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WookieeProject Entertainment and Culture is a collaborative effort to make Wookieepedia a trustworthy, realiable, and comprehensive database containing everything there is to know about entertainment in the galaxy far far away. From music, dance, performing arts, and food to casinos, clubs, and restaurants, we aim to bring you all the information on how the citizens of the GFFA spend their free time.

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The Drunk Side
The Drunk Side, also known as the Dreshdae Cantina, was a cantina located within the settlement of Dreshdae on the planet Korriban, in operation during the Jedi Civil War. The cantina's bartender, who also managed the establishment, was the Rodian Mika Dorin; he had taken over from the bar's previous owner, who had run afoul of Czerka Corporation over the establishment's operations. Along with spacers and freighter crews who ferried Sith artifacts from the surface, many of the instructors from the nearby Sith Academy would stop by the establishment. Yuthura Ban was the most common face present, often staying there when visiting the colony. While there, she gave final approval to Sith hopefuls who had been given medallions, which signified their worthiness to attend the Academy. When the former Dark Lord of the Sith Revan, who had been mindwiped and retrained by the Jedi Council, came to Korriban in 3,956 BBY, he met with Ban at the cantina, gaining her sponsorship to attend the Academy. The cantina was also home to Mika's under-the-table business that sold "premium items," such as prototype Verpine shields and life support packs to special customers.


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