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The premise of WookieeProject Knights of the Old Republic is coordinating the efforts of Wookieepedians maintaining articles related to the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR) metaseries, which includes two video games, miniatures and role-playing scenarios, a roleplaying campaign guide a 50-issue comic series, and a five-issue miniseries. If you would like to contribute to the project, feel free to take a look at what we've done, or ask questions in the forum. If you decide that this is the place for you, and that you'd like to help us out, then please sign your name using three tildes at the bottom of the page under the "Participants" section.

Current WookieeProject FocusEdit

"Maintenance and Promotion" — currently the project is involved in maintaining current articles and promoting articles to Featured, Good, and Comprehensive status. However, this does not mean that we aren't writing new articles as the Knights of the Old Republic metaseries develops, or improving existing articles. All project participants are encouraged to edit any and all articles that catch their eye.

Article guidelinesEdit

Because a large percentage of our information comes from the video games, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, there are certain factors that writers and editors must be aware of. The following guidelines will explain these issues in greater detail. If anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to start a new thread in our forum.

  1. Make sure all articles follow the Manual of Style and Layout Guide. For more information, please see policies on Wookieepedia.
  2. Articles are written with a neutral point of view, without adding original research and speculation.
  3. Make sure all information follows canon. This has been determined as always being the light side choice in regards to the video games. Any dark side missions or player choices are to be placed in the Behind the scenes section of an article.
  4. Please be aware that quite often it will be necessary to add the {{GameLS}}, {{Gamemechanics}}, or {{GameLSmechanics}} templates to sections of an article. Although all LS player choices are canon, not all character interactions have been confirmed. The KOTOR strategy guide has confirmed the order in which Revan visits the planets in-game. Articles that are affected by the variation in the order should use the {{K1orderHeader}} or {{K1order}} template.
  5. Do not add "fate unknown" to articles.
  6. All information in articles must be sourced with either reference tags or self-sourcing paragraphs. For more information, please see Wookieepedia:Sourcing. Do not assume that any sourcing already present is correct. Double check all references yourself, or if unable to do so, add the article to the "Articles that need sourcing" section.
  7. Information must be cited by individual comic issue and novel. Please do not cite simply using the story arc and/or trade paperback.
  8. When citing specific dialog or cut content, it is recommended to use the StrRefs from the game dialog files. Please see the Dialog.tlk files section for more details.
  9. Please take care in citing specific dates in the Old Republic era. The games are not sources for dates. Please see this forum topic for more details.


The primary goal of this WookieeProject is to bring articles related to Knights of the Old Republic to Feature article and Good article status. While it is understood that this will not be possible for every article, we wish for those other articles to be complete and reliable sources of information.

Below, you will find links to the Master lists of articles that fall under the KotOR era. The master lists will be updated regularly, as new information is released. If you happen to find an article that is not listed, but you feel that it should be added to our project, please add it to the list or start a new thread in the forum. Once an article from one of these lists has been brought up to standard, please strike it so that other members will be aware of what is already finished.

Master listsEdit

Articles that need updatingEdit

Please don't hesitate to update these articles with the correct information and sources. Some articles under review, listed above, are also likely to need updating.

Articles we need to get re-GA'edEdit

Articles we need to get re-FA'edEdit

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Current individual projectsEdit

Please list the name of the project that you plan on working on.

Completed projectsEdit

Comprehensive articles promoted by this projectEdit

Currently, this project and/or its participants have taken 31 articles to Comprehensive Article status. They can be found here.
(Note: These articles have all passed review by the EduCorps. Please consult the writer before making any changes to the articles beyond minor corrections.)

Good articles promoted by this projectEdit

Currently, this project and/or its participants have taken 66 articles to Good Article status. They can be found here.
(Note: These articles have all passed review by the AgriCorps. Please consult the writer before making any changes to the articles beyond minor corrections.)

Featured articles promoted by this projectEdit

Currently, this project and/or its participants have taken 64 articles to Featured Article status. They can be found here.
(Note: These articles have all passed review by the Inquisitorius, and some are still waiting to be displayed on the Main Page. Please consult the writer before making any changes to the articles beyond minor corrections.)

Pre-WP:KotOR Featured and Good articlesEdit

Below you will find articles related to KotOR that were brought to Featured and Good status before the project was founded. The Comprehensive article process was implemented after the project was founded so does not apply.

