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Battle of Kessel (0 ABY)Edit

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Second Battle of Kessel
"Looks like Ackbar hasn't reached Kessel yet. We need to get him off that Star Destroyer before it's too late."
―Han Solo[src]

A space battle was fought over the planet Kessel between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. Around 0.5 ABY, shortly after the Battle of Yavin, Alliance Admiral Gial Ackbar, along with a number of other Rebels, was captured by the bounty hunter Boba Fett during a mission to the Saleucami system. Ackbar was sold to the Empire and was later transported under heavy Imperial guard to the prison colony on Kessel for interrogation. When Alliance High Command discovered that the Mon Calamari Admiral had been taken captive, they dispatched a Rebel fleet and Renegade Squadron—the Alliance's new elite fighting force—to ambush the Imperial fleet holding Ackbar in space over Kessel.

Under the command of former smugglers–turned–Rebel Commanders Han Solo and Col Serra, Renegade Squadron destroyed the communications array on the Imperial-class Star Destroyer where Ackbar was being held and additionally incapacitated two Victory II-class frigates. After dogfighting Imperial starfighters and bombers, they boarded the Star Destroyer, broke the captive Ackbar out of prison, and transported him to safety. After the fleet jumped into hyperspace, Renegade Squadron decided to launch a mission to liberate the rest of the Rebels that had been captured in the Saleucami system. (Read more...)


Rescue of Rahm KotaEdit

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"I was expecting Lord Vader…"
"The Jedi. Where is he?"
"Oh, he's alive. For the moment. He's been in the Arena for seven days."
―Baron Tarko and Starkiller[src]

A rescue mission to free the Rebel Alliance Jedi General Rahm Kota from the Galactic Empire was performed in 1 BBY, during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. Captured on a failed raid on the planet Cato Neimoidia, Kota was taken to the city Tarko-se, where he was placed in the Tarko-se Arena, the local gladiatorial stadium, for execution. While Kota endured an onslaught of monsters and gladiators, Starkiller, a rogue clone of the late Jedi Galen Marek, escaped from the Sith Lord Darth Vader on the ocean world of Kamino. Unbeknownst to Kota, Vader had initiated a clandestine project to create a more powerful version of his former Sith apprentice Marek—a perfect clone that possessed all of Marek's strengths and none of his weaknesses. However, the cloning process was imperfect and resulted in numerous failures, including Starkiller.

Pursuant of information inadvertently provided by Vader, Starkiller traveled to Cato Neimoidia to rescue the captured Kota. However, his motives were more influenced by a desire to find Captain Juno Eclipse, the woman with whom his progenitor had fallen in love. Starkiller fought against Baron Merillion Tarko's forces on his way to the arena, where he found an exhausted Kota. The desperate Tarko unleashed a beast known as the Gorog on the two Force-wielders, and the creature broke free of its restraints as it attempted to kill Starkiller. In the chaos, Tarko was devoured by the monster, and the arena, along with Tarko-se itself, was destroyed. Starkiller and Kota were retrieved from the falling wreckage by the starship Rogue Shadow, which was on autopilot. (Read more...)


Invasion of TatooineEdit

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Battle of Tatooine (Clone Wars)
"Now that's what I call a victory, little brother! There'll be medals in this for both of us!"
―X1 to X2[src]

The Invasion of Tatooine was a battle which took place on the planet Tatooine in 19 BBY during the Clone Wars. Before attacking the planet, the Confederacy of Independent Systems used a drone ship to deploy a reconnaissance patrol consisting of probe droids on the surface. The patrol, however, was quickly destroyed by the clone trooper X2, who, along with his genetic "brother" X1, had been recently assigned to the Republic training grounds on the surface, under the command of Jedi General Ferroda. The Confederacy followed with a major attack, both in space and on the ground. X2 played a crucial role in the battle on the ground, destroying several OG-9 homing spider droids and using a v-150 anti-orbital ion cannon to bring down the deflector shields of a Confederate Providence-class carrier/destroyer in orbit.

Boarding V-Wing starfighters, X1 and X2 joined the space battle. X2 and several other clone troopers infiltrated the disabled carrier. Once there, X2 destroyed the ship's reactor core with a rocket launcher, setting a chain reaction that resulted in the carrier's explosion and securing a victory for the Republic. For their performance during the battle, X1 and X2 were invited to the galactic capital of Coruscant, where they were awarded medals by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. (Read more...)


