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February 4, 2016


Star Wars: Uprising lore

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"I seek knowledge. Bring me holodiscs, and I will trade with you."
Dazur Dar[src]

WookieeProject Data Seekers is a WookieeProject focused on creating, upgrading and maintaining all articles related to Star Wars: Uprising, an ongoing mobile game by Kabam.

Although Uprising is "limited" to a single sector of the Outer Rim Territories, its contributions to the canon lore of Star Wars keep expanding as the story unfolds and as more crew members and missions are revealed. Uprising may appear to be "just a mobile game," but it actually features a whole new world and holds a prominent place in the canon post-Episode VI era.

Please note that the point of this project is to document the game's lore, not its gameplay—which is already covered by Wookieepedia's Super Walkthrough.

In-universe, the Data Seekers are an underground group working tirelessly to chronicle the long and mysterious history of the Anoat sector.

If you are considering joining the project, please take a look at our goals. If you would like to join, please add your name with three tildes (~~~) at the bottom of the page under the "Participants" section.


  • Creating and maintaining articles for all of the new characters, events, locations, ships, and other subjects introduced in Star Wars: Uprising.
  • Create subcategories for all ships, characters, and other articles introduced in the Star Wars: Uprising.
  • To bring articles based on Star Wars: Uprising to featured article, good article or comprehensive article status.


The following are simple guidelines to follow while writing or editing articles.

Writing and editing[]

  1. Always use proper grammar and spelling.
  2. Write articles from a balanced, fair, and neutral point of view
  3. Follow the Manual of Style, Layout Guide and all other policies on Wookieepedia.
  4. Properly source all information in an article via either reference tags or self-sourcing statements.
  5. Ensure all quotes and pictures are properly formatted, attributed, and sourced.
  6. Include a thorough and well-written "Behind the Scenes" that makes note of the subject's origin, whether it be the game or a Legends source.

Useful resources[]

Aside from the game itself, there exist a few other sources that can be used to create Uprising-related articles.

Individual focuses[]

Post your current project(s) here.

  • Crew Members and Runs (AV-6R7)
  • Khalu (AV-6R7)
  • Crew members (Manoof)
  • Shortpaw (Cwedin)

Current nominations[]

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Completed projects[]

Premium-FeaturedIcon.svg This project helped promote the following articles to Featured status:
No featured articles to date
Premium-GoodIcon.svg This project helped promote the following articles to Good status:
  1. C4-ST (AV-6R7) (GA)
  2. RN-18 (Cwedin) (GA)
Premium-ComprehensiveArticle.svg This project helped promote the following articles to Comprehensive status:
  1. Hedge Mitchels (LelalMeka) (CA)
  2. Muckrat (Cwedin) (CA)
  3. Unkajo (Manoof) (CA)
  4. Unkajo's lair (Manoof) (CA)
  5. The Ring (Cwedin) (CA)
  6. Tei-Untis (LelalMekha) (CA)
  7. Kylia Stryder's father (Manoof) (CA)
  8. Vex (assassin) (Manoof) (CA)
  9. Imperial sentry post (Manoof) (CA)
  10. School of Ribbons (Manoof) (CA)
  11. Anoat pox (Manoof) (CA)
  12. Shizu (Manoof) (CA)

Talk page template[]

Paste {{WDStalk}} onto the talk pages of any articles relating to the project so that others may get involved.

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WookieeProject Data Seekers is within the scope of WookieeProject: Data Seekers, an effort to develop comprehensive and detailed articles with topics originating in or related to the Star Wars: Uprising mobile game.
If you would like to participate, you can edit the article attached to this notice or visit our project page, where you can join the project and contribute to the discussion.


Our writers and editors. We have a lot on our plate, so we're more than willing to welcome anyone!

  1. LelalMekha (talk)
  2. Cwedin(talk)
  3. AV-6R7Crew Pit
  4. Cevan IMPpress.svg (talk)
  5. Bsmith7174 (talk)
  6. Ive got the game, and play regularly, so might as well... Manoof (talk) 02:38, April 25, 2016 (UTC)
  7. CC7567 (talk) (occasional contributions)
  8. QuagganWanderer (talk) "After a surprising resurgence of the events and characters of The Uprising in the canon comics and whatnot, I decided to start scouring through various approved sources and add in my contribution to the articles.