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Happy Birthday, Wookieepedia!

"Wookieepedia is the best fan wiki and an amazing example of what smart people with simple tools can create by working together. Ten years ago, there was no Wookieepedia. Ten years ago, I was one of several 'walking Wookieepedias.' But information works best when it's not concentrated in the hands of a few experts, and you no longer have to be an expert to contribute to the whole. By harnessing the knowledge of thousands, Wookieepedia has strengthened Star Wars immeasurably."
Dan Wallace, March 1, 2008[src]

Today, March 4, 2008, Wookieepedia (—a wiki-based Star Wars encyclopedia—turns three years old.

Compiling information from all aspects of the Star Wars universe, including the films, books, comics, magazines, television, and games, this online encyclopedia serves as an in-depth guide to both the obvious and the obscure aspects of that "galaxy far, far away." Thanks to the quality work of its many contributors, Wookieepedia has grown exponentially in the three years since its establishment, now boasting over 55,000 articles, with thousands more in fifteen additional languages! This makes it by far the largest encyclopedia hosted by Wikia.

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The two largest, unofficial, online Star Wars encyclopedias working together at C4.

The Star Wars encyclopedia spread its influence this past summer by attending Celebration IV in Los Angeles, California. Sponsored by Wikia, members of Wookieepedia, in a joint effort with Bob Vitas of the Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia, manned a booth generously provided by Lucasfilm in the Fan Fair Exhibit Hall. In addition, Wookieepedia and Master of Ceremonies Doug Steves hosted "Stump the Wookiee," a Star Wars-themed trivia contest complete with prizes, on the Behind-the-Scenes Stage.

Wookieepedia is constantly on the lookout for additions to its roster of thousands of enthusiastic users from all corners of the world. There remains a vast array of topics to document, plus many new sources to cover in the coming year, from the new Clone Wars television series, to the conclusion of the Legacy of the Force novels, the start of the Coruscant Nights trilogy, and much more. If you've got the drive and the knowledge to help put together the largest collection of Star Wars information on the web, head on over and sign up now!

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