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This page or section is considered an official policy on Wookieepedia.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone must follow. Please use the Consensus track to propose changes to this policy.

Wookieepedia's User page and profile policy is designed to encourage users to focus their efforts on editing articles rather than spending excessive time customizing their user page and profile. All Wookieepedians should be aware that their user page is not their primary contribution to Wookieepedia.

However, user pages do play an important role in introducing yourself to the rest of the Wookieepedia community. Users are therefore encouraged to create a unique user page that gives some information about themselves and represents what they bring to Wookieepedia. For example, users may wish to list their Star Wars collections, showcase their favorite characters, highlight specific editing contributions they are proud of, indicate future projects they hope to work on, or identify which languages they speak.

Some users may feel inclined to write their personal Star Wars fan fiction on their Wookieepedia user page. Wookieepedia discourages this practice and instead recommends the Star Wars Fanon Wiki as a more appropriate setting.


The following section lists specific rules for user pages and profiles. User pages that violate these policies may be edited to be brought into compliance or deleted by an administrator. Users who violate these policies are subject to blocks from editing.

  1. Users may only have one user page. Users may not create secondary accounts to host multiple user pages (see Wookieepedia:Sockpuppetry). However, users may create subpages of their user page to accommodate personal projects. For example, see User:Master Fredcerique/Galaxy's Edge.
    • Subpages are subject to all user page policies listed herein.
    • There is no limit to how many subpages a user may have, but all subpages must be related to Wookieepedia or Star Wars.
    • Blogs, guestbooks, and social networking are specifically disallowed on user pages, user profiles, and subpages, with the exception of the social network fields in the user profile.
    • Users may request to have their user page and subpages deleted at any time.
  2. Users with no Wookieepedia editing contributions after twelve (12) consecutive months are considered inactive and will have their user page replaced with the {{Inactive}} template. All subpages of inactive users will be redirected to their main user page. Users may return their user page and subpages to active status at any time.
  3. Users who change their username by registering a new account must either note their name change on their former user page or redirect their former user page to their new user page. In this situation, the user's subpages must either be renamed to reflect the new username, redirected to either the former or new user page, or deleted at the user's request.
  4. Users may redirect their user page to their talk page, but their talk page may not redirect to their user page or any subpages (see Wookieepedia:Talk page policy).
  5. All user page content must be "safe for work." Additionally, user pages may not contain or link to content that is illegal or forbidden, including websites that host pirated Star Wars source material, such as Star Wars film downloads or PDF files of Star Wars books. User page spam is also prohibited.
  6. User pages must comply with the User image policy.
    • Specifically, note that users may have a maximum of three (3) images that are used exclusively on their user page and/or subpages. Such images will be deleted once a user page becomes inactive.
  7. Fan fiction is restricted to a maximum of 250 words and may only be presented on a user's main user page or profile, not on subpages. User pages that feature fan fiction should be labeled with the {{Fanon user page}} template.
  8. The following is additionally prohibited:
    • Non-user categories outside of the Wookieepedians category tree may not be added to user pages or subpages. Particularly, users must take care not to add article-specific categories to project subpages.
    • No template or "magic word" may be used to alter the presented name of a user page or subpage. This specifically includes {{Top}} and {{DISPLAYTITLE}}.
    • Users may not make false claims about their Wookieepedia user status, such as claiming to be an administrator when they are not.
    • Hiding data on Wookieepedia is strictly forbidden. Wookieepedia may not be used to transfer any data covertly. Attempts to use Wookieepedia for this purpose, including but not limited to steganographic embedding within image files or plain-text encoding, or encryption within articles or user pages, will be penalized with an immediate permanent block from editing. Detection and determination of such attempts is at the discretion of the administration.
  9. No user may edit another user's user page or subpage without their express permission. This includes maintenance edits, such as fixing redlinks or redirects, but does not apply to the addition of {{Inactive}} or administrative removal of inappropriate content. Bots are allowed to make routine maintenance edits unless the user has opted out by placing the {{BotsNotWelcome}} template on their user page or user subpage(s).

Excessive user page edits

Remember, your user page is not your primary contribution to this wiki. Users who edit their user page excessively will be subject to sanctions.

  • Excessive user page editing is defined as more than 500 user page edits to less than 100 useful mainspace/template/category edits. (To check your edit count, enter your username at Special:Editcount.)

In cases of excessive user page edits, administrators will protect offending user pages after a warning. These pages may be unprotected after the user has begun making useful edits to articles.