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July 30, 2018


Star Wars Battlefront video games and their tie-in media

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Promoting Battlefront articles to higher status

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"<insert name here>, WookieeProject: Battlefront is to begin at once. Redlinks. POV. Unsourced information. Out-of-date articles. These are concepts that cannot be allowed to persist. You are but one of many Wookieepedians by which these ideas shall be burned away."
Emperor Sheev Palpatine[src]

Battlefront is a WookieeProject formed of a group of Wookieepedians seeking to upgrade and maintain all articles related to the Star Wars Battlefront video game series, including the original games licensed by LucasArts and the rebooted series developed by EA DICE. This also includes articles related to the official game guides, and other tie-in media such as the Battlefront novels and the short story "Inbrief."

If you are considering joining the project, take a look at our mission. If you would like to join, please add your name with three tildes (~~~) at the bottom of the page under the "Participants" section.

Instructions[edit source]

Writing[edit source]

  1. Use acceptable English grammar and spelling.
  2. Write from a balanced and fair perspective with a neutral point-of-view.
  3. Follow the Manual of Style, Layout Guide, and all other policies on Wookieepedia.
  4. Do not add speculation of any kind, whether it is unconfirmed info or trivial information. If it is not stated by a Lucasfilm-affiliated (or official) source, it is not canon and will not be accepted on Wookieepedia.
  5. All information in an article must be sourced.
  6. "Behind the scenes" section should include notes on appearances and any developmental material.
  7. Don't forget a "Personality and traits" section for characters where applicable, as well as a "Powers and abilities" section, also where applicable.
  8. Keep in mind that not every element featured in the Battlefront video games is necessarily considered canon due to the games' variable nature. Besides the story modes, the Battlefront series draw on canonical elements in order to create fantasy battles, which is not necessarily contributing to the overall narrative.

Editing[edit source]

  1. Check for flawless spelling and grammar, as well as cohesive sentence flow and context.
  2. Make sure articles follow the Manual of Style, Layout Guide, and all other Wookieepedia policies.
  3. Make sure all information, images, and quotes are properly sourced.
  4. Fix templates and check for excessive/incorrect links.
  5. Check for any appearances or sources that might have been missed.

The Battlefront series[edit source]

Classic series[edit source]

These are the original Battlefront series licensed by LucasArts and now considered part of the Star Wars Legends continuity:

Rebooted series[edit source]

These are the rebooted Battlefront series developed by EA DICE and part of the new Star Wars canon:

Spin-offs[edit source]

Game guides[edit source]

Tie-in fiction[edit source]

Game guides[edit source]

Useful links[edit source]

Please feel free to expand this section.

ArtStation[edit source]

Most of these ArtStation accounts belong to game designers who share official game images such as concept art illustrations. There are also several unofficial accounts that contain useful, high-quality game screenshots etc.

YouTube[edit source]

Other[edit source]

Discussion area[edit source]

IRC[edit source]

If you're either interested in finding out more about our project, or are already a member, please join us on Wookieepedia's IRC channel.



For full instructions on how to join and/or download external IRC clients, visit Wookieepedia's IRC chat page.

To use the site's web-based client, enter your nickname and select #wookieepedia from the drop-down in the form below to log in to the channel:

Forum[edit source]

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[edit source]

FeaturedIcon.png Current Featured article nominations[edit source]

Article Nominator(s) Date FAN Entry Notes
Maximian Ajax Ben sc01t 10/07/2020 Link

GoodIcon.png Current Good article nominations[edit source]

Article Nominator(s) Date GAN Entry Notes

Era-comp.png Current Comprehensive article nominations[edit source]

Article Nominator(s) Date CAN Entry Notes

Featured articles under probation[edit source]

These are articles that may have their FA status removed by the Inquisitorius if not brought back up to quality. Please see what you can do to help the articles maintain their current status.

Article Inquisitorius entry Probed on Result

Good articles under probation[edit source]

These are articles that may have their GA status removed by the AgriCorps if not brought back up to quality. Please see what you can to do help the articles maintain their current status.

Article AgriCorps entry Probed on Result

Comprehensive articles under probation[edit source]

These are articles that may have their CA status removed by the EduCorps if not brought back up to quality. Please see what you can to do help the articles maintain their current status.

Article EduCorps entry Probed on Result

Articles[edit source]

All articles originating from the Battlefront series have a goal to eventually obtain Featured, Good, or Comprehensive status. Articles that cannot reach the required length can be put up for nomination for Comprehensive status. Even the most minor characters and articles have the potential to be upgraded to higher article status.

Choosing an article[edit source]

Many characters appear in the Battlefront series and related material—some old, some new. Please note that while the project aims to cover many subjects appearing in the series, we cannot cover every single person, place, or thing that appears. Furthermore, it is improper to try to use this project to focus on subjects that extensively appear elsewhere. For all articles that appear in the Battlefront series, their related and corresponding sections should be maintained.

In choosing articles to add as projects, the following questions should be asked about the article. For an article to be added as a planned/future project, the answers to at least one of these questions must be "yes."