Subject 1157Edit

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Tfu subject 1157
"Observation log: Subject 1157, Phase 16D Entry 4. Unlike previous subjects, 1157's capacity is not impaired at this stage of the process. He has ceased experiencing virtually any side effects. This is a new and exciting development. Vital signs point to complete motor functions, including high oxygen saturation. He is now able to counter any internal stressors from either genetic impulses or imprints. We will begin the next phase of rapid acceleration."
―A cloning technician[src]

Subject 1157 was the designation of a clone of the Human male Galen Marek, the Sith Lord Darth Vader's apprentice. Subject 1157 was raised in a cloning tank at a cloning facility on the planet Kamino around 1 BBY by the Galactic Empire. A cloning technician monitored his progress and recorded a number of observation logs. Subject 1157 undwerwent growth acceleration and received genetic memory imprints, and he developed consciousness and later "hallucinations" from the life of Marek. Over time, Subject 1157 was able to access the Force, as his template was able to, and the clone cracked the inside of his tank with Force lightning. During his development, he was frequently sedated after a breach in security, but as his capacity grew and his behavior became uncontrollable, the sedation had no effect. Later, during the Battle of Kamino, Subject 1157 was going to be released into the facility's training area, but before that could happen, his tank was hit by a Force push by an individual referred to as Subject 1138, and Subject 1157 expired. (Read more...)



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"I've been assigned as your advisor, and will be your eye in the sky until further notice… or we all get killed."
―CC-01/425, to Boss of Delta Squad[src]

CC-01/425 was a clone advisor who served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. He often found himself tasked with overseeing the operations of Delta Squad, a unit of elite clone commandos that included RC-1138, RC-1140, RC-1207, and RC-1262, with whom he would communicate via hologram and the squad's in-helmet comlinks. The advisor helped them through the Battle of Geonosis in the year 22 BBY, during which Delta Squad killed the Geonosian lieutenant Sun Fac, disabled an underground droid factory, and raided a Lucrehulk-class Core Ship. In the second year of the war, CC-01/425 guided Delta Squad throughout its investigation of the Acclamator-class assault ship Prosecutor in the Chaykin Cluster. In 19 BBY, he also oversaw Delta Squad's opening reconnaissance of the Battle of Kashyyyk, during which it freed the Wookiee Chieftain Tarfful from Separatist-backed Trandoshan slavers. (Read more...)


Escape from KaminoEdit

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"You will receive the same treatment as the others."
"What others?"
―Darth Vader and Starkiller, just prior to the latter's escape[src]

In the year 1 BBY, a battle was fought on the planet Kamino. After the death of Galen Marek, former apprentice to the Imperial Dark Lord Darth Vader, on the first Death Star battlestation, Vader sought to recreate his apprentice, collecting Marek's corpse and using genetic samples from the body to create a series of clones intended as replacement apprentices. Most of the clones were deformed and insane, though progress was gradually made, and a new generation of increasingly stable clones was created. Vader proceeded to train the clones, though many of these subjects would eventually succumb to the madness that had claimed so many of their predecessors. After one would go insane, Vader simply moved on to train the next clone. One of the clones, called Starkiller, was only the latest in a long line of failures, though he was one of the most promising subjects.

During a training match with a number of Sith Training Droids, Starkiller proved unable to strike down one of the droids when it assumed the shape of Juno Eclipse, Marek's former lover. The inability to overcome the genetic memories of Starkiller's template marked him as a failure, and Vader prepared to execute the clone. However, Starkiller refused to submit and lashed out at Vader with Force lightning, using the Dark Lord's momentary distraction to escape the training complex. Going through the Imperial forces—which included riot stormtroopers, Jumptroopers, carbonite war droids, and others—garrisoned in Timira City, where he was cloned, Starkiller fought his way to a landing pad. While on his way, he gained some help from stormtroopers on whom he used mind tricks. Once on the landing pad, Starkiller escaped Vader and hijacked the Sith Lord's personal fighter, escaping from the planet. (Read more...)