Good articlesEdit

Featured articlesEdit

Discussion areaEdit


For advanced users a special IRC channel has been set up for this project


For others:

  • Wikia has a CGI:IRC gateway for the #wp:kotor channel on the Wookieepedia gateway that lets you join the chat room from a normal web page. Just put in your username and choose "#wp:kotor" from the drop-down list.
  • Mibbit is also an option, select Freenode as server, enter your nickname in the left box and #wp:kotor in the right box.
  • Alternatively, enter your nick and select #WP:KOTOR from the drop-down in the form below to log in to the channel:




Our team hold IRC meetings from time to time to help in coordinating our efforts and for a quick way to find consensus for decisions to be made. For help joining for the meeting, see the IRC section above.

The next meeting has not yet been scheduled.

WP:KOTOR meetings thus far:


TopicLast editLast author
Citing dates in the Old Republic era12:27, July 29, 2020EcksBot
Kreia and a name change...To be or not to be?16:04, July 23, 2020TOM-E Macaron.ii
Shadows and Light15:55, January 7, 2020TOM-E Macaron.ii
Meeting One, 8:00pm Eastern Daylight Time 19 July 200815:51, January 7, 2020TOM-E Macaron.ii
Cracking the whip...15:51, January 7, 2020TOM-E Macaron.ii
Project specialties15:48, January 7, 2020TOM-E Macaron.ii
Sith Navy08:50, May 30, 2019Imperators II
The Project22:36, June 4, 2018AL-BRT
Another project meeting14:42, May 14, 2017AL-BRT
New Project Focus19:27, December 11, 2015KillerRoboLeia3000
Battle articles and Exiles adventures18:51, December 11, 2015KillerRoboLeia3000
Naga Sadow, the Sith Emperor02:34, June 8, 2015RoboCade
Main character promotional images16:51, May 6, 2014RoboCade
Meeting 0521:41, December 1, 2013Alexrd
Changes00:50, December 20, 2012Jedi Kasra


Continuity issuesEdit

There have been some questions regarding the canonicity of the Chronicles of the Old Republic. In the Holocron continuity database questions Leland Chee states that Chronicles is considered C-canon, and that it had been written specifically as a lead in to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, which was released in Winter 2004/2005. What this means for us is that the information found in Chronicles is superior only to the KotOR I video game and the KotOR Strategy Guide. However, keep in mind that all of the other media that has been released since then, is superior to Chronicles. Any continuity errors that are found in Chronicles, or anywhere else for that matter, are to be relegated to Bts. The most recent C-canon source or appearance is always the correct choice.

Order of events in both gamesEdit

Since we don't have a definitive source that states the order that planets are visited in both KotOR and TSL it, seems that we should follow the order listed in the both the Knights of the Old Republic: Prima's Official Strategy Guide and Prima Official Game Guide. The order in which both game's suggested paths are detailed below:

KotOR: Attack on the Endar Spire · Rescue of Bastila Shan (with Raid on the Vulkar Base) · Duel in the Ancient Grove · Ambush on Tatooine · Rebellion on Kashyyyk · Raid on the Sith Embassy · Duel in Hrakert Station · Skirmish aboard the Leviathan · Skirmish on Korriban · Duel on the Temple of the Ancients · Battle of Rakata Prime and Duel on the Star Forge.

TSL: Peragus II · Nar Shaddaa · Duel on the Ebon Hawk · Blockade of Onderon · Khoonda · Korriban · Second Battle of Onderon · Duel in the Korriban Academy (First Jedi Purge) · Duel in the Telosian Jedi Academy · Telos IV · Malachor V

There are two templates, {{K1order}} and {{K2order}}, that can be used to indicate the segment(s) of articles that are depending on this order, which can be detailed with the alternatives in the BTS.

Jedi Exile's CompanionsEdit

The following characters have been confirmed as companions of the Exile: Brianna, G0-T0, HK-47, Kreia, Visas Marr, Mira, Mical, Canderous Ordo, Atton Rand, and T3-M4.

Ancestry and other familial speculationEdit

It is likely that character articles about those whose last names are seen in other Star Wars storylines (e.g., Bastila Shan and Deena Shan) are going to be plagued by speculation saying that "so and so is possibly an ancestor of such and such." These are to be deleted on sight unless sources are provided that explicitly state otherwise. Do what must be done, Show no mercy.

Dialog.tlk filesEdit

In game engines derived from BioWare's Infinity and Aurora engines (including KOTOR and TSL's Odyssey engine), all strings used in the game are stored in a file named dialog.tlk in the root game directory, uncompressed and unencrypted. These files can be used to search for exact quotes and/or correct them. There is no way to identify the source of a particular quote based on dialog.tlk alone. You will still need the game for that. If you don't have the games, or have non-English versions, dialog.tlk files from both games can be downloaded from here.


