Wookieepedia! It's a vibrant and ever-changing community. Edits and expansions are made all the time, but with edits come spelling errors. Call it laziness, call it ignorance, call it typing too fast, or blame it on the keyboard, there are thousands of typos hidden in Wookieepedia articles. Typos are simple mistakes and perfectly understandable, but they make a product seem unprofessional, even a web-based product like ours. Thus...

The Great Typo Hunt[edit source]

First begun in October 2006, the Typo Hunt seeks to eradicate the most common spelling mistakes and keep track of the ones that recur most frequently, so that we might guard against them in the future.

How to participate in the Great Typo Hunt[edit source]

Check the list of typos, which is sortable alphabetically by typo or by date last checked. Simply use the search function and see what articles appear. If the typo does not appear, that means we're safe. Change the "Last updated" to the current date (in the form provided, YYYY/MM/DD). If the typo does appear, make the appropriate changes, and once all of them have been corrected, update the "Last updated" tab.

Keep in mind that certain typos will always appear, some of them because articles have intentional misspellings quoted directly from source material, or because the articles themselves discuss typos, some of them because the typo appears in the filename of a picture that someone uploaded. (In fact, feel free to re-upload these pictures with the properly spelled filenames if you have time.) So be careful not to change the typo unless it is clear the mistake was made either unintentionally or through ignorance. If you find a questionable instance, you can add a note about it in the "Notes" tab.

According to the talk page policy, "No user may edit another user's comment, except to remove a personal attack or to redact private personal information." This goes for all talk, thread, and discussion pages.

Also, while searching for typos, scan the entire article. The presence of one typo often indicates the presence of many. Keep track of the new typos you find, and if they aren't already in the Great Typo Hunt list, add them at the bottom of the table, using the format provided. (If you don't feel comfortable editing the table yourself, go to the Talk page and list your new typos there, along with the date last checked.)

Wookieepedia uses preferred American spellings whenever possible. Be careful when changing British spellings: quoted source material is not to be changed. British spellings are not to be marked with a [sic]. That would be silly. There is no way to mark a British spelling as proper within its context in an article, so you will need to examine the context in each search. Questionable instances may brought up in the Talk page.

The original Great Typo Hunt forum post has been archived here. Some spelling issues were discussed in the Comments section.

Sortable list of typos[edit source]

