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…to WookieeProject The New Essential Guide to Characters. We are a group of Wookieepedians dedicated to making sure articles on individuals mentioned in The New Essential Guide to Characters (as well as other major Star Wars characters) are brought to Featured article quality. This is a fairly ambitious goal, and one that will require massive amounts of work and dedication. If you wish to join our cause, you are very welcome to do so. We need all the help we can get.

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  • Project goals—a more thorough explanation.
  • Instructions—all you need to start contributing.
  • Discussion area—need help? Have a question? Feel free to leave a message.
  • Articles—a list of all the articles covered by this project.
  • Participants—the hard-working people that make this project possible.
  • Templates—we use these to identify the articles we cover.

Project goalsEdit

Our main goal is to make sure Wookieepedia is a reliable and excellent source of information about the major characters of the Star Wars saga.

As such, we will work extensively to bring articles on major characters to Good article status and then eventually to Featured Article status. Some members may prefer to work on articles individually, though everyone is encouraged to work on the main focus. Various members may be asked to do things as we work on different articles.



  1. Write balanced and without POV.
  2. Do not add any speculation to an article.
  3. Write about whatever interests you, but try and help out with the current main focus as well.
  4. Try and focus on one or two projects at a time, thereby making sure not too many articles are added to the "Works in progress" section.
  5. If the Manual of Style and Layout Guide are prohibiting you from contributing your best, do the best you can without stressing over the fine details! The editors will help you.


  1. Make sure articles have flawless grammar and spelling.
  2. Fix articles to comply with the Manual of Style and Layout Guide.
  3. Fix templates and excessive links.
  4. Source quotes and images.
  5. Search for new items for the "Appearances" and "Sources" sections of an article.

Discussion areaEdit

TopicLast editLast author
Lando Calrissian21:42, June 21, 2019Toprawa and Ralltiir
Pirates of the Corellian (Trade Spine)04:32, January 10, 2019Supreme Emperor
Welcome!22:48, June 4, 2018AL-BRT
Ric Olie, Panaka, and Jar Jar Binks04:13, July 20, 2016AL-BRT
Piett19:28, December 11, 2015KillerRoboLeia3000
Next FAs19:27, December 11, 2015KillerRoboLeia3000
New Main Focus19:27, December 11, 2015KillerRoboLeia3000
Boba Fett needs merging18:51, December 11, 2015KillerRoboLeia3000
Bossk and IG-8818:51, December 11, 2015KillerRoboLeia3000
Admiral Ackbar18:50, December 11, 2015KillerRoboLeia3000
Mrs. Skywalker03:52, April 28, 2014RoboCade
Other articles that have been done05:01, October 12, 2013Supreme Emperor
Previous FAs16:35, May 10, 2009Q9-X2
New leadership16:35, May 10, 2009Q9-X2
Former FAs16:29, May 10, 2009Q9-X2


Main focusEdit

Works in progressEdit

Future projectsEdit


Source list for our list of articles to improve

Former Featured articlesEdit

These articles used to be featured, but have lost that status. Please improve them and get them back to that status.

Completed projectsEdit

Our achievements so far. These articles should still be maintained, to keep them at high quality.

Featured articles created by this projectEdit

Previously featured articles needing upkeepEdit

  • Darth Bane (Featured article restored outside the project)
  • Dooku (Featured article created outside of this project)
  • Rokur Gepta (Featured article before the project began)
  • Rune Haako (Featured article before the project began)
  • Kir Kanos (Featured article created outside of this project)
  • Sate Pestage (Featured article created outside of this project)
  • Anakin Solo (Featured before project began)
  • Vuffi Raa (Featured before project began)
  • Zsinj (Featured article before the project began)
  • Beru Whitesun Lars (Featured article created outside of this project)
  • Ysanne Isard (Featured article created outside of this project)
  • 4-LOM (Featured article created outside of this project)

Good articles created by this projectEdit

Featured articles restored by this projectEdit



Place {{WNEGTCtalk}} on the Talk page of each article pertaining to the project.


WookieeProject The New Essential Guide to Characters is within the scope of WookieeProject The New Essential Guide to Characters, a project dedicated to bringing articles on well-known Star Wars individuals to Featured article status.
If you would like to participate, you can edit the article attached to this notice, or visit the project page, where you can join the project and/or contribute to the discussion.

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