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The Trickery of Vosdia Nooma, also referred to as Trickery, was a play commissioned, funded, and partially written by Rodian Senator Onaconda Farr. Ruris Plin and Hishinu Booj were the other authors of the play, with Booj also its director. Trickery starred Chooru Delb as titular character Vosdia Nooma, Deebo Chak as the main antagonist known as the Soldier, and Fosin Dreed in the "Savior" role as the Paladin. Beata Reesh and Huruni Hune also had roles in the play, and Farr himself made a holographic cameo in the opening night performance as the town's oracle. It was released in 22 BBY to Rodia's Equator City First Stage as well as those with Core to Mid Rim access tuned to signal RES23.

Senator Farr initially created the play to explain his stance on the controversial Military Creation Act. Farr, who supported the movement, wished to expose, through Rodian Theater, the consequences of ignoring the offer for protection. As such, symbolism and allegory were extensively employed. Set during the Rodian feudal era in the town of Yusk, Rodia, the play details farmer Vosdia Nooma's ascension to become baron of the town. During this time, Trickery's antagonist appears and incites the farmers to rebellion. This eventually leads to all-out war and Nooma is presented with the opportunity to use the Paladin's own personal army for protection; Nooma refuses, however, and the townsfolk of Yusk suffer for it as the war rages on.


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