprising Icon Currency FactionTradeSpine 0110
3Reduces Ultimate Energy cost to 75Uprising Icon Currency FactionTradeSpine 0210

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