This page is a history of successful and failed nominations of userboxes from Wookieepedia:Userbox proposal in 2006. To see the history of a successful nomination, view the template's talk page.

Userbox Nominated by Date nominated Votes Status
rpg This user is a Role-Player and uses the Star Wars d6 system
Doo December 29, 2006 10/0 {{user rpg}}
WizardsoftheCoast This user collects or plays the Star Wars Roleplaying Game from Wizards of the Coast.
MaclimesZero December 27, 2006 9/0 {{user wotc rpg}}
aus This user is Australian
Doo December 29, 2006 1/6 Failed
Gizka-logo This user supports Team Gizka.
Solus December 29, 2006 12/8 {{User Team Gizka}}
WizardsoftheCoast This user collects or plays the Star Wars Miniatures Game from Wizards of the Coast.
MaclimesZero December 28, 2006 9/0 {{User minis}}
WizardsoftheCoast This user collects or plays the Star Wars Trading Card Game from Wizards of the Coast.
MaclimesZero December 28, 2006 8/0 {{User TCG}}
C This user has contributed to the Star Wars Canon.
Thefourdotelipsis December 28, 2006 18/0 {{user canon}}
Ord Mantell SWCCG This user has an interest in the natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and geology) of the galaxy.
Riffsyphon1024 December 23, 2006 18/0 {{User science}}
P2 OSWFF2 This user is a tech enthusiast, with a keen interest in all the inner workings of the Star Wars galaxy.
Tocneppil December 21, 2006 17/0 {{User tech}}
UltricSandov This user supports the bothans.
Ultric Sandov December 21, 2006 1/5 Failed
Lightsaber vader This user is a lightsaber fanatic.
Nighthawk leader December 20, 2006 12/0 {{User lightsaber}}
black This user supports neither side of the force. They believe in their own balance and is not in any way affiliated to the Potentium theory.
Darth Paradox December 19, 2006 2/8 Failed
UB-senguard This user is a recent changes patroller.
Wildyoda December 14, 2006 21/0 {{User patrol}}
{{User IRC}} Sikon December 8, 2006 15/0 {{User IRC}}
Imperialknights This user supports the Imperial Knights.
Sikon December 8, 2006 7/1 {{User imperial knight}}
KonquerorLogo This user contributes using Konqueror.
Zeist Antilles December 2, 2006 6/0 {{User Konqueror}}
... This user is an eventualist.
This user is an exclusionist
! This user is an immediatist.
± This user is an Inletionist
Zeist Antilles December 2, 2006 5/0 {{User eventual}}
{{User exclusion}}
{{User immediate}}
{{User inletion}}
duh This user likes to state the obvious.
Sikon December 1, 2006 3/10 Failed
Premium-FeaturedIcon This user helped promote the article [[{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]] to Featured status.
Thefourdotelipsis November 30, 2006 5/2 {{User featured}}
Wookiees-Transparent This user supports Wookiees.
November 21, 2006 13/1 {{User wookiee}}
LinuxLogo This user runs Linux.
Mac OS X Userbox X This user runs macOS.
WindowsLogo This user runs Microsoft Windows.
Green tentacle
November 19, 2006 10/0 {{User linux}}
{{User Mac OS X}}
{{User windows}}
GA Roundel This user supports the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances.
Thefourdotelipsis October 31, 2006 8/1 {{User GFFA}}
Dl-44 This user is a blaster fanatic!
Brain40 October 27, 2006 6/4 {{User blaster}}
This user supports the Jawas.
Brain40 October 27, 2006 2/3 Failed
hutt-1 This user is able to speak a basic level of Huttese.
hutt-2 This user is able to speak an intermediate level of Huttese.
hutt-3 This user is able to speak an advanced level of Huttese.
Genghisdani October 23, 2006 0/6 Failed
hutt-0 This person does not understand Huttese (or understands it with considerable difficulties).
hutt-F This user is a non-native speaker of Huttese.
hutt-U This user understands spoken and written Huttese but does not speak it.
Genghisdani October 23, 2006 0/7 Failed
Revanchist Sith This user is a Sith enthusiast.
Jedi Order This user is a Jedi enthusiast.
Brain40 October 14, 2006 1/7 Failed
501stLogo This user supports the 501st Legion, a world-wide organization of Star Wars fans involved in costuming, promotional events, and charities.
