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This page or section is an official policy on Wookieepedia.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone must follow. Please use the Consensus track to propose changes to this policy.

Wookieepedia's talk page policy regulates article talk pages and other discussion pages on the wiki, such as user talk pages and the Senate Hall forum.

  1. Article talk pages are used for discussing changes to the Wookieepedia article itself, not for discussing the topic in question; for a general purpose forum, see Wookieepedia Discussions. Off-topic comments and spam may be removed by administrators.
  2. All comments should be accompanied by a signature with a timestamp at the end. If a registered user's signature is absent, {{Unsigned}} may be used to indicate the author's username.
  3. Users wishing to retract a comment they had made should strike the text by placing it between <s> and </s> tags, which will display the comment like this.
  4. Otherwise, users should neither edit nor remove existing comments, with the following exceptions:
    • Users may correct wording, typos, and formatting errors in their own comments to a reasonable extent.
    • Users may make minor wikicode formatting fixes, such as keeping a topic's bullet point or indent usage consistent.
    • Users may remove the Welcome template ({{W}}) from their own talk page.
    • Private personal information, personal attacks, and discriminatory content may be redacted, and all policy-breaking offences, as with vandalism and uncivil behavior, should be reported to administrators.
  5. Administrators are responsible for handling disputes and redacting harmful content such as slurs and private personal information. Users can further request edits with such content to be hidden from the page history by a bureaucrat or Fandom staff member via RevisionDelete, per the deletion policy.
  6. All talk pages aside from user talk pages should lead with the {{Talkheader}} template. If applicable, it should be followed in the following order: status article talk page templates, article history templates, other official talk page templates, WookieeProject templates, and the talk page comments themselves. Talk pages should not be created solely to add {{Talkheader}} and/or WookieeProject templates without any discussion topics.
  7. Comments may be archived from a discussion page to a subpage, with a clearly visible link to all archives placed at the top of the original page. For example, see the instructions linked here. User talk archives should be placed on a subpage within their userspace.
  8. Redirects
    • Redirects to article talk pages, typically the product of page moves, are unnecessary and may be deleted by administrators, per the deletion policy.
    • Users may redirect their user page to their talk page, but their talk page may not redirect to their user page or any subpages.

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