Typo Correct form Last updated Notes
abandonned abandoned 2021/04/04
abilites abilities 2021/04/04
abilty ability 2021/04/04
abolishment abolition 2021/04/04
acadamy academy 2021/04/04
accidentaly accidentally 2021/04/04
accidently accidentally 2021/04/04
accomodate accommodate 2021/04/04
accomodation accommodation 2021/04/04
accomodations accommodations 2021/04/04
accross across 2021/04/04
activites activities 2021/04/04
adherance adherence 2021/04/04
agaisnt against 2021/04/04
aggresive aggressive 2021/04/04
agianst against 2021/04/04
aginst against 2021/04/04
agression aggression 2021/04/04
agressive aggressive 2021/04/04
agressively aggressively 2021/04/04
agressor aggressor 2021/04/04 In the TIE/AG Aggressor starfighter page it makes reference to "Stay on Target (First identified as TIE/AG Agressor starfighter)". I don't know if this sentences says that it was misspelt in Stay on Target or not. so I am leaving it has it is as I think that it is saying that was how it was spelt.
agressors aggressors 2021/04/04
alchoholic alcoholic 2021/04/04
Aldeeran Alderaan 2021/04/04
aliance alliance 2021/04/04
alledged alleged 2021/04/04
alligned aligned 2021/04/04
allready already 2021/04/04
allthough although 2021/04/04
alltogether altogether 2021/04/04
alot a lot or allot 2021/04/04
althought although 2021/04/04
amoung among 2021/04/04
annouced announced 2021/04/04
aparatus apparatus 2021/04/04
apearances appearances 2021/04/04
apparantly apparently 2021/04/04
appearences appearances 2021/04/04
apperances appearances 2021/04/04
aquire acquire 2021/04/04
aquired acquired 2021/04/04
aquiring acquiring 2021/04/04
armour armor 2021/04/04 American spelling "Armour" is a redirect; use this link to search
armouring armoring 2021/04/04 American spelling
armourless armorless 2021/04/04 American spelling
armours armors 2021/04/04 American spelling
armoury armory 2021/04/04 American spelling
artifical artificial 2021/04/04
artillary artillery 2021/04/04
assasain assassin 2021/04/04
assasin assassin 2021/04/04 "Assasin" is a redirect; use this link to search
assasination assassination 2021/04/04
assasinating assassinating 2021/04/04
assasinated assassinated 2021/04/04
assasinate assassinate 2021/04/04
assasins assassins 2021/04/04 "Assasins" is a redirect; use this link to search
assassain assassin 2021/04/04
assassaination assassination 2021/04/04
assigment assignment 2021/04/04
assinment assignment 2021/04/04
assualt assault 2021/04/04
attemped attempted 2021/04/04
attemp attempt 2021/04/04
auxillary auxiliary 2021/04/04
availible available 2021/04/04
awakeining awakening 2021/04/04
batalion battalion 2021/04/04
batallion battalion 2021/04/04
battallion battalion 2021/04/04
becuase because 2021/04/04
begining beginning 2021/04/04
beleive believe 2021/04/04
beleived believed 2021/04/04
belived believed 2021/04/04
beseiged besieged 2021/04/04
betwen between 2021/04/04
bizzare bizarre 2021/04/04
bodygaurd bodyguard 2021/04/04
bodygaurds bodyguards 2021/04/04
Boussh Boushh 2021/04/04 Link Even official sources can't keep this one straight
breif brief 2021/04/04
buisness business 2021/04/04
bureacracy bureaucracy 2021/04/04
C-3P0 C-3PO 2021/04/04 "C-3P0" is a redirect; use this link to search,

The Star Wars Headspace page uses "C-3P0" because it spelled that way in the song title.

