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This page or section is considered an official policy on Wookieepedia.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone must follow. Please use the Consensus track to propose changes to this policy.


This page in a nutshell

Wookieepedians who have contributed fewer than 50 Main namespace edits are not eligible to vote on Wookieepedia policy forums.

Wookieepedia's voting eligibility policy requires that site editors meet a minimum level of productivity in order to participate in votes affecting site policy. Users who do not meet the predetermined productivity level(s) will have their votes stricken from voting forums by the administration. Votes by any users who have fewer than 50 valid Main namespace edits (as defined below) will NOT be counted. A blocked user's votes do not count on any active voting forum for the entire duration of the block.

Votes affected

Consensus votes

The following voting forums run pursuant to Wookieepedia's Consensus policy:

Non-consensus votes

The following voting forums are governed by their respective voting procedures rather than Wookieepedia's Consensus policy (see individual pages for specific voting rules):

Votes not affected

The following votes are not affected by the Wookieepedia voting policy:

  • Wookieepedia's annual Star Wars Character of the Year contest
  • Other "just for fun" votes

General rules

  1. Only registered Wookieepedia users are eligible to vote. Click here to sign up.
  2. Blocked users are ineligible from all active votes for the duration of the block. Users who become blocked will have their active votes stricken.
  3. Users must contribute 50 Main namespace edits under their registered Wookieepedia account to become voting-eligible. Reverted and/or deleted edits do not count toward this total.

Additional provisions

  1. Users must have contributed at least 50 valid Main namespace edits within the previous 6 months prior to the start of Consensus votes (as defined above) or Requests for user rights/removal of user rights votes to be eligible to vote on such forums. User-page and talk-page edits do not count toward this total. Users who contribute 50 valid Main namespace edits after the start of a Consensus vote may become eligible to vote on that forum if the forum lasts longer than a period of one month.
  2. Any user who has placed {{User left}} on their user page, or who has in some other way made it clear that they have departed Wookieepedia, must re-earn the right to vote. From the time that they stated their intentions to leave, whether by the use of {{User left}} or some other means, such users will be ineligible to vote. Before they can vote again, such users must make it clear that they have returned from their absence, with messages and template reverted, and they must earn another 50 valid Main namespace edits.
  3. Users returning from a block of one month or longer are not immediately eligible to vote on Consensus votes (as defined above) or Requests for user rights/removal of user rights votes. They regain their voting eligibility after two weeks from the expiration of their block.

Productivity requirement

Regardless of the overall total number of edits, a user's combined total of content namespace, Wookieepedia:, and MediaWiki: edits must be at least double the combined total of Forum:, User:, and User_talk: namespace edits in order to vote on any of the aforementioned forums. This works in conjunction with all aforementioned provisions required to vote but does not apply to "fun" votes, such as Mister/Miss Star Wars and Quote of the Day.

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