Battle of the south ridgeEdit

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Bfn south ridge 2
"Lieutenant Sykes, glad you made it. You've been well-trained."
―Captain Panaka, to Gavyn Sykes, after the latter destroys attacking hostiles near Rasker Hill[src]

A battle took place near the south ridge of Theed, the capital of the planet Naboo, in the year 32 BBY during the Trade Federation's invasion of the planet in response to a trade dispute. The battle occurred just after Naboo's Queen Amidala and her head of security, Captain Quarsh Panaka, returned to the planet and gathered local resistance leaders to brief them on their plan to retake the planet from the Trade Federation Droid Army. Droid forces attacked members of the Royal Naboo Security Forces near Rasker Hill, but they were driven off by Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes, a member of Naboo's Bravo Squadron, whose quick actions saved nearby farms. Panaka met with Sykes and ordered him to guard the south ridge.

Shortly thereafter, Sykes spotted a large Trade Federation convoy, which was preparing to depart for flanking maneuvers on the Great Grass Plains against the Gungan Grand Army. He then responded to a distress call from fellow pilot Palmer at the Naboo airbase. After Sykes destroyed the Armored Assault Tanks, droid bombers, and laser cannons that threatened the airbase, Panaka ordered him to intercept the convoy in a bomber. During his assault on the convoy, Sykes also destroyed the Trade Federation Airbase. He delayed the convoy's tanks and Multi-Troop Transports in Widow's Valley so that Panaka could place explosives on a bridge in the convoy's path. When the explosives failed, Sykes bombed the bridge and destroyed the rest of the convoy in the process. (Read more...)


Grondorn MuseEdit

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"That Grondorn—talented, I grant you, but he couldn't remember to put his shirt on unless he got a written order."
―Pytor Tuko[src]

Grondorn Muse was a Human male member of the Corellian militia as well as a popular musician before the Galactic Empire blacklisted him for the political content of his songs. By 0 BBY, Muse had left the militia to join the Alliance to Restore the Republic. That year, Muse attended a briefing held in the Alliance's headquarters on Yavin 4 prior to the Battle of Yavin. Some time following the battle, Muse rejoined the Corellian militia, and he played in the Fighting 357th Serenaders band. While returning to his base in the town of Bela Vistal following a training exercise, Muse realized he had left his kloo horn behind. He hired a spacer, who helped him retrieve his instrument, and brought it back to Bela Vista. Muse then realized he had forgotten to deliver a datadisc of the anthem "Corellia Ho!" to Pytor Tuko, the leader of another band, the Battling 166th Troubadours. He then paid the spacer to make the delivery for him. (Read more...)


Thurlow HarrisEdit

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"Harris, standing by."
―Thurlow Harris[src]

Thurlow Harris was a Human male starfighter pilot who served in the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the early Galactic Civil War. The son of a Rebel captain, Harris spent much of his life in his father's shadow and witnessed many battles during his youth. Harris completed his Alliance training at the Pilot Training Center on Kolaador, and was one of three pilots sent from Kolaador to Tatooine when Anchorhead Base was attacked by the Galactic Empire. Harris helped to incapacitate an Imperial-class Star Destroyer in orbit of Tatooine, but his group arrived too late to prevent the destruction of Anchorhead Base. Harris was later stationed at the Alliance's main base in the Great Temple on Yavin 4 when it came under assault by the Empire's Death Star battlestation. As part of Blue Squadron, Harris fought in the subsequent Battle of Yavin, in which Rebel forces destroyed the Death Star. (Read more...)


Battle near the Itani NebulaEdit

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Attack on the Salvation
"Ignore the fighters! Our only concern is finding Captain Eclipse."
―Boba Fett, issuing orders to the Imperial strike force[src]

A battle took place near the Itani Nebula in the year 1 BBY when an Imperial strike force launched an attack on a Rebel fleet that was hiding just outside the nebula. After Rebel Jedi General Rahm Kota was rescued from Imperial Baron Merillion Tarko by Starkiller, the clone of Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader's late Sith apprentice Galen Marek, Starkiller and Kota traveled to where the Rebel fleet was stationed. The Rebels came under attack there from forces of the Galactic Empire commanded by the bounty hunter Boba Fett, who had first been hired by Vader to kidnap Starkiller himself. However, after failing in that task, Fett was instructed by Vader to kidnap Rebel Captain Juno Eclipse, the lover of the late Marek, in order to lure Starkiller back to the planet Kamino, where Vader awaited.