camoflage camouflage 2021/04/04
camoflauge camouflage 2021/04/04
captial capital 2021/04/04
catched caught 2021/04/04
centre center 2021/04/04 American spelling, OK if quoting source material
centred centered 2021/04/04 American spelling
centres centers 2021/04/04 American spelling
centring centering 2021/04/04 American spelling
charasmatic charismatic 2021/04/04
cheif chief 2021/04/04
civilisation civilization 2021/04/04 American spelling
civillian civilian 2021/04/04
civillians civilians 2021/04/04
colour color 2021/04/05 American spelling
coloured colored 2016/07/12 American spelling
colouring coloring 2016/07/12 American spelling
colours colors 2016/07/12 American spelling
comissioned commissioned 2016/07/12
comitted committed 2016/07/12
commisioned commissioned 2016/07/12
commited committed 2016/07/12
commlink comlink 2016/07/12 Preferred Star Wars spelling "Link"
commmand command 2016/07/12
completly completely 2016/07/12
concieve conceive 2016/07/12
concieved conceived 2016/07/12
conjuction conjunction 2016/07/12
conotations connotations 2016/07/12
continous continuous 2016/07/12
controled controlled 2016/07/12
controling controlling 2016/07/12
correlian Corellian 2016/07/12
cought caught 2016/07/12
councillor councilor 2014/08/03 "Councillor" is a redirect; use this link to search
counsellor counselor 2016/07/12 American spelling
crafts craft 2016/07/14 Plural has no S, unless talking about arts and crafts
crashland crash-land 2016/07/17
crashlanded crash-landed 2016/07/17
crashlanding crash landing or crash-landing 2016/07/17 "Crash-landing" for verb, "crash landing" for noun
crashlands crash-lands 2016/07/17
creatues creatures 2016/07/17
crusier cruiser 2016/07/17
curiousity curiosity 2016/07/18
darkside dark side 2016/07/18 "Darkside" is a redirect; use this link to search
decieve deceive 2016/07/18
decieved deceived 2016/07/18
defence defense 2016/07/18 American spelling
defences defenses 2016/07/18 American spelling
definately definitely 2016/07/19
dependant dependent 2016/07/19
desparate desperate 2016/07/19
desparately desperately 2016/07/19
destory destroy 2016/07/19
develope develop 2016/07/19
devestated devastated 2016/07/19
devestating devastating 2016/07/19
devestation devastation 2016/07/19
dextrous dexterous 2016/07/19
diarmed disarmed 2016/07/19
disasterous disastrous 2016/07/19
duelled dueled 2016/07/19
duelling dueling 2016/07/19
eachother each other 2016/07/19
embarass embarrass 2016/07/19
embarassed embarrassed 2016/07/19
embarassing embarrassing 2016/07/19
embarassment embarrassment 2016/07/19
embued imbued 2016/07/19
emited emitted 2016/07/19
emnity enmity 2016/07/19
emporer emperor 2016/07/19 "Emporer" is a redirect; use this link to search
engeneering engineering 2016/07/19
enroute en route 2016/07/19
enviroment environment 2016/07/19
enviroments environments 2016/07/19
equiped equipped 2016/07/20
excercise exercise 2016/07/20
excercises excercises 2016/07/20
excecuter executor 2016/07/20
exept except 2016/07/20
existance existence 2016/07/20
extremly extremely 2016/07/20
familes families 2016/07/20
faught fought 2016/07/20
favour favor 2016/07/20 American spelling
favours favors 2016/07/20 American spelling
favourite favorite 2016/07/20 American spelling
feild field 2016/07/21
fiance fiancé or fiancée 2016/07/21 Fiancé for male, fiancée for female, usually fiancée is intended
fledgeling fledgling 2016/07/21
forsaw foresaw 2016/07/21
forsee foresee 2016/07/21
forseen foreseen 2016/07/21 Do not correct if already marked [sic]
fortunatly fortunately 2016/07/21
frieghter freighter 2016/07/21
frieghters freighters 2016/07/21
frustated frustrated 2016/07/21
fufill fulfill 2016/07/21
fufilled fulfilled 2016/07/21
fulfil fulfill 2016/07/21
fullfill fulfill 2016/07/21
galatic galactic 2016/07/21
gaurd guard 2016/07/21
gaurded guarded 2016/07/21
gaurding guarding 2016/07/21
gaurds guards 2016/07/21
goverment government 2016/07/24
goverments governments 2016/07/24
grandaughter granddaughter 2016/07/24