Tocneppil October 9, 2006 10/0 {{User 501st}}
I This user supports Form I (Shii-Cho) of lightsaber combat
II This user supports Form II (Makashi) of lightsaber combat
III This user supports Form III (Soresu) of lightsaber combat
IV This user supports Form IV (Ataru) of lightsaber combat
V This user supports Form V (Shien/Djem So) of lightsaber combat
VI This user supports Form VI (Niman) of lightsaber combat
VII This user supports Form VII (Juyo/Vaapad) of lightsaber combat
VIII This user supports Form VIII (Sokan) of lightsaber combat
IX This user supports Form IX (Shien) of lightsaber combat
X This user supports Form X (Niman/Jar'Kai) of lightsaber combat
0 This user supports Form "Zero" of lightsaber combat
Nighthawk leader October 3, 2006 3/9 Failed
Hapes Consortium This user supports the Hapes Consortium.
Jwebb13 September 28, 2006 7/0 {{user Hapes}}
Thrawn This user thinks Grand Admiral Thrawn is awesome.
Reignfire September 28, 2006 5/7 Failed
Yuuzhan Vong bug This user supports the Yuuzhan Vong.
Brain40 September 26, 2006 9/4 {{User vong}}
Han1 edited Smugglers are this user's kind of scum.
Jwebb13 September 25, 2006 7/0 {{User smuggler}}
Lego This user collects LEGO Star Wars sets and games.
Cortle Steeze
September 22, 2006 7/0 {{User lego}}
Dh-17 This user loves blaster technology!
This user supports the Jawas.
Brain40 September 20, 2006 N/A Reproposed on
October 27, 2006
This user supports the Sarlacc pit.
This user mines and collects Lightsaber Crystals.
Brain40 September 19, 2006 0/7 Failed
Sith canon This user supports the Sith Order.
Revanchist Sith This user supports Darth Revan's Sith Empire.
Cortle Steeze September 17, 2006 10/1 {{User sith}}
{{User revan sith}}
Rashtah This user severely hates individuals who think that Wookiees can be degraded to the level of simple house pets.
Totema1 September 11, 2006 2/4 Failed
Bookslogo This user collects Star Wars books, novels, and reference works.
September 7, 2006 12/0 {{User books}}
Dark Horse Comics This user collects Star Wars Graphic Novels and Comic Books.
Marvel logo This user collects classic Star Wars Comic Books.
September 7, 2006 10/2 {{User comics}}
{{User classic comics}}
Hasbro logo This user collects Hasbro Star Wars toys and action figures.
Kenner-logo This user collects Vintage Star Wars toys and action figures.
September 7, 2006 8/0 {{User toys}}
{{User vintage toys}}
LucasArtsold This user is a Star Wars gamer.
September 7, 2006 14/0 {{User video games}}
JaingHead This user can speak and translate Mando'a without difficulties.
Lorth Needa September 7, 2006 6/9 Failed
Jedi Order This user supports the Jedi Order.
Lorth Needa September 4, 2006 13/0 {{user jedi}}
Aubresh-stub This user can read Aurebesh without referring to a chart.
MoffRebus September 3, 2006 15/0 {{user aurebesh}}
This user likes the CGI Jabba better than the Puppet Jabba.
This user likes the Puppet Jabba better than the CGI Jabba.
Jabbathehuttgartogg September 3, 2006 3/8 Failed
This user thinks Mandos rock!
Tracyn September 3, 2006 0/7 Failed
Aayla This user thinks that Twi'leks are hot.
Jwebb13 September 2, 2006 0/12 Failed
Han1 edited This user is your kind of scum.
Jwebb13 September 1, 2006 4/6 Withdrawn in favor of
{{User smuggler}}
Tront This user is tough and can use any weapon at his disposal when needed.
Jabbathehuttgartogg August 31, 2006 2/2 Failed
This user thinks that hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side.
Tocneppil August 31, 2006 3/5 Failed
Guardians of Kiffu This user thinks Kiffu Guardians are awesome.
Nomi Qel-Droma August 31, 2006 1/4 Failed
Jacen2 This user considers Force users to have become cocky and arrogant.
Exp.Fl.Cmndr. Mitth'raw'nuruodo August 31, 2006 1/5 Failed
This user thinks Jack Bauer should have been sent to arrest Palpatine instead of Mace Windu.
Cutch August 30, 2006 4/8 Failed
Complex2 This user believes that Mount Doom is on Mustafar.
Totema1 August 30, 2006 2/5 Failed
Vector Prime Cover This user considers the Star Wars universe since the start of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion to be in need of a retrofit.
Exp.Fl.Cmndr. Mitth'raw'nuruodo August 30, 2006 1/7 Failed
SW - L This user collects Star Wars LEGO sets
SW-C This user collects Star Wars Comic Books and Graphic novels and uses the knowledge they recive from them to help contribute to Wookieepedia.
SW-AF This user collects Star Wars Action figures, 12 inch. dolls, Galactic Heroes mini figures and Playsets.