  1. Does the subject appear for the first time in Battlefront material? If not,
  2. Are the majority of the subject's appearances in Battlefront material? If not,
  3. Do(es) the subject's appearance(s) in Battlefront material have an important impact?

If you have questions, do not hesitate to bring the article up on the project's talk page.

Once the article is added as a future project, please place the notice below on the article's talk page so that others may get involved.

Current individual projects[edit source]

Please add articles that you are working on and list your name next to them. Once an article has been nominated for Featured/Good/Comprehensive status, move it to the appropriate section above.

Inactive projects are subject to removal on a regular basis to keep articles open for others. Please therefore be courteous to others and do not reserve more projects than you can handle.

Completed projects[edit source]

So far, we have taken seventeen articles to Good status, and ninety articles to Comprehensive status. These articles should be maintained, to keep them at a high quality.

Featured articles[edit source]

Article Nominator(s) Date FAN Entry Notes

Good articles[edit source]

Article Nominator(s) Date GAN Entry Notes
Tavoy QuiGonJinn 10/01/2018 Link
EE-4 carbine rifle AnilSerifoglu 10/24/2018 Link
Wistie AnilSerifoglu 11/14/2018 Link
TL-50 Heavy Repeater AnilSerifoglu 11/15/2018 Link
K-16 Bryar Pistol AnilSerifoglu 11/15/2018 Link
Laser trip mine AnilSerifoglu 12/29/2018 Link
CJ-9 electrified bo-rifle AnilSerifoglu 01/26/2019 Link
Mishru Ben sc01t 03/10/2020 Link
Cappandar Ben sc01t 04/15/2020 Link
Barcel Ben sc01t 05/20/2020 Link
Tar Ben sc01t 05/24/2020 Link
Mandible Ben sc01t 06/22/2020 Link
Sharn Ben sc01t 07/01/2020 Link
Coovern Ben sc01t 07/20/2020 Link CA pushed over word limit.
Felinx Ben sc01t 09/09/2020 Link CA pushed over word limit.
Magé Ben sc01t 18/12/2020 Link
IQA-11 Blaster Rifle Shayanomer 20/12/2020 Link

Comprehensive articles[edit source]