grap grab 2016/07/24
grapped grabbed 2016/07/24
graps grabs 2016/07/24
greivous grievous 2016/07/24
gruelling grueling 2016/07/24
harbour harbor 2016/07/25 American spelling
harboured harbored 2016/07/25 American spelling ((Except "Harboured on Hoth"))
harbouring harboring 2016/07/25 American spelling
harbours harbors 2016/07/25 American spelling
harrass harass 2016/07/25
harrassed harassed 2016/07/25
harrassing harassing 2016/07/25
harrasses harasses 2016/07/25
headquaters headquarters 2016/07/25
heros heroes 2016/07/25
hierachy hierarchy 2016/07/25
homeplanet home planet 2016/07/25
honour honor 2016/07/25 American spelling
human Human 2014/08/29
illegaly illegally 2016/07/25
Illum Ilum 2016/07/26
immediatly immediately 2016/07/26
immediatley immediately 2016/07/26
immitate imitate 2016/07/26
immitated imitated 2016/07/26
immitating imitating 2016/07/26
inaccessable inaccessible 2016/07/26
inadvertant inadvertent 2016/07/26
inadvertantly inadvertently 2016/07/26
inbetween in between 2016/07/26
indefinately indefinitely 2016/07/27
indepedent independent 2016/07/27
independant independent 2016/07/27
independantly independently 2016/07/27
infact in fact 2016/07/31
infared infrared 2016/07/31
infarred infrared 2016/07/31
infermary infirmary 2016/07/31
infiltrater infiltrator 2016/07/31
inflitrate infiltrate 2016/07/31
inflitrated infiltrated 2016/07/31
inflitrater infiltrator 2016/07/31
inflitrator infiltrator 2016/07/31
infomation information 2016/07/31
infrarred infrared 2016/07/31
infront in front 2016/07/31
inhabitated inhabited 2016/07/31
iniative initiative 2016/07/31
inital initial 2016/07/31
initally initially 2016/07/31
invovled involved 2016/07/31
Januray January 2016/07/31
judgement judgment 2016/07/31 American spelling, OK if quoting source material
kilometre kilometer 2016/08/01 American spelling
kilometres kilometers 2016/08/01 American spelling
labelled labeled 2016/08/01
langauge language 2016/08/01
langauges languages 2016/08/01
layed lay or laid 2016/08/01 Lay = past tense of "to lie" (rest), laid = past tense of "to lay" (put down)
lept leapt 2016/08/01
letal lethal 2016/08/01
liason liaison 2016/08/01
maintainance maintenance 2016/08/01
manafactured manufactured 2016/08/01
manoeuvrability maneuverability 2016/08/01 American spelling
manoeuvre maneuver 2016/08/01 American spelling
manoeuvred maneuvered 2016/08/01 American spelling
manoeuvres maneuvers 2016/08/01 American spelling
manoeuvring maneuvering 2016/08/01 American spelling
manuever maneuver 2016/08/01
manueverability maneuverability 2016/08/01
manueverable maneuverable 2016/08/01
manuevered maneuvered 2016/08/01
manuevering maneuvering 2016/08/01
manuevers maneuvers 2016/08/01
manuevrability maneuverability 2016/08/01
manufacter manufacturer 2016/08/01
manuver maneuver 2016/08/01
manuverability maneuverability 2016/08/01
manuverable maneuverable 2016/08/02
manuvered maneuvered 2016/08/02
manuveres maneuvers 2016/08/02
manuvering maneuvering 2016/08/02
martialled martialed 2016/08/02 Most often found in "court-martialed"
matriarchial matriarchal 2016/08/02
memebers members 2016/08/02
mercanaries mercenaries 2016/08/02
mercanary mercenary 2016/08/02
metalic metallic 2016/08/02
metre meter 2016/08/02 American spelling
metres meters 2016/08/02 American spelling
milita militia 2016/08/02
millenia millennia 2016/08/02 Do not correct if already marked [sic]
millenium millennium 2016/08/02 Do not correct if already marked [sic]
militiary military 2016/08/02
miltary military 2016/08/02
miscellania miscellanea 2016/08/02
missle missile 2016/08/02
missles missiles 2016/08/02
moreso more so 2016/08/02
mucous mucus 2014/08/08 Do not change in phrase "mucous membrane" or if used as an adjective
neccessary necessary 2016/08/02
neighbour neighbor 2016/08/02 American spelling
neighbouring neighboring 2016/08/02 American spelling
neighbours neighbors 2016/08/02 American spelling
noteable notable 2016/08/02
noticable noticeable 2016/08/02
noticably noticeably 2016/08/02