SW-BK This user collects Star Wars Books and shares there knowledge from them to contribute to Wookieepedia.
Jabbathehuttgartogg August 30, 2006 3/2 Failed no consensus
Orn free taa George Lucas put too many Twi'leks in the Star Wars universe than can easily be explained.
Exp.Fl.Cmndr. Mitth'raw'nuruodo August 30, 2006 1/5 Failed
Outboundthrawn This user supports the Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet and the Empire of the Hand.
Exp.Fl.Cmndr. Mitth'raw'nuruodo August 30, 2006 1/2 Failed
Executor and escorts This user thinks that the Galactic Empire would crush the United Federation of Planets, if encountered
Lorth Needa August 30, 2006 2/5 Failed
Cross This user is a Christian.
Exp.Fl.Cmndr. Mitth'raw'nuruodo August 30, 2006 2/12 Failed
Col-0 This user has no Star Wars collection at all and should go out and start one.
Col-1 This user has a Star Wars collection.
Col-2 This user has a big Star Wars collection.
Col-3 This user has a gargantuan Star Wars collection .
Jabbathehuttgartogg August 27, 2006 1/2 Failed
Smart Guy This user supports Gamorreans.
Jabbathehuttgartogg August 21, 2006 4/6 Failed
fp-0 This user does not understand the Force .
fp-1 This user a basic understanding of the Force .
fp-2 This user has an intermediate understanding of the Force .
fp-3 This user has an advanced understanding of the Force .
Meercamenace August 17, 2006 1/9 Failed
Ozzel This user is as clumsy as he is stupid
Ozzel This user thinks Kendal Ozzel is as clumsy as he is stupid
Lorth Needa August 16, 2006 1/5 Failed
Commander Darc August 15, 2006 1/4 Failed
80Mandalore This user is a Fandalorian.
Vyze August 15, 2006 1/5 Failed
Gungan Supporter This user thinks Gungans are bombad!
-Tyranus- August 9, 2006 11/5 {{User gungan}}
Fleetjunkies This user is a Fleet Junkie and has considerable interest in ships, fleets, and starfighters.
Atarumaster88 August 3, 2006 17/0 {{User fleet}}
Space This user believes that interstellar travel will be possible in the future
Lorth Needa July 19, 2006 2/2 Failed
Theforce50x50 This User Is Force Sensitive
Darth Aeonz July 13, 2006 0/3 Failed
DestructionOfAlderaan-ANH This user thinks that the Death Star was a triumph of ingenuity and strength for the Empire, and the Rebel fighters just got lucky.
DestructionOfAlderaan-ANH This user thinks that the Rebels saw the Death Star as more than a huge waste of time and money for the Empire.
BaronGrackle July 8, 2006 0/2 Failed
60px-Wiki-shrinkable This user was Wookieepedian of the Month for [[Wookieepedia:Wookieepedian of the Month/{{{1}}}_{{{2}}}|{{{1}}} {{{2}}}]].
Sentry July 7, 2006 9/0 {{User WotM}}
CelebrationIV This user attended Celebration IV.
Ozzel June 14, 2006 5/0 {{User C4}}
Selkath profile This user supports Selkath.
Selkath profile This user does not support Selkath.
Redemption May 29, 2006 2/6 Failed
Clock2uk This user's time zone is {{{zone}}}.
Silly Dan May 17, 2006 8/0 {{User timezone}}
Rancor This user thinks a Rancor should have eaten Jar Jar
Bossnass This user thinks Boss Nass is too fat
Darth Steves May 1, 2006 0/6 Failed
adm This user is a Wookieepedia administrator.
MarcK April 12, 2006 7/0 {{User admin}}
rpg This user is a Role-Player and uses the Star Wars d6 system.
StarNeptune April 12, 2006 1/0 Failed
This user is a deletionist.
+ This user is an inclusionist.
Mergist-logo This user is a Mergist.
Sikon April 11, 2006 7/0 {{User delete}}
{{User include}}
{{User merge}}
Addicted-template This user is addicted to Wookieepedia, dammit!
StarNeptune April 10, 2006 9/0 {{User addicted}}
Computer This user's monitor resolution is {{{1}}}.
Rmfitzgerald50 April 9, 2006 11/2 {{User resolution}}
Counterparts This user is not an organic entity but a droid.
KEJ March 27, 2006 1/0 Failed
lynx This user contributes using Lynx.
Silly Dan March 20, 2006 2/0 {{User lynx}}
Male This user is male.
Female This user is female.
Sikon March 19, 2006 10/0 {{User male}}
{{User female}}
Wiki-shrinkable This user supports most aspects of the Star Wars universe.
Xwing328 March 19, 2006 1/4 Failed

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