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Hello and welcome to the organization page for WookieeProject: The Old Republic's in-game guild! This page is here to help members of this WookieeProject set up and organize two in-game player organizations so that we might better catalogue information from within Star Wars: The Old Republic and add it to Wookieepedia with professional, accurate writing and proper citations. This guild will also help us to organize and prioritize screenshots that are needed for articles on Wookieepedia.
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March 5, 2012


Expanding the operations of WP:TOR into the game itself

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Creating articles for the insane number of in-game subjects

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An IntroductionEdit

The Wookieepedian Old Republic guilds are an offshoot project of the primary WookieeProject: The Old Republic. The guilds are led by Darth Trayus, who founded the original project, and Tommy9281, who first proposed the formation of an in-game Wookieepedian organization. The guilds are located on The Harbinger server.

The driving goal behind the formation of guilds is to allow us as Wookieepedians to coordinate our efforts in-game so that we might make our coverage of topics found within The Old Republic as comprehensive and reliable as possible. For instance: it would be nearly impossible for a single user to gather and write all of the necessary information for the article on the Battle of Balmorra; however, with guilds, we can coordinate the efforts of players from multiple classes and from both factions so that we can create a complete or near-complete article on the topic.

Additionally, the guilds will be used to help compile higher qualities and greater quantities of screenshots from within the game.


There are only two requirements for membership in the WP:TOR guilds in The Old Republic:

  1. Membership in WookieeProject: The Old Republic (Sign up here)
  2. An active subscription to Star Wars: The Old Republic

With these two prerequisites fulfilled, you're ready to join!


Please sign up by adding your name (not your signature) into the table below, thereby indicating which faction you'll be focused on. If you would like to add your name to both factions, you are also welcome to do so. After adding your name here, create your character on The Harbinger server and contact either Darth Trayus ("Yektair"), Cade Calrayn ("Calrayn"), or another guild officer in the game.

StupidSithEmblem-Traced-TORkit Sith Empire
Guild name: Wookieepedia Cabal
Capital World: Dromund Kaas
Guild leader: Darth Trayus
StupidRepublicEmblem-Traced-TORkit Galactic Republic
Guild name: Wookieepedia Alliance
Capital World: Coruscant
Guild leader: Cade Calrayn
Class Wookieepedian Class Wookieepedian
Sith Inquisitor Jedi Consular
Sith Warrior Jedi Knight
Bounty Hunter Trooper
Imperial Agent Smuggler

Imperial rosterEdit

Name Guild Rank Class Advanced Class Spec Wookieepedian
Ahk'raw'nuruodo Officer Imperial Agent not chosen yet DPS Cade Calrayn
Amaiza Officer Bounty hunter Mercenary Heal SavageBob
Big Barda Officer Imperial Agent Operative DPS Tommy9281
Diastiis Officer Sith Inquisitor Sith Sorcerer Heal Darth Trayus
Falurion Officer Sith Inquisitor not chosen yet not chosen yet SavageBob
Inferi* Officer Sith Inquisitor Sith Assassin DPS Tommy9281
Nyriss Officer Sith Warrior Juggernaut Tank Tommy9281
Yektair Guild Master Sith Warrior Sith Marauder DPS Darth Trayus
Zynovian Officer Sith Inquisitor Sith Sorcerer DPS Tommy9281

Republic rosterEdit

Name Guild Rank Class Advanced Class Spec Wookieepedian
Calrayn Guild Master Jedi Knight Jedi Sentinel DPS Cade Calrayn
Cae'den Officer Jedi Knight not chosen yet Tommy9281
Damiyan Officer Trooper not chosen yet Cade Calrayn
Drakar Recruit Jedi Consular Jedi Shadow Odvi
Dolgage Officer Trooper Darth Trayus
Gorneesh Officer Jedi Knight Jedi Guardian DPS SavageBob
Prieva Officer Jedi Consular Jedi Shadow Tank SavageBob
Rodoro Smuggler Ayrehead02
Vashone Officer Jedi Consular Tommy9281
Sorona Smuggler Gunslinger DPS Glitterstim

Guild bylawsEdit

Wookieepedia Alliance and Wookieepedia Cabal (hereafter "the Alliance" and "the Cabal", or simply "the guilds") are sister guilds, on the Republic and Empire sides respectively of The Harbinger server of Star Wars: The Old Republic (SW:TOR). Unlike other SW:TOR guilds, the Alliance and the Cabal take as their primary mission the improvement of Wookieepedia (also referred to as the wiki) by cataloguing the myriad characters, equipment, locations, etc. in SW:TOR and then transferring that information to this wiki in the form of edits to articles. This mission places these guilds in a symbiotic, and even subservient, position to WookieeProject: The Old Republic (hereafter "the Project") and to the Wookieepedia community as a whole. Within SW:TOR, the Alliance and the Cabal are dedicated to maintaining a positive and collegial atmosphere among members. The guilds are casual and recreational, although members are encouraged to pursue all aspects of SW:TOR (and to document them!), including leveling, Player-versus-Player (PvP), and Operations.


The members of the guild have agreed upon the following rules through the process of consensus. The rules may change in the future, but not without the consultation of all members of the project. If situations come up that fall beyond the purview of these rules or that seem to bring two or more rules into conflict, guild officers will make every effort to make the most sensible decision given the circumstances.