Fett led the Imperials into the Rebel fleet's flagship, the EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Salvation, to capture Eclipse. While a battle ensued outside the starship, another broke out between the attacking Imperials and the Rebel Alliance inside the ship. Starkiller and Kota fought through the interior of the Salvation in an attempt to rescue Eclipse, joining forces with Rebel troopers along the way. Although Starkiller and Kota defeated many Imperials, Fett escaped with his captive. Knowing that he was taking Eclipse back to Kamino, the Rebel fleet pursued. At Kamino, the Rebels and Imperials fought yet another battle as Starkiller made his way to where Vader held Eclipse captive. (Read more...)


Saul KarathEdit

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"War's a funny thing. It makes you do things you never thought you'd do."
―Saul Karath[src]

Saul Karath was a Human male born on Corellia who served in the Galactic Republic's Navy as an admiral during the Mandalorian Wars. In 3963 BBY, Karath was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral after keeping the Mandalorian forces at bay for six weeks at the Jebble-Vanquo-Tarnith line. When the fugitive Jedi Padawan Zayne Carrick—who was fleeing from his Masters after being framed for the Padawan Massacre of Taris—attempted to warn Karath of the planet Serroco's impending destruction, Karath assumed that Carrick was a Mandalorian spy. When the Mandalorians razed Serroco's surface, Karath and his allies took Carrick into custody and, after boarding Adascorp leader Arkoh Adasca's flagship Arkanian Legacy, they participated in an auction in which Karath attempted to negotiate for Republic control of Adasca's exogorth superweapons. After Adasca's schemes were brought to an end, Karath also played a role in the events of the Covenant Affair, which saw the destruction of the Jedi Covenant—a secret Jedi organization which was dedicated to preventing the rise of the Sith—when one of the leaders, the Sith Acolyte Haazen, led an insurrection against the Jedi Order.

In that same year, the Jedi Knights Revan, Malak and their Jedi faction entered the war, with Karath becoming Revan's and Malak's subordinate. Karath later assisted Carrick in destroying the slavery organization known as the Crucible. In 3960 BBY, after Revan and Malak led the Republic to victory against the Mandalorians in the war's final battle, Karath was one of the few individuals among the Republic forces who did not follow the Jedi into the Unknown Regions to search for the ancient Rakatan Star Forge space station, which produced an unlimited amount of war matériel. A year later, Revan returned to the Republic as the new Dark Lord of the Sith, with Malak as his apprentice, igniting the Jedi Civil War. In 3958 BBY, Karath transferred his allegiance to Darth Revan's Sith Empire, bringing his flagship, the Leviathan, to Revan's service. In order to test Karath's loyalty, Malak ordered the Admiral to destroy the planet Telos IV. Karath killed millions of civilians on Telos, and earned the wrath of his former friend and protégé Carth Onasi, who had served with Karath during the Mandalorian Wars. After Malak betrayed Revan during the Jedi's and Republic's attempt to capture them, Karath continued to serve the Sith forces under Malak's command.

In the war's final year, Malak captured the ecumenopolis of Taris and ordered the Sith fleet to blockade the planet so that the Sith forces could search for Jedi Knight Bastila Shan. Karath was eventually ordered by the Dark Lord to destroy the planet in order to prevent Shan's escape, and Karath bombarded Taris. Shortly after Taris's destruction, Malak and Karath were informed by the bounty hunter Calo Nord of Shan's escape from the planet, and of Revan's survival and involvement in the escape. Malak and Karath hired Nord to capture Shan, but Revan, now a partially re-trained Jedi, killed Nord during his search for the Star Forge. After Revan located a fourth Rakatan Star Map—which was needed to find the Star Forge—and slew Malak's Shadow Hand Darth Bandon, Karath captured Revan's starship Ebon Hawk and tortured Revan, Onasi, and Shan in an attempt to discern their mission. The two Jedi and Onasi eventually escaped and confronted Karath on the Leviathan's bridge. Karath offered to ask Malak to be merciful if the Jedi and Onasi surrendered; however, Shan, Revan, and Onasi refused. Karath and his forces attacked them, and after a heated firefight, Karath was grievously injured. As he lay dying, Karath informed Onasi about Revan's true identity as the former Dark Lord of the Sith, and then succumbed to the wounds dealt to him by Onasi and the Jedi. (Read more...)