occassion occasion 2016/08/03
occassionally occasionally 2016/08/03
occassions occasions 2016/08/03
occured occurred 2016/08/03
occurence occurrence 2016/08/03
occurences occurrences 2016/08/03
occuring occurring 2016/08/03
offical official 2016/08/03
offically officially 2016/08/07
officals officials 2016/08/07
oponent opponents 2016/08/07
oponents opponents 2016/08/07
oppurtunity opportunity 2016/08/07
orbitted orbited 2016/08/07
orbitting orbiting 2016/08/07
organisation organization 2016/08/07 American spelling
organisations organizations 2016/08/07 American spelling
orginally originally 2016/08/07
oribit orbit 2016/08/07
oribited orbited 2016/08/07
oribiting orbiting 2016/08/07
particuarly particularly 2016/08/07
particpate participate 2016/08/07
particpated participated 2016/08/07
particpates participates 2016/08/07
passanger passenger 2016/08/07
passangers passengers 2016/08/07
paticular particular 2016/08/07
patroled patrolled 2016/08/07
patroling patrolling 2016/08/07
payed paid 2016/08/07
percieve perceive 2016/08/07
percieved perceived 2016/08/07
perimiter perimeter 2016/08/07
persistant persistent 2016/08/07
personel personnel 2016/08/07
personnal personal 2016/08/07
persue pursue 2016/08/07
persued pursued 2016/08/07
persuing pursuing 2016/08/07
plantlife plant life 2016/08/08
posessed possessed 2016/08/08
posesses possesses 2016/08/08
posession possession 2016/08/08
posessions possessions 2016/08/08
posses possess 2016/08/08 Check context to make sure word is not plural of "posse"
possesed possessed 2016/08/08
possesion possession 2016/08/08
possesions possessions 2016/08/08
possibile possible 2016/08/08
practise practice 2016/08/09 American spelling
practised practiced 2016/08/09 American spelling
predecesor predecessor 2016/08/09
predecesors predecessors 2016/08/09
prefered preferred 2016/08/09
preperation preparation 2016/08/09
preperations preparations 2016/08/09
prescence presence 2016/08/09
presense presence 2016/08/09
pretence pretense 2016/08/09
primarly primarily 2016/08/09
proceded proceeded 2016/08/09
propoganda propaganda 2016/08/09
publically publicly 2016/08/09
R22-D2 R2-D2 2016/08/09
realise realize 2016/08/09 American spelling
realised realized 2016/08/09 American spelling
realises realizes 2016/08/09 American spelling
realising realizing 2016/08/09 American spelling
recieve receive 2016/08/10
recieved received 2016/08/10 Reappears very frequently
reciever receiver 2016/08/10
recievers receivers 2016/08/10
recieves receives 2016/08/10
recieving receiving 2016/08/10
recognise recognize 2016/08/10 American spelling
recognised recognized 2016/08/10 American spelling
recognises recognizes 2016/08/10 American spelling
recognising recognizing 2016/08/10 American spelling
reconaissance reconnaissance 2016/08/10
reconnaisance reconnaissance 2016/08/10
refered referred 2016/08/10
refering referring 2016/08/11
reknowned renowned 2016/08/11
reminicent reminiscent 2016/08/11
rendevous rendezvous 2016/08/11
renowed renowned 2016/08/11
reponse response 2016/08/11
reponsibiliy responsibility 2016/08/11
reponsible responsible 2016/08/11
reptillian reptilian 2016/08/11
republc republic 2016/08/11
resemblence resemblance 2016/08/11
resistence resistance 2016/08/11
responsable responsible 2016/08/11
resuce rescue 2016/08/11
revelled reveled 2016/08/11 One L is the preferred American spelling
rumour rumor 2016/08/11 American spelling
rumoured rumored 2016/08/11 American spelling
rumours rumors 2016/08/11 American spelling
sabaac sabacc 2016/08/14
sabatoge sabotage 2016/08/14
sabatoged sabotaged 2016/08/14
sacrelige sacrilege 2016/08/14
scences scenes, senses 2016/08/14 Could be "senses," but this is almost always a misspelling of "behind the scenes
seeked sought 2016/08/14
seige siege 2016/08/14 Do not correct if already marked [sic]
seiges sieges 2014/03/16
seperate separate 2016/08/14
seperated separated 2016/08/14
seperately separately 2016/08/14
seperates separates 2016/08/14
