Maxrebo A userbox is a small box that looks like this.
Userboxes can come in many different styles. Han3 edited
1 Boxes can have one or two sideboxes.


A userbox is a small colored box which allow users to add small messages on their user page. It is an extension of the babelboxes used for user's language abilities. Feel free to use these on your user page. The Wikimedia Commons has a large range of icons for use within boxes.

Common uses for boxes include user interests, user skills, technical information, or Wookieepedia activities. There are four types of userbox templates. A gallery of example boxes is shown below.

You can either create your own userbox using the four templates below, or use the existing userboxes templates. Note, however, that the templates will be monitored regularly.

Box typesEdit

* Standard box
Reverse box *
Standard box Reverse box
* Double box


Double box Mini box

How to make a custom userbox Edit

Here is what you do: {{userbox|outline color|main color|image|Text}}

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