This page is about the basics of editing. You may be looking for status article tutorials.
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Welcome to Wookieepedia!

Wookieepedia is a collaboratively edited Star Wars encyclopedia that anyone, including you, can contribute to. This tutorial will help you become a Wookieepedian.

The following pages will discuss features of Wookieepedia, giving style and content guidance, information about the Wookieepedia community, and important Wookieepedia policies and conventions.

This is a basic tutorial, not an extensive manual. If you want more details, there are links to other pages for more information. To read them as you go along, you can open them in a separate window or a tab.

There are links to "sandbox" pages where you can practice what you're learning. Try things out and play around! Nobody will mind if you mess up an experiment in these practice areas.

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