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Wookieepedia is a community of volunteer collaborators such as yourself that works to provide reliable, accurate, and comprehensive documentation of the Star Wars Legends and canon continuities, as well as coverage of Star Wars media and production. Our goal is to provide a source of information that our readers can trust, and one that is written with the quality expected from an encyclopedia.

We rely on fans like you to help us cover the vast amount of information that needs to be documented, and while we currently have 575 users working on the wiki, there are 175,223 articles on the wiki in total, and thousands more that need to be created. The more people who help out, the closer we can get to accomplishing our mission. If you are worried about qualifications, just know that the vast majority of Wookieepedians started with little to no writing or coding experience, and have learned everything they know from this community.

Blue-question-mark.png HOW TO GET STARTED
Wiki-shrinkable.png MEET THE LEADERSHIP TEAM!

Administrators are experienced and trusted Wookieepedians who have been elected by the community to carry out a wide range of tasks, both technical and political. To get to know the admins a little more, click here.

The Wookieepedia Social Media Team is a group of trusted users who manage the site's various social media accounts. More information on the team and Wookieepedia's accounts can be found here.

Discussions moderators are a separate team from Wookieepedia administration and are responsible for monitoring Discussions posts and threads.
Blue-question-mark.png HOW-TO QUICK LINKS
Blue-exclamation-mark.png USER POLICIES
  • Do not revert another user's edit more than three times. (See WP:3RR)
  • Treat other editors with respect. (See WP:CIVIL and WP:NPA)
  • Keep discussions on-topic. (See WP:TALK)
  • Do not cast ineligible votes. (See WP:VOTE)
  • Use edit summaries when saving an edit.
  • Sign all comments on talk pages and forums using four tildes (~~~~). (See WP:SIG)
  • Don't disrupt the wiki to prove a point. (See WP:POINT)
  • Continued rule-breaking will result in a block. (See WP:BLOCK)
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