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This page or section is considered an official policy on Wookieepedia.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone must follow. Please use the Consensus track to propose changes to this policy.

This talk page policy describes rules pertaining to talk pages and other pages on Wookieepedia where discussion between users takes place.

  1. All comments must be accompanied by a signature. Signatures must include the timestamp and comply with the signature policy.
  2. No user may edit another user's comment, except to remove a personal attack or to redact private personal information prior to requesting RevisionDeletion by a bureaucrat or Fandom Staff member. Administrators can remove grossly derogatory content such as slurs.
  3. Unless they meet one of the criteria below, no comment may be removed from any discussion page unless it is archived on a subpage of that page, with a clearly visible link to all archives placed at the top of the original page. User talk archives may be placed somewhere other than a subpage if the owner of the user talk page wishes to archive to somewhere else in his/her userspace (such as a subpage of their user page) instead.
  4. Under the following limited criteria only, comments may be removed without being archived:
    • Accidental duplicate posts
    • Comments erroneously posted on the wrong page that have not been replied to, provided that that user reposts the comment on the correct page
    • Posts made directly to an archive page
    • Spam, vandalism, or test edits
    • Off-topic posts and replies to such posts[1]
    • Comments that consist solely of personal attacks or derogatory slurs, with no content of substance relevant to the topic being discussed.
    • Potentially defamatory comments, regardless of who the subject of the accusation is or whether they can be identified (such edits should also be removed from the page history by a bureaucrat or Fandom Staff member using RevisionDelete)
    • Posting of private personal information (such edits should also be removed from the page history by a bureaucrat or Fandom Staff member using RevisionDelete)
    • Removal of the content of the Welcome template ({{W}}) without archival is permissible with the assumption that the user has read and understood the information contained therein.
  5. Some users prefer to retain personal attacks and the like on their user talk pages. Users may remove comments that meet one or more of the above criteria from others' user talk pages, but if the owner of the user talk page reverts the removal, the comment generally should not be removed again. The exception to this is that comments sufficiently inappropriate to warrant deletion from the history with RevisionDelete, as determined at the discretion of the bureaucrats or Fandom Staff, and the user's own personal attacks may not be kept even if the user would prefer to.
  6. The following are explicitly not valid reasons for removing comments without archiving:
    • Replies directly to an old thread. These are strongly discouraged due to the possibility that it may result in an active discussion being mistakenly archived. However, because such comments may be useful for someone else later, they should not be removed, even if they are not seen by the users originally posting in that thread. Also, users who have been around for a long time and are still active may still have the page on their watchlist, waiting for an answer to their question. To prevent threads from being archived while active, users wishing to respond to an old thread are encouraged to create a new thread at the bottom of the same page for their reply, accompanied by a note identifying the thread to which they are replying.
    • Comments that contain personal attacks as well as discussion relevant to the matter at hand, even if the relevant discussion is presented in an uncivil manner. Others may find the actual discussion portion of the comment helpful. Instead of removing the entire comment, only the personal attack may be removed. Offenders should be warned and blocked if needed.
    • Retracting a comment. Users wishing to retract a comment may instead strike it by placing <s> before the portion to the retracted and </s> after that portion, which will display the comment like this.
  7. The following order should be used for article talk pages. Note that not all of these items are applicable to every talk page:
    1. {{Talkheader}}. All article talk pages should have this template.
    2. Status article talk page templates, such as {{GA}} and {{FormerFA}}. Note that only the most recent template should be used (e.g. if an article is both a former Good article and a current Featured article, only {{FA}} should be used).
    3. Article history templates ({{Ahh}}, {{Ahm}}, and {{Ahf}}). Together, these form a table with the article's milestones.
    4. Other official talk page templates, such as {{ImageVote}} and {{IDformer}}.
    5. WookieeProject templates, such as {{Ambition}} and {{WPPrideTalk}}.
    6. Talk page comments should then be made below these templates.
  8. Talk pages should not be created solely to add {{Talkheader}} and/or WookieeProject templates without any discussion topics. However, talk pages may be created without discussion topics to show other templates, such as status article and article history templates.
  9. Article talk pages may not be used as forums for consensus votes, such as to determine an article's main infobox image. Such consensus votes must take place through the Consensus track.
  10. Users may not redirect their talk page to any other page, including their user page.


  1. Note that simply removing off-topic posts can potentially cause more harm than good by confusing new users, so it is suggested, though not required, that consideration should be given to retaining the post and replying with an explanation of why it is off-topic if other factors such as the level of activity on that talk page allow for this.

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