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"It may be the largest entertainment production in history. More than 800 people on four continents have spent six years and nearly $200 million creating it. The story runs 1,600 hours, with hundreds of additional hours still being written. Nearly 1,000 actors have recorded dialogue for 4,000 characters in three languages. The narrative is so huge that writers created a 1,000-page 'bible' to keep the details straight, and a director recently asked a colleague not to spoil the moments he hadn't seen yet. It's not a movie or a TV series. It's Star Wars: The Old Republic, the most expensive, ambitious and riskiest video game ever produced."
―Ben Fritz and Alex Pham for the Los Angeles Times, January 20, 2012[src]

The driving goal behind WookieeProject: The Old Republic is the improvement and maintainance of Wookieepedia articles related to the LucasArts MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. The announcement of the game inspired a multi-platform, multimedia project that comprises novels, comic books, and other media. This project includes all of these various forms of media within its scope. Specific works within The Old Republic timeframe can be found in the novel series and comic series. The project also covers topics related to the material released via the official site's HoloNet feature.

Due to the nature of the game itself, there is little certainty as to the canonical conclusion to many stories presented within this timeframe. As such, there is plenty of room for speculation. Please note that such speculation has no place on Wookieepedia, and a major goal of this project is to avoid conjecture and assumption and eliminate it where we can.

If you would like to contribute to Wookieepedia as a member of this project, please take a look at our mission and other articles of quality, such as those that have attained Featured, Good, or Comprehensive status. If you wish to join, please add your name at the bottom of this page under the "Participants" section.

Editing guidelines[]

The following are simple guidelines to follow while writing or editing articles. Please note that The Old Republic is a role-playing game, and therefore has several story options. Player-created characters and stories are not allowed on Wookieepedia.

General editing[]

  1. Adhere to all site policies, such as the Manual of Style and Layout Guide.
  2. Properly source all information in an article with TOR-specific citation templates such as TORcite, TOR dates, TOR updates, TORweb, and TORYoutube.
  3. Wookieepedia also assumes 100% game completion (see Template:Gamemechanics, Template:GameLSmechanics, and Template:GameDSmechanics)
  4. Always include a thorough and well-written "Behind the scenes" that notes the subject's origin and relation to the series.
  5. Please note that all sources released via the official site's HoloNet feature are to be listed under the "Sources" section of an article. This does not include the Galactic Timeline, which should be under "Appearances."

Important note on player choices[]

Base game[]

Per this consensus, it is Wookieepedia policy that all articles be written under the assumption that Republic player characters (Jedi Counsular, Jedi Knight, trooper, smuggler) selected light-side dialogue options in storyline conversations. Conversely, it has been agreed that Imperial player characters (Sith Inquisitor, Sith Warrior, Imperial agent, bounty hunter) chose dark-side conversation options. Alternative choices may be detailed in the "Behind the scenes" section.

Wookieepedia does not assert that these are the canonical story resolutions, and as such, editors are required to place the following tags on articles wherein such assumptions are found:

  • For Republic player characters: {{RepublicHeader}} will remain at the top of the article and {{GameLS}} and {{GameLSmechanics}} will be used on articles related to their actions
  • For Empire player characters: {{EmpireHeader}} will remain at the top of the article and {{GameDS}} and {{GameDSmechanics}} will be used on articles related to their actions

Expansions: the Alliance Commander[]

Similarly, per community consensus, it is policy that all articles assume that the Alliance Commander—the player character from Update 2.7 Forged Alliances onwards—was affiliated with the Republic and made light side decisions. In addition, contents in the Empire storyline that directly contradict the Republic storyline's contents are considered alternative gameplay choices, which may be written in the "Behind the scenes" section. Saboteur options shall also be considered alternative gameplay choices and may be recorded in the Bts section.

News and discussion[]

The following sections are intended to provide updates on recent project successes and new developments in The Old Republic media. The forums are free for any user to use for questions, comments, or requests for help.

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If you are interested in participating in our project, you are more than welcome to add your username at the end of the list below to get started!


Discord-Logo Contact[]

WookieepediaProject: The Old Republic now has a dedicated channel on the official Wookieepedia Discord server. If you have any questions, or simply want to speak to our project members, please hop on to Discord and contact us there! Discord channel: #the-old-republic

Zakuul alliance Guild[]

To better coordinate efforts between project members, draw in new editors who play the MMORPG, as well as to build up our community, WP:TOR now has a new Guild in the video game's Star Forge server! While the Guild is currently in its infancy, it is open for interested editors to join. For more information, check out the Guild page.

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