Article Nominator(s) Date CAN Entry Notes
Advance Tommy-Macaroni 10/11/2018 Link
Luko Oorn Ben sc01t 01/16/2019 Link
Cait Ben sc01t 02/18/2019 Link
Jinsol Ben sc01t 03/24/2019 Link
Unidentified comm tech Ben sc01t 04/04/2019 Link
Norokai Ben sc01t 06/29/2019 Link
Lady of Coins Ben sc01t 01/23/2020 Link
Rueful Confession Ben sc01t 02/02/2020 Link
Tshindral Ben sc01t 02/04/2020 Link
Kourterel Ben sc01t 02/08/2020 Link
Kourterel's child Ben sc01t 02/11/2020 Link
Briala Ben sc01t 02/11/2020 Link
Lifters Ben sc01t 02/11/2020 Link
Keffan Ben sc01t 03/04/2020 Link
Myan Ben sc01t 03/05/2020 Link
Asyrphus Ben sc01t 03/11/2020 Link
Magnus Horn Ben sc01t 03/13/2020 Link
Malkhan Ben sc01t 03/13/2020 Link
Massacre at Asyrphus Ben sc01t 03/14/2020 Link
Decimation on Magnus Horn Ben sc01t 03/16/2020 Link
Demiloch Ben sc01t 03/18/2020 Link
Unidentified Imperial spy (Demiloch) Ben sc01t 03/21/2020 Link
Nemenov Ben sc01t 03/25/2020 Link
Sigma Station Ben sc01t 03/25/2020 Link
Dorm four Ben sc01t 03/25/2020 Link
87th Sentinel Corps Vitus Infinitus 04/02/2020 Link
41st Ranger Platoon Vitus Infinitus 04/06/2020 Link
Hope Station Ben sc01t 04/08/2020 Link
181st Armor Division Vitus Infinitus 04/09/2020 Link
Unroola Dawn Ben sc01t 04/11/2020 Link
Talrezan Four Ben sc01t 04/11/2020 Link
Tokuut Ben sc01t 04/16/2020 Link
Sixty-Eighth Infantry Ben sc01t 04/17/2020 Link
Thirty-Second Infantry Ben sc01t 04/17/2020 Link
Twenty-First Ben sc01t 04/17/2020 Link
Bitter Pill Company Ben sc01t 04/20/2020 Link
Chargona campaign Ben sc01t 04/23/2020 Link
Sixmoon (starship) Ben sc01t 04/23/2020 Link
So-Hem Ben sc01t 04/25/2020 Link
Iania Ben sc01t 04/27/2020 Link
Amrashad Ben sc01t 04/30/2020 Link
Microdetonator TK-462 05/02/2020 Link
Mission to Bestine IV Ben sc01t 05/02/2020 Link
Praktin Ben sc01t 05/02/2020 Link
Kenth Leesha Ben sc01t 05/03/2020 Link
Belnar Insurrections Ben sc01t 05/03/2020 Link
Felinx Ben sc01t 05/14/2020 Link
Dorvalla Ben sc01t 05/14/2020 Link
Unidentified captain (Mandible) Ben sc01t 05/16/2020 Link
Krovis Ben sc01t 05/16/2020 Link
Thession Ben sc01t 05/18/2020 Link
Thara Nyende's mother Ben sc01t 05/18/2020 Link
Kor-Lahvan Ben sc01t 05/19/2020 Link
Dreivus Ben sc01t 05/21/2020 Link
Chenodra Ben sc01t 05/23/2020 Link
Ducal Palace Ben sc01t 05/25/2020 Link
Vanzeist Ben sc01t 05/27/2020 Link
Tulia Ben sc01t 05/27/2020 Link
Magé's aide Ben sc01t 05/31/2020 Link
Blizzard Force unit two-two-eight-seven TK-462 06/01/2020 Link
Veron Ben sc01t 06/04/2020 Link
Enrivi system Ben sc01t 06/04/2020 Link
Battle of Bamayar Ben sc01t 06/05/2020 Link
Chonsetta system Ben sc01t 06/08/2020 Link
Khuteb Ben sc01t 06/11/2020 Link
Promencius Four Ben sc01t 06/11/2020 Link
Pantrosian Eye Ben sc01t 06/11/2020 Link
Kathol Rift Ben sc01t 06/11/2020 Link
Numesira sector Ben sc01t 06/28/2020 Link
Arakein Monks Ben sc01t 06/30/2020 Link
Mount Arakeirkos Ben sc01t 06/30/2020 Link
Grandfather of Vice Ben sc01t 07/10/2020 Link
Umu Ben sc01t 07/10/2020 Link
Unidentified Weequay (Ankhural) Ben sc01t 07/11/2020 Link
Swift Market Ben sc01t 07/18/2020 Link
Tome of the Hieroprince Ben sc01t 07/18/2020 Link
Gulches Ben sc01t 07/19/2020 Link
Battle of Cartao Ben sc01t 08/20/2020 Link
Maediyu's mother Ben sc01t 08/27/2020 Link
Unidentified planet (Everi Chalis) Ben sc01t 08/31/2020 Link
One-Oh-Seventh Stormtrooper Legion Ben sc01t 09/01/2020 Link
Everi Chalis's mother Ben sc01t 09/09/2020 Link
Obumubo Imperial garrison Ben sc01t 09/10/2020 Link
Colonial Academy Ben sc01t 09/13/2020 Link
Unidentified captain (Everi Chalis) Ben sc01t 09/18/2020 Link
Posthumous Black Laurel for Service to the Empire VergenceScatter 09/21/2020 Link
Unidentified paper mill Ben sc01t 09/22/2020 Link
Bread pudding Ben sc01t 10/04/2020 Link
Hieroprince's Ascension Ben sc01t 10/04/2020 Link
Unidentified Imperial Army captain Ben sc01t 10/16/2020 Link

Note: These articles have all passed review by the Inquisitorius, the AgriCorps, or the EduCorps. Beyond minor corrections, please consult the writer before making any changes to the articles.

Talk page template[edit source]

Paste {{WBFtalk}} onto the talk pages of any articles relating to the project so that others may get involved. Make sure you have read the "Choosing an article" section above to determine which articles to use the template on.

Inferno squad.svg

WookieeProject Battlefront is within the scope of WookieeProject: Battlefront, an effort to develop comprehensive and detailed articles with topics originating in or related to the Star Wars Battlefront video game series.
If you would like to participate, you can edit the article attached to this notice or visit our project page, where you can join the project and/or contribute to the discussion.

Participants[edit source]

Sign your name with three tildes (~~~). Once you've joined, please feel free to use the {{User WookieeProject}} userbox on your user page.

All members will be expected to maintain the most basic level of activity as members of this wiki. Those who appear to be inactive will be removed from this list. If your name has been removed, you are welcome to re-add it if and when you return.

  1. TanDivoInsignia-SenateMurders.svg Anıl Şerifoğlu (talk) (Project leader; mainly focusing on canon pages)
  2. Not sure if I'll have time to write any articles, but I can definitely be used for sources. See my collection here. MasterFredCommerce Guild.svg(Whatever) 22:18, August 28, 2018 (UTC)
  3. --Lewisr (talk) 23:38, November 16, 2018 (UTC)
  4. Person741963 (talk) 23:08, February 8, 2019 (UTC) I'll try to help out
  5. Mainly Twilight Company and Inbrief. Ben sc01t (Hello there)
  6. Twilight Company! Like Ben, I'll probably end up branching out at some point if something catches my eye :) TK-462 (talk) 17:17, May 3, 2020 (UTC)
  7. Seeing as I now have access to both Twilight Company and EA's Battlefront II, may as well officially join the project. Shayanomer Din Djarin's clan.svg (talk) 10:19, June 7, 2020 (UTC)
  8. I'll mainly try writing about weapons and locations Denthur (talk) 01:51, 5 November 2020 (UTC)
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