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Crimson EmpireEdit

Lucy roundel


Fringe maybe

Jango Fett: Open SeasonsEdit

Drawing-5 MandoDaggerSkull

Knights of the Old RepublicEdit

Neo-Crusader emblem Tskull banner Vectorlogo Old Republic military symbol


Imp roundel 2ndempire GA Roundel


Kiffar star

Tales of the JediEdit

Oldrepublic crest Oldrepubliccrest2 Oldrepubliccrest3 Senateglasswheel Mando orb Mando serpent Jediclover Sith Emblem

The Thrawn TrilogyEdit


Shadows of the EmpireEdit



Adventure JournalEdit

Pentastar Alignment Pa insurrection Pa judgement Pa politerate Pa protectorate Pentastar patrol
Biscuit Baron

Fact FileEdit

Wraithpatch grayscale
Trade Federation
Hapan Royal House
Clone Army patch
Trandoshan logo


Wraithpatch alt


CIS Flag
Aurodium Sword


The Phantom MenaceEdit

Senate seal

Attack of the ClonesEdit

Republic Emblem

The Clone WarsEdit

Jedi symbol

Revenge of the SithEdit

OCF roundel Republic Emblem (unification wars) CIS roundel Neyo logo

A New HopeEdit

Imp roundel alt

The Empire Strikes BackEdit

Boba Shoulder Jaster's Feather JaingHead

Reference BooksEdit

The Essential Guide to Vehicles and VesselsEdit

Nrfleet roundel

The Essential Guide to DroidsEdit


The New Essential Guide to Weapons and TechnologyEdit

100% complete (102 of 102)

Accutronics Aermaxis Arakyd Atgar Athakam Medtech Ayelixe Fabrico Baktoid BioTech Industries BlasTech Borstel Galactic Defense
Carbanti United Electronics logo vector Chedak Communications Chempat Chiewab Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals Company CoMar Combat Systems Connershipsystems Corellian Arms Corellian Engineering Corporation CSAcolor Corellidyne Visuals
Creshaldyne CrozoIndustrialProducts CryonCorp Cybot Galactica Czerka Arms Drearian Defense Conglomerate Drolan Fabritech Figg Freitek-NEGVV-Vector
Frohad Galactic Firearms Gandorthral Atmospherics Geentech Genetech Corporation Golan Arms Gorallis Gordarl Hydrospheres Imperial Department of Military Research Imperial Munitions
Incom Industrial Automaton Jedi Order Kamperdine Karflo Corporation logo vector Kelvarek Consolidated Arms Krupx-NEGWT-Vector KDY LaserHone Lerrimore
LesTech Locris Syndicated Securities Loronar Corporation Malaxan Medtech Industries MerenData Merr-Sonn MicroThrust MicroData Miradyne Limited logo vector
Mitrinomon Transports Morellian NenCarvon Neuro-Saav Corporation SpirographInSpace Oriolanis OutlawTech Pacnorval Defense Systems Limited Palandrix Personal Protection Gear Phylon Transport
Plescinia Entertainments Prax Arms Pretormin Environmental Rebaxan RegalisEngineering-NEGWT Rheshalva Rhinsome Tracking Corporation Roche Santhe-Sienar ServODroid-NEGWT-Vector
Sienar Sith Quad-Sun SonoMax Soro-Suub Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium Taim & Bak TaggeCo Tenloss ThalassianSlaversGuild-NEGWT Theed Arms
Timms UniStar Armaments Tiss'shar insignia Ubrikkian Udrane Ulban Arms VargeCorp Veril Line Systems Verpine Wrokix Works Yuuzhan Vong bug
Zaltin Corporation ZZip Product Concepts Limited

The New Essential Guide to Vehicles and VesselsEdit

100% complete

Alderaanian Royal Engineers Aratech Bespin Motors Byblos Drive Yards Chiss Ascendancy Core Galaxy Systems Corellia StarDrive logo Damorian Manufacturing Corporation logo Gallofree Yards Inc Haor Chall
Hapes Consortium Hoersch-Kessel Drive Huppla Pasa Tisc Shipwrights Collective Koensayr Manufacturing Kuat Systems Engineering MandalMotors Mobquet Mon Cal logo Olanji-Charubah Otoh Gunga Bongameken Cooperative
Pantolomin Shipwrights Republic Engineering Corporation Republic Fleet Systems Rendili Santhe-Sienar SedriMotors SlaynAndKorpil Sublight Products Corporation Surronian TheedVesselEngineering
Trilon Inc TransGalMeg Industries Incorporated Uulshos Manufacturing Zonama Sekot Shipbuilders

The New Essential Guide to DroidsEdit

100% complete

CestusCybernetics Colicoid Creation Nest Commerce Guild Duwani Mechanical Products Go-Corp HolowanMechanicals KalibacIndustriesNEGDVector LeisureMech Enterprises Malkite Poisoners Phlut Design Systems
Publictechnic Tac-Spec Corporation Techno Union Tendrando Arms

The New Essential ChronologyEdit

New Republic Flag

The Essential Guide to the ForceEdit


Star Wars Blueprints: The Ultimate CollectionEdit



Heir to the Empire SourcebookEdit

NR Seal Rogue Squadron Katarn Commandos The evil one Moderation Demise

Galactic Campaign GuideEdit

Shoulder skull Rogue watermark

Lords of the ExpanseEdit

Tapani Freeworlds

Miniatures Battles CompanionEdit

Curich Engineering SFS old Santhe Corp Santhe Passenger and Freight Santhe Security Santhe-SienarWEG

Pirates & PrivateersEdit


The Truce at Bakura SourcebookEdit

Alliance of free planets

Tabletop GamesEdit

Star Wars MiniaturesEdit

Vong Glyph


Senate MurdersEdit


Video GamesEdit

Battlefront: Renegade SquadronEdit

Renegade Squadron

Empire at War: Forces of CorruptionEdit

Zann Skull

Knights of the Old RepublicEdit

Uglykotoricon Revanchist Sith Infinite Empire Rakatabanner white IEFlagred IEFlagblue Khoonda Emblem

TIE FighterEdit

Emperor's Will


Era SymbolsEdit

Old Republic era Rise of the Empire era Rebellion era New Republic era New Jedi Order era Legacy era Infinities era Vector era Era Symbols New Jedi Order PreRepublicEraIcon

From All Over The Damn PlaceEdit

Imperial Emblem Alliance Starbird Redstarbird NR roundel NR roundel

From Patches of Questionable AuthenticityEdit

RogueSquadron alt
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