seperating separating 2016/08/14
seperation separation 2016/08/14
seperatist separatist 2016/08/14 "Seperatist" is a redirect; use this link to search
seperatists separatists 2016/08/14 "Seperatists" is a redirect; use this link to search
severly severely 2016/08/14
shortlived short-lived 2016/08/14
sieze seize 2016/08/14
siezed seized 2016/08/14
siezing seizing 2016/08/14
similiar similar 2016/08/14
solider soldier 2016/08/15 Check context: could also be "solder" or "solid"
soliders soldiers 2016/08/15 Check context: could also be "solders" or "solids"
souces sources 2016/08/15
speach speech 2016/08/15
specialised specialized 2016/08/15 American spelling
specialisation specialization 2016/08/15 American spelling
submited submitted 2016/08/15
subsidary subsidiary 2016/08/15
succeded succeeded 2016/08/15
succes success 2016/08/15
succesful successful 2016/08/15
succesfully successfully 2016/08/15
suceed succeed 2016/08/15
suceeded succeeded 2016/08/15
suceeding succeeding 2016/08/15
sucess success 2016/08/15
sucessful successful 2016/08/15
sucessfully successfully 2016/08/15
sucessor successor 2016/08/15
sufferred suffered 2016/08/21
sufficent sufficient 2016/08/21
sufficently sufficiently 2016/08/21
supress suppress 2016/08/21
suprise surprise 2016/08/21
suprised surprised 2016/08/21
suprising surprising 2016/08/21
surrended surrendered 2016/08/21
surveillence surveillance 2016/08/21
sympathiser sympathizer 2016/08/21 American spelling
sytem system 2016/08/21
sytems systems 2016/08/21
targetted targeted 2016/08/21
targetting targeting 2014/08/19
taskforce task force 2014/08/19 Two-word form preferred, unless source material
tempermental temperamental 2016/08/21
tendancies tendencies 2016/08/21
tendancy tendency 2016/08/21
terrestial terrestrial 2016/08/21
terrorise terrorize 2016/08/21 American spelling
terrorised terrorized 2016/08/21 American spelling
terrorising terrorizing 2016/08/21 American spelling
theif thief 2016/08/21
theives thieves 2016/08/21
themself themselves or himself 2016/08/22
thier their 2016/08/22
thoughout throughout 2016/08/22
thracken Thrackan 2016/08/22 Thrackan Sal-Solo: Do not correct if already marked [sic]
threatend threatened 2016/08/22
throught through, thought 2016/08/22 Check context to correct with "through" or "thought"
thrusted thrust 2016/08/22
topedos torpedoes 2016/08/22
tranceiver transceiver 2016/08/22
transciever transceiver 2016/08/22
transfered transferred 2016/08/22
transfering transferring 2016/08/22
transmited transmitted 2016/08/22
transporation transportation 2016/08/22
travelled traveled 2016/08/29 Preferred American spelling
traveller traveler 2016/08/29 Preferred American spelling, unless source material or brand name ((see Traveller's Tales))
travellers travelers 2016/08/29 Preferred American spelling
travelling traveling 2016/10/05 Preferred American spelling, unless source material ((see Travelling Jindas))
tyrrany tyranny 2016/10/05
uknown unknown 2016/10/05
unbeknowest unbeknownst 2016/10/05
unbeknowst unbeknownst 2016/10/05
unconcious unconscious 2016/10/05
unforseen unforeseen 2016/10/05
unfortunatly unfortunately 2016/10/05
unkown unknown 2016/10/05
unoffical unofficial 2016/10/05
unsuccesful unsuccessful 2016/10/06
unwieldly unwieldy 2016/10/06
usally usually 2016/10/06
vaccum vacuum 2016/10/06
villian villain 2016/10/06 "Villian" is a redirect; use this link to search (do not change Villian Dance)
vincinity vicinity 2016/10/06
wartorn war-torn 2016/10/06
weaponary weaponry 2016/10/06
weild wield 2016/10/06
weilded wielded 2016/10/06
weilder wielder 2016/10/06
weilding wielding 2016/10/06
weilds wields 2016/10/06
Wessel Zam Wesell 2014/08/21 "Wessel" Only correct if referring to Zam Wesell
Wessell Zam Wesell 2014/08/21
wherabouts whereabouts 2016/10/06
withdrawl withdrawal 2016/10/06
wookie Wookiee 2014/08/21 Link Do not correct if already marked [sic] or discussing the spelling or THX 1138
wookies Wookiees 2014/08/21 }|}
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