"Once again, John Williams has exceeded my expectations and produced a lavish, rich, moving and thrilling score. Every fan of Star Wars—and of great music—is in his debt."
George Lucas about John Williams' score for Revenge of the Sith[src]
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WookieeProject: Real World Music is a WookieeProject intended to help organize and improve the articles on out-of-universe music. Come join us! You can comment on the talk page with any suggestions you may have. For a list of articles under our project, see here

Project goals[]

Our main goal is to make sure Wookieepedia is a reliable and excellent source of information about all things real world music. Though it is realized that not every such article will be able to be made into WP:FA or WP:GA, the goal for those articles is still to make them as complete and comprehensive as possible.


If you would like to contribute, please sign your name using three tildes (~~~) at the bottom of the page under the section "Writers and editors".


  1. Write balanced and without POV.
  2. Do not add any speculation to an article.
  3. Write about whatever interests you, but try and help out with the current main focus as well.
  4. Try and focus on one or two projects at a time, thereby making sure not too many articles are added to the "Works in progress" section.
  5. If the Manual of Style and Layout Guide are prohibiting you from contributing your best, ignore them! The editors will help you.


  1. Make sure articles have flawless grammar and spelling. Titles of songs and themes should be enclosed in double quotation marks (e.g. "Star Wars Main Title"). Titles of albums should be italicized (e.g. The Phantom Menace).
  2. Fix articles to comply with the Manual of Style and Layout Guide.
  3. Fix templates and excessive links.
  4. Source quotes.
  5. Search for new items for the "Appearances" and "Sources" sections of an article.

How and what to write[]


  • Score - the things that make up a CD album of a score are not songs; they are tracks that are sometimes a single cue or, particularly with the prequel albums, several cues edited together
  • Song - with soundtracks, generally refers to a standalone piece of music, often performed by a band or artist (An instrumental track like "Cantina Band" is still a song.)
  • Source music - refers to music heard by the characters in the film, and therefore automatically gets an IU article (e.g. the aforementioned "Cantina Band", known IU as "Mad About Me", plus "Jedi Rocks", "Lapti Nek", etc.), these are not included in this project, hence real world music
  • Theme - a recurring melody that represents a certain thing, often a character. (The difference between theme & motif can be the subject of debate). Now some themes, like "Yoda's Theme", have concert versions. (There are other concert pieces arranged from film cues, like "The Asteroid Field", "Here They Come!", and "The Forest Battle"—although only the last of those appears on the actual soundtrack album; the others can be found on other albums.) Some themes, like "Qui-Gon's theme" or the "Boba Fett theme", do not have concert arrangements and are only heard in score proper.

What articles to and not to write[]

Now, how should we deal with music articles? We've been all over the place in the past. Here's what we do now:

  • Musical score - This is pretty good, and we should keep it as an overview article (and maybe trim a bit to avoid redundancy)
  • We should have articles for each film's soundtrack, which we have in Category:Soundtracks. These should cover the scores themselves and all album incarnations, which they more or less do now anyway.
  • Now, all majors themes ("Princess Leia's Theme", the "Emperor's Theme", etc.) should have their own articles, because many have concert versions and appear in more than one film. Some minor themes, though, like Boba Fett's or Qui-Gon's should also get articles.
  • As for concert pieces like "The Forest Battle", we're inclined to say articles for them.

But. When it comes to any other album track, They should not have articles, and here's why: Album tracks are iffy. Sometimes they are whole cues, sometimes they are partial cues, sometimes they are multiple cues together. A track on one album can be the same piece on a different album under a different name, or the same name can be used on different albums with different pieces of music. Basically, tracks and cues can be a big mess. So in these cases, individual articles are not very helpful and any relevant info would be better off covered in the respective score's article. There we can give full rundowns of the film's cue list (where they're known—some aren't; yes, it's confusing), all the different album versions, and all that jizz. So this part would involve deleting, redirecting, and possible merging, but I'd be shocked if we have a single article in this instance that says anything more than "This 'song' is this long and is played during this scene."


Add this template on the talk page of every article within this project by posting {{WRWMtalk}}.

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WookieeProject Real World Music is within the scope of WookieeProject Real World Music, an attempt to build a comprehensive and detailed guide to Star Wars music on Wookieepedia.
If you would like to participate, you can edit the article attached to this notice, or visit the project page, where you can join the project and/or contribute to the discussion.

Place this at the bottom of every article within this project by posting {{RWM}}.

Place this at the bottom of every article about a real world theme or composition by posting {{themes}}.

Use this as the infobox for theme/song articles.

{{Music infobox
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|written =  
|recorded = 
|released = 
|represents = 
|performedby =
|genre =
|hidem = 
|length =
|key =
|tempo =
|hideu = 
|movies =
|EU =
|hides = 
|media = 

Use {{music-stub}} to label music-related stubs.

Works in progress[]

This is a list of all the articles currently being focused on by this project. If you have any objections, post them below the respective link.

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