Dialog.tlk files are technically binary files, but as they contain unmodified text, they can be opened in any text editor. Windows Notepad has issues with opening large files, so you can use another editor, such as Notepad++, instead. The file begins with binary data, and then the text follows. You can search for the text you need. However, this method may not be very user friendly.

Alternatively, you can use TalkEd (rar, 223 KB), a dialog.tlk editor. It was developed for Windows, but works fine in Wine. Another is the FindRefs program which can be used to search all dialog quickly by including TLK references when using. Not all lines in the dialog.tlk file will show up when specific words are searched but all dialog that is accessible in-game are.

Fanon watchEdit

Many KOTOR articles are prone to fanon. It especially concerns Darths (such as Revan, Darth Malak, or Darth Traya), Meetra Surik, and, to a lesser extent, the Jedi Masters. Here are some things you should keep in mind This is all the NEC has to say about KOTOR. If someone makes a dubious claim and cites the NEC and it's not there, remove it. T3, HK and G0-T0 have NEGD pages. It is there that the Exile is confirmed to be female.

Nothing is said about lightsaber forms in the first game or the comics. It is unknown who used which form. In The Sith Lords, the only differences between forms are in gameplay mechanics, not aesthetics. It is impossible to distinguish forms any of the characters used based on the visuals; the engine always uses the same animations. The Exile always learns the forms in the order they're canonically numbered: Form I: Shii-Cho, Form II: Makashi, Form III: Soresu, Form IV: Ataru, Form V: Shien, Form VI: Niman, and Form VII: Juyo*. Forms I – III are learned as the player levels up, regardless of the class. Forms IV – VII are not available to the "Jedi Master" prestige class, and are taught by the three Jedi Masters always in the same order, regardless of the order the Masters are visited, so any form can be taught by any Master. Canonically, it is not possible to say which class the Exile may have been based on the forms. In the CSWE entry for Kavar, it says "After Vaklu was defeated, Kavar chose to teach the Exile new lightsaber combat techniques before setting out for Dantooine to rebuild the Jedi Order." However, a prestige class has not been identified for the Exile, and it is the prestige class that will determine which forms she used.

(*)The final form depends on the player's prestige class: a "Jedi Watchman" learns Niman, while a "Jedi Weapon Master" learns Juyo. Vaapad does not exist at this point. Any references to Vaapad in Darth Bane: Path of Destruction are erroneous, and Drew Karpyshyn has said that readers should pretend it says Juyo.

Double identity or suspected identity theories should be always treated as speculation and constrained to Bts at best, unless explicitly confirmed by John Jackson Miller or another LFL official.

TSL cut contentEdit

Refer to Redemption, Tm_T, or ask the question on the Lucas Forums. Keep in mind that TSL has a lot of obscure content that is sometimes mistakenly believed to be cut, but is actually canon (or ambiguous canon, such as Atton's Easter egg lines).

The Old Republic continuityEdit

The continuing development of Star Wars: The Old Republic is going to introduce new pieces of information in regards to the KotOR era. This may come in the form of ancestral connections, new information about events or individuals, or expanded details. While TOR will not fall under our project, we must stay aware of these changes. Currently, there is very little new information, so it will be listed in this section. When the game is released, no doubt much more information will be introduced. To this end, WP:TOR have set up a forum where WP:KOTOR members can request information from The Old Republic media.

  • Satele Shan is confirmed as the descendant of one of the main characters of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. This ancestor has been confirmed to be Bastila Shan. It has been confirmed in-universe that she is also Revan's descendant. It is also confirmed he and Bastila were married, and had a kid together.
  • It has been confirmed that after the events of the original KOTOR, Revan went to fight the Sith Empire. Any reference to an "unknown threat" or "True Sith" should be changed to reflect this. Note that the term "True Sith" is not actually a canon proper noun while doing so.

Tagging articlesEdit

To identify KOTOR articles as belonging to this WookieeProject, use the {{WKOTORtalk}} template on the talk page, which will produce the below result… If you find that you are creating an article's talk page, please add {{Talkheader}} to the first line, and then the project's tag on the second line.


WookieeProject Knights of the Old Republic is within the scope of WookieeProject Knights of the Old Republic, an attempt to build comprehensive and detailed articles with topics originating in the Knights of the Old Republic metaseries.
If you would like to participate, you can edit the article attached to this notice, or visit the project page, where you can join the project and/or contribute to the discussion.


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