This is the vector image project. Basically, Trip is converting as many logos and the like as he can to SVG format in a somewhat haphazard fashion.

This page is for new uploads, previews of incomplete conversions, or odd symbols that have yet to be properly identified.

For the complete project, see here.

Update: Trip is now vector-fying real-world logos. See here for those.

Relevant categories:

Category:Vector graphics

Category:Source images

New UploadsEdit

These images have been uploaded within the past week. Feel free to point out any inaccuracies for correction.

May 19Edit

March 26Edit

March 24Edit

March 21Edit

March 20Edit

Not all of these were uploaded this week but the white background issue with them was fixed.

For ReviewEdit

These exact meaning, use, or origin of these images has yet to be determined. They should for the most part not yet be used in the Wooki. See the appropriate supbages, if necessary, for further discussion.


These images have been uploaded for preview purposes and are not complete. They should not yet be used in the Wooki.

Needing AttentionEdit

Need Bot HelpEdit

These images replace original version used in templates and need a bot to do the dirty work.

Can Be DeletedEdit

These are unnecessary, and can be deleted.

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