WookieeProject Images is a group of Wookieepedians dedicated to images—our work concerns adding new images, making sure all images are sourced, and getting rid of unneeded images.


Adding images[]

  • When uploading an image, try and make sure the image is of as high quality as possible.
  • Be sure to source your image in the "Summary" section of the upload page.
  • See Category:Articles needing illustration for a list of articles needing images.
  • See Wookieepedia:Image requests as well.
  • Be sure to check the automatic unused files list and unused files pending deletion so you do not upload a duplicate image!
  • A good idea is to check other language versions for the article in question. Often times other Star Wars Wikis might have already tracked down/screenshot/scanned the images you might be looking for.

Sourcing images[]

  • Track down the correct source of images. Add it to the {{Information}} template's "Source=" field. If the template is not present on the image page, add it.
  • Make sure the correct copyright template is used, and make sure it's in the {{Information}} template's "licensing=" field. If the template is not present on the image page, add it.
  • If no source can be found for an image, add it to the Images and media for deletion page, put {{ifd}} in the image's {{Information}} template's "attention=" field. You may alert the uploader of its deletion by placing {{subst:idw|File name}} on their talk page ("File name" being the name of the file listed for deletion).
  • See Category:Files with unknown source for a list of unsourced files. In addition, there are many pictures not in this category needing sourcing.
  • See Category:Files with unknown copyright status as well.

Getting rid of images[]

  • Should you encounter an image no longer needed on Wookieepedia, you may list it at the Images and media for deletion page linked above.

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