Goru RainstealerEdit

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"It's Goru something, not sure of the name. He went into hiding a long time ago. He used to be some kind of hotshot weapons designer before those problems started. Apparently, both sides of this war wanted a piece of him. Anyway, I think he's the only one in the galaxy who can build the Zicx bug-bomb… What's the Zicx… uh, I probably shouldn't have said anything. Just forget it okay. Trust me, it's more trouble than you want to deal with."
―A conversation about Goru Rainstealer that was overheard in a Narmle cantina[src]

Goru Rainstealer was a male weapons designer who designed the Zicx-bug bomb, an illegal grenade-like weapon made using Zicx bugs and sarlacc bile. Due to his poor treatment of his clients and his illegal weaponry, Rainstealer earned the enmity of the Galactic Empire, the Alliance to Restore the Republic, the Hutt Cartel, Black Sun, and a Whiphid crime lord named Valarian. Due to the fact that these factions either wanted his work or wanted him dead, Rainstealer attempted to hide in the city of Narmle on Rori, a moon of the planet Naboo. However, at one point after the Battle of Yavin during the Galactic Civil War, Rainstealer was approached by a spacer who wanted him to produce a special weapon. Eventually Rainstealer consented and sent the spacer to procure the ingredients, which he used to produce several Zicx-bug bombs in order to keep that individual from speaking openly about him. (Read more...)



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"You don't have to get mean. I'm new. They don't tell me much."
―A Guineo guard, to his Draag supervisor[src]

The Guineo were a bipedal, sentient species indigenous to the planet of Dohlban, where they were often used for manual labor. Typically, members of the species were tall and powerfully built. Guineo, however, were not very intelligent and lacked the ability to make complicated decisions, a condition that relegated many Guineo to very basic jobs. Many members of the species were hired off-world by criminal organizations. Among these groups was Haugg Nerf Industries, which was located in the Industrial District on the galactic capital planet of Coruscant. Several Guineo worked at the company, a nerf-meat packing plant that was used as a cover for transporting hallucinogenic death sticks from the crime lord Sebolto on the planet Malastare so that they could be sold on Coruscant. Among the Guineo working at Haugg Nerf Industries were Yol Areebi, J'Meeb Gumb, and Panza Hondi. (Read more...)



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"No longer will Gungans pound and slave for other Gungs. Weesa will rebuild this place as a city of peace, not war."
―Boss Gallo[src]

Gallo was a male Ankura Gungan from the planet Naboo who lived around 3000 BBY. Gallo was the Boss of the city of Otoh Sancture until it was destroyed in a war between the Gungan tribes while he was out hunting nerfs for the annual Sacred Feast. After meeting rogue Captain Marsune and trading his captured nerfs for glurrg workers, Gallo ran into a militiagung, or Gungan warrior, who informed him that Boss Rogoe, the Gungan warlord who had masterminded the war, was behind the destruction of Otoh Sancture.

Determined to seek justice for the act, Gallo set out to unite the surrounding Gungan tribes against Rogoe and his militia. After Gallo rebuilt the town of Otoh Sancture, he and Marsune, who had decided to join Gallo on his journey, traveled to the cities of Otoh Jahai, Otoh Langua, Otoh Urs, and Otoh Raban to speak with Bosses Tenko, Hantic, Copek, and Hoxie, respectively. After Gallo fulfilled tasks provided by each Boss, the four agreed to join Gallo's cause. Gallo took his forces and, along with bongo submarines acquired from the Gungan manufacturer Bongomeken Collective, attacked Rogoe's city of Spearhead. Once the city and Rogoe's keep were destroyed. Gallo founded a new city in its place called Otoh Gunga. He was a distant ancestor of Boss Rugor Nass, who lived during the later years of the Galactic Republic. (Read more...)



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"Rogoe had been secretly plotting to maken the Gungan cities fighten each other."
―Rugor Nass, chronicling the war between the Gungans[src]

Rogoe was a male Ankura Gungan warlord who was the Boss of the city of Spearhead on the planet Naboo in 3000 BBY, during a period of constant war between the Gungan tribes. In that time, Rogoe became the manipulator of the hostilities; he used several methods to continue the conflict so he could oppress and enslave the smaller Gungan tribes while the larger ones were preoccupied with fighting one another. Eventually, he became concerned about Gallo, the Boss of the city of Otoh Sancture, who had refused to take part in any violence. Rogoe believed Gallo would be powerful enough to defeat Rogoe's forces were he to take a side, and so the warmonger ordered a tribe of carnivorous, half-wild bursas to destroy Gallo's Otoh Sancture. Gallo, however, was away from the city and survived to discover that Rogoe had massacred his people, causing Rogoe's rival to begin a campaign to unite the Gungan tribes against the warlord. After convincing the other cities to join him, Gallo led his Grand Army to Spearhead and fought Rogoe's minions. Rogoe remained in his fortress during the battle and was killed when Gallo's army destroyed it. (Read more...)