  • Membership in the Alliance and the Cabal is open to anyone provided they have both a character on The Harbinger server in SW:TOR and a Wookieepedia account in good standing. Good standing is defined as having made at least 20 good-faith, mainspace edits to Wookieepedia within a week of first joining one of the guilds.
  • Guild members must also sign up to participate in WookieeProject The Old Republic by adding their name under "Participants." They should add their character name, class, advanced class, and spec to the guild roster as well.
  • Membership of one character on The Harbinger server automatically extends to all characters on that server for that same account should the member desire it. Officers will assist with adding other characters from the same account with the coordination of the new member.
  • Guild officers reserve the right to demote a member in rank or to revoke membership in the guilds for behavior that breaches guild rules, or for long periods of unexplained inactivity either within SW:TOR or on Wookieepedia. Guild members are encouraged to notify an officer in advance of any such long absences to prevent loss of membership. Former guild members who have lost guild membership due to inactivity may be reinstated to full members once they return to active participation in SW:TOR and Wookieepedia.
  • Decisions to demote or remove a member from the guilds typically require the agreement of three officers. Such decisions may be carried out by a single officer in emergency situations, but such actions should then be reviewed by two other officers to be formally binding or they will be reversed.
  • Members are of course free to leave the guild of their own volition at any time by using the /gquit command in-game. Notifying an officer with the reasons for the departure is appreciated but not necessary.

Rank structureEdit

  • Recruit is the rank given to new members of either the Alliance or the Cabal until such time as they have made at least 20 good-faith, mainspace edits to Wookieepedia and joined WookieeProject The Old Republic.
  • Member is the rank given to new members of the guilds who have made at least 20 good-faith, mainspace edits to Wookieepedia and have joined the Project.
  • Lieutenant is the rank given to members who have shown a dedication to either SW:TOR or Wookieepedia through regular guild participation, WookieeProject participation, or Wookieepedia participation in general. A guild officer may bestow this rank on a new member who has a history of longstanding commitment to Wookieepedia but is new to SW:TOR, for instance. Guild members who demonstrate a long-term commitment to the guild and to the WookieeProject may advance to this rank at any time should officers feel it warranted. Any Wookieepedian who holds a position on an article review board (i.e. Inquisitorius members, AgriCorps members, and EduCorps members) and who do not hold an administrative position on the site are automatically accepted into the guild with the rank of lieutenant.
  • Officer is the rank given to guild members who hold some form of office on Wookieepedia, regardless of the length of time they have been a part of one of the guilds. Wookieepedia offices that count for this criteria include (but are not limited to) Administrators and Bureaucrats. Other guild members may advance to this rank upon consensus of the other members of Officer rank.
  • Guild Master is the rank reserved for the founder of the Alliance and Cabal guilds. This rank is essentially the same as Officer above, although the Guild Master has extra administrative tools at her or his disposal. The person holding the rank of Guild Master may change should the current Guild Master request a demotion (at which point she or he can be changed to an Officer) and upon consensus of Guild and WookieeProject members as to who should be promoted to the rank.
  • The guild rank attained by any one character of a particular member on The Harbinger server should extend to all characters on that member's account on the server. Coordination with guild officers may be necessary to promote alternate characters accordingly.


  • We all have real lives, and these come first. Although we hope to see guild members in-game frequently and to see them contribute to Wookieepedia with some regularity, low levels of participation are sometimes unavoidable. With the exception of the long absences discussed above under "Membership," such inactivity should be understood by other guild members as an inevitability of life.
  • We are here to document the people, places, things, and events of SW:TOR. As such, moving through the game can sometimes be a slow-going process as players take notes, snap screenshots, and explore the various options in dialogue trees. Other members should be aware of these factors and be tolerant of other players who may be progressing slowly. When participating in a group, guild members should never expect other members to skip dialogue to finish a particular mission, Flashpoint, or Operation more quickly.
  • Guild members are expected to abide by Wookieepedia's policy against personal attacks in-game as well. Personal attacks will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from the guilds. This applies not only to attacks on other guild members but also on other SW:TOR players. We are all representatives of Wookieepedia within the game and should conduct ourselves accordingly.
  • When participating in groups, members should understand the distinctions between "Need," "Greed," "Disassemble," and "Pass." Need applies only to loot that particular character (not an alternate or a companion) can equip at that moment for a stats upgrade. Greed and Disassemble apply to loot that particular character cannot necessarily use but a companion or alternate can, or for which the player merely wishes to sell, or to strip out the modifications to improve other gear. Pass applies to loot the player chooses not to make a roll for at all, and is a good way to spread the loot around in a group. "Ninja looting" (rolling "Need" when you cannot use the item or when the item is not an upgrade for the character you are currently using) will not be tolerated and is grounds for removal from the guilds. All this said, mistakes do happen. In the case of a mistaken loot roll (rolling "Need" by accident), other group members should take the player at her or his word. However, multiple mistakes of this sort may also be grounds for dismissal from the guild; being careful about loot rolls is just as important as being honest about them.
  • Conflicts between guild members should be settled by those guild members whenever possible. Officers will only step in if the parties involved cannot come to a settlement on their own. If tempers get high, sometimes the best thing to do is to log out, take some time away from the game, and cool down. If the situation persists, contact an officer and describe the situation. The officer or officers can then conduct an investigation as appropriate. This rule applies to conflicts with officers and between officers as well.

Image huntEdit

Under construction. Pardon our dust.



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We are currently considering requesting an IRC channel that could be used for both the main project and the in-game players. The chat relay will be set up only if it will actually be used and if need warrants.