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Attack on Imperial interrogator droidsEdit

(Taken to GA by Brandon Rhea and ProfessorTofty on April 30, 2015)

Interrogator Droid Explosion
"Another awesome success. The Empire lost a shipment of interrogator droids, AND I got to make a beautiful explosion!"
―Sabine Wren, in her private journal[src]

In the years before the Battle of Yavin, the rebel crew of the starship Ghost undertook an operation to attack and destroy over two dozen Imperial interrogator droids near an Imperial center on the planet Lothal. The rebels, including Sabine Wren and Garazeb Orrelios, attacked an Imperial convoy and successfully destroyed the shipment using a paint bomb. After the attack, the Empire released a propaganda report via the Imperial Holovision claiming that a large group of insurgents destroyed Timely Tutor education droids bound for Lothal's neediest schools. (Read more…)


Wish You Among the StarsEdit

(Taken to GA by ProfessorTofty on July 21, 2015)
"Wish You Among the Stars" was a song by Plexo-33. By the time of the Galactic Empire, during or after 3272 LY and approximately five years before the Battle of Yavin, the song was considered to be an "oldie." (Read more…)


Siege of MandaloreEdit

(Taken to GA by CC7567 on June 5, 2016)

"Ahsoka Tano. I fought by her side from the Battle of Christophsis to the siege of Mandalore."

The siege of Mandalore occurred at the planet Mandalore during the Clone Wars. Clone Captain Rex of the 501st Legion was part of the Galactic Republic forces that participated in the conflict alongside former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano. The Republic's successor state, the Galactic Empire, eventually claimed control of Mandalore and occupied the world, establishing an Imperial Academy there. (Read more…)



(Taken to GA by AV-6R7 on April 26, 2017)

Mission to Fort Anaxes
"So I gotta leave the Ghost and go to this nasty-filled asteroid…as a favor to Tseebo?"
―Ezra Bridger objects to Kanan Jarrus' plan to lure the Galactic Empire to PM-1203[src]

PM-1203 was a planetoid located in the galaxy's Core Worlds. It was created from the remains of the planet Anaxes after it was obliterated in a cataclysmic event following the Clone Wars, though Fort Anaxes, a Galactic Republic military base, miraculously survived the world's destruction on the newly-created planetoid's surface. The facility became a fuel depot and meeting place for those who required privacy in their dealings, though, unbeknownst to its visitors, Fort Anaxes had also become home to a colony of vicious fyrnocks nested on PM-1203. (Read more…)


Imperial Peace-Keeping CertificateEdit

(Taken to GA by AV-6R7 on July 30, 2017)

Imperial Peace-Keeping Certificate
"This unit carries an authorized Imperial certification to hunt bounties. You have interfered with this unit and its partners."
"If you have a complaint, droid, file it with the Guild."
―Captivator and Alecia Beck[src]

An Imperial Peace-Keeping Certificate (IPKC) was a license issued to bounty hunters by the Imperial Office of Criminal Investigations and the Bounty Hunters' Guild, certifying them to hunt bounties. It also allowed them access to the Imperial Enforcement DataCore, a network that contained information regarding the law enforcement activities of the Galactic Empire and its agents, for a fee at posting agencies. (Read more…)



(Taken to GA by Cwedin on August 16, 2017)

Galactic Defense Cradossk
"I've never seen anyone boost a landspeeder so fast. How'd you learn?"
"My father taught me."
"Is your father a bounty hunter, too?"
―Ezra Bridger and Bossk[src]

Cradossk was a Trandoshan male and the father of Bossk. A seasoned warrior and respected bounty hunter, Cradossk shared a rivalry with the Wookiee chieftain Tarfful, and, by the time of the Clone Wars, Cradossk's son gained a reputation for hunting Wookiees. Despite adopting Cradossk's trade, Bossk was reluctant to talk about his father with young accomplice Ezra Bridger. (Read more…)

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