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This page or section is an official policy on Wookieepedia.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone must follow. Please use the Consensus track to propose changes to this policy.

This page addresses common misconceptions of Wookieepedia to clarify how this wiki functions.

What Wookieepedia is not

Wookieepedia is not an official site

Wookieepedia is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd. or The Walt Disney Company, which own the Star Wars franchise. The site is simply a volunteer-run online encyclopedia with a focus on Star Wars. The information here is neither official nor definitive. Articles may be incomplete, inaccurate, or not up to date with the current state of the Star Wars canon. This means that one should not accept our articles as the final word. Although we will strive, as much as possible, to be the most accurate and complete online resource for Star Wars information, we will not be as authoritative as the original sources.

Wookieepedia is not owned by any one user

Ownership of the wiki resides with the community as a whole, and the website itself is hosted on the Fandom platform and owned by Fandom, Inc. For more information, please see the Copyrights page and Fandom's Licensing page.

Wookieepedia is not an independent entity

Wookieepedia works with Fandom staff to improve our site. All Wookieepedians must observe Wookieepedia policies and respect community consensus but also comply with Fandom policies, such as the Fandom Terms of Use. This does not affect the responsibilities of Fandom staff who also hold elected positions on Wookieepedia, as all users should observe both local site and Fandom policies.

Wookieepedia is not Wikipedia

Some of our practices, policies, and article standards differ greatly from those of Wikipedia; please see Wookieepedia:Policies for more details. Whereas Wikipedia does not maintain articles for "minor" Star Wars subjects like Denuhi-Eight or Myomaran, such articles are allowed here, pursuant to our Notability policy. Generally, any article that discusses a canonical character, place, or item in the Star Wars galaxy has a place on Wookieepedia.

Wookieepedia is not the place for fan fiction

Wookieepedia is for official Star Wars information only. Any information identified as fan fiction ("fanon") will be deleted, as will speculation and improperly attributed information. There is another wiki, the Star Wars Fanon Wiki, which accepts exclusively fan-made material. Although it is also a part of the Fandom platform, it is a separate community with its own policies and practices. Rare exceptions, such as the Book of Imperial Shuttle Plans: Cygnus Spaceworks, are governed by the Notability of fan projects policy and are limited to discussing the relevant fan project's impact on Star Wars canon and fanbase—documenting individual elements in fan fiction is not the purpose of Wookieepedia.

Wookieepedia is not a battleground

Do not disrupt Wookieepedia to prove a point. This is not the place for arguing with others about your personal opinions on pieces of Star Wars media or social or political issues. Always be civil and respectful and never make personal attacks.

Wookieepedia is not a free host or webpage provider

Keep in mind that your user page is meant to give some information about yourself and to help organize your contributions to Wookieepedia. By all means have fun embellishing your user page, but it should not be your primary contribution to Wookieepedia. For more information, please see the User page and profile policy.

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