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Boorka not Jabba
«Boorka has gone too far this time. He's mixed up with the Confederacy, running credits and supplies through a hidden base out in the desert. Smuggling's one thing, but this is too risky!»
―Jabba Desilijic Tiure, to Echuu Shen-Jon[src]

Boorka was a hermaphrodite Hutt crime lord with a masculine personality who operated on the planet Tatooine around 22 BBY. Around the time of the outbreak of the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Boorka received information from Bogeega Bu'Daay, an operative on the planet Eredenn Prime, about a new series of superweapons that the Republic was building known as the Decimators. Boorka made it known that the information was available to the highest bidder and his offer was soon taken up by the Confederacy, who sent a contingent of its droid army led by General Sev'rance Tann to Tatooine.

Boorka agreed to trade his information to the Separatists if they destroyed a Republic spaceport near the city Mos Osnoe. The spaceport was interfering with the profits of the Hutt Cartel, a criminal organization that Boorka was part of, and the Separatist army was able to accomplish the task. Boorka then gave his information to the Separatists, leading them to ultimately gain control of the Decimators and take over the Republic energy-producing planet Sarapin. When the Republic retook Sarapin, Jedi General Echuu Shen-Jon discovered that the Hutt Cartel had knowledge of General Tann's location, and Shen-Jon soon learned that Boorka had begun a partnership with the Separatists and had allowed them to set up a secret trade operation on Tatooine. The Jedi led his army to attack Boorka's forces, killing the Hutt in the process and removing the Separatists from Tatooine. (Read more...)



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"Captain, Lord Vader demands an update on the pursuit."
―M'Kae to Captain Lorth Needa[src]

M'Kae was a Human male Warrant Officer of the Galactic Empire who lived during the time of the Galactic Civil War, a major galactic conflict fought between them and the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Sometime following the Battle of Yavin in 0 BBY, M'Kae was stationed in the city of Restuss on the planet Naboo's moon of Rori. While there, he led a group that rescued the pilot Cal Handro from Alliance operatives. However, he was persuaded to give away Handro's whereabouts by a spacer working for the Alliance, and the spacer pursued and killed Handro. By 3 ABY, M'Kae served as the communications officer, as well as the hard-working signal officer, of the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Avenger, attached to Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader's personal Star Destroyer fleet, Death Squadron. He apprised Darth Vader's flagship, the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Executor, of the Avenger's activities, and relayed orders from the Executor to the Avenger's Captain, Lorth Needa. He also coordinated and tested tractor beam equipment.

In 3 ABY, following the Battle of Hoth, M'Kae was aboard the Avenger's command bridge when the Star Destroyer pursued the fugitive YT-1300 light freighter Millennium Falcon from the Hoth system. When the Avenger lost the Falcon in the Anoat system, M'Kae relayed Lord Vader's order for an update on the pursuit to Needa. The Captain decided to go to the Executor and apologize to Vader for the failure, while ordering his crew to continue searching for the Falcon. The rest of Death Squadron would ultimately disperse into hyperspace in search of the Falcon, along with the Avenger. Before the Avenger went to hyperspace—not knowing of the Falcon still being on its conning tower—it disposed of its garbage, and the Falcon took the opportunity to float away with the garbage, effectively avoiding detection. (Read more...)


Skirmish at the gundark nestEdit

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Tutorial 3 Droids at the nest
"Trade Federation battle droids! They're wiping out the gundarks!"
―Qui-Gon Jinn[src]

A skirmish occurred at a nest of gundarks, a predatory species, on the moon Alaris Prime sometime between 39 and 36 BBY. At the time, two factions were attempting to colonize Alaris Prime—Wookiee colonists from the planet Kashyyyk and the Trade Federation, an intergalactic company. The Wookiees had previously obtained the rights to colonize Alaris Prime legally from the Senate of the Galactic Republic, while the Trade Federation had ignored the Senate's ruling and illegally landed on the moon to pursue their own interests. On Alaris Prime, both groups were attacked by the gundarks, prompting them to take action against the creatures by eliminating them. (Read more...)

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