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This page or section is an official policy on Wookieepedia.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone must follow. Please use the Consensus track to propose changes to this policy.

WookieeProjects are collaborative efforts by Wookieepedians to improve a certain aspect of Wookieepedia. WookieeProjects are open to everyone and registered users can choose to join as many WookieeProjects as they desire. Many WookieeProjects aim to promote articles within their scope to Comprehensive, Good, or Featured status.

However, other types of WookieeProjects focus on maintenance or sitewide improvement: WookieeProject Web, which focuses on proper citation and archivals of web content; Wookieepedia:Project Stardust, which is a collaborative effort to maintain large, popular articles; or WookieeProject Collaboration, which works on sitewide maintenance and policy proposals.

Existing WookieeProjects

All registered Wookieepedians are free to join as many WookieeProjects as they like. This is usually done by signing your name on a participants list on the WookieeProject main page, and you can add the {{User WookieeProject}} userbox to your userpage to highlight your membership. Pursuant to the blocking policy, banned users may be removed from the WookieeProject leadership and participant listings at the time of blocking. This table may be appropriately changed without a new Consensus track, and new WookieeProjects should be listed alphabetically.

Project Scope
Aliens Articles covering sentient and semi-sentient species
Ambition Articles related to the Galactic Empire
Astrography Articles related to all kinds of celestial bodies and related concepts
Atlas Articles related to The Essential Atlas
Battlefront Articles related to the Star Wars Battlefront video game series and its tie-in media
Chiss Articles related to the Chiss species and the novels centered around Thrawn
Collaboration Collaboratively promoted status articles and sitewide maintenance efforts
Comics Articles related to Star Wars comics
Creators Articles of real-world people who have contributed to Star Wars
Data Seekers Articles related to Star Wars: Uprising
Durge's Lance Articles related to the Confederacy of Independent Systems
Entertainment and Culture Articles related to in-universe Star Wars entertainment
Ewoks Articles related to the Ewoks multimedia project
Fantasy Flight Games Articles related to Fantasy Flight Games products
Galaxies Articles related to Star Wars Galaxies and associated media
Galaxy's Edge Articles relating to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and its tie-in media
Images Dedicated to image maintenance sitewide
Knights of the Old Republic Articles related to the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic multimedia project
Legacy Era Articles related to the Legacy era
LEGO Articles and topics related to LEGO Star Wars media
Mandalore Articles related to Mandalorians
Mandoverse Articles related to The Mandalorian television series and associated media
Massive Damage Articles on battles, skirmishes, and other conflicts
New Sith Wars Articles related to the New Sith Wars
Newsnet Project to maintain Wookieepedia's newsnet
Novels Articles featured in Star Wars novels
Pride Articles related to in-universe LGBTQIA+ individuals and LGBTQIA+ Star Wars contributors
Project Defender Unessential articles
Project Stardust One major article every month
Real World Music The original music of all things Star Wars
Rebels Articles related to Star Wars Rebels
Resistance Articles related to the Star Wars Resistance animated television series
Star Wars: Card Trader Dedicated to Wookieepedia's coverage of Star Wars: Card Trader and Topps card products
Star Wars Encyclopedia Articles related to the Star Wars Encyclopedia and The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia
The Clone Wars Articles related to The Clone Wars multimedia project
The High Republic Articles related to The High Republic multimedia project
Tales of the Jedi Articles related to the Tales of the Jedi comic series
The Force Unleashed Articles related to The Force Unleashed multimedia project
The New Essential Guide to Characters Articles related to The New Essential Guide to Characters
The New Jedi Order Articles related to the New Jedi Order
The Old Republic Articles related to Star Wars: The Old Republic video game and tie-in media
Video Games Articles related to video games
Visions Articles related to Star Wars: Visions
Warfare Articles related to The Essential Guide to Warfare
Web Dedicated to usage and documentation of web content on Wookieepedia
Women Articles related to in-universe female Star Wars characters and out-of-universe female Star Wars contributors

How to start a WookieeProject

Any Wookieepedian can start a WookieeProject, but you should read this page, particularly the next section, carefully.

  1. Pick a scope for the project
    • All WookieeProjects aim to improve a certain aspect of the wiki, but the typical project is one of the following:
    • This list is by no means comprehensive and other types of projects have been successful in the past.
    • The scope should be well-defined and not too narrow or broad. One novel or comic series is probably too narrow whereas a project that encompasses all 120,546 Legends articles is too broad.
    • It is common that scopes of different projects overlap in articles, but the scope of a proposed project should not be covered by an existing one. For example, planets are covered by Project Astrography. Therefore, a new project that focuses on planets would not be useful since all planets are already within the scope of Astrography.
    • Smaller projects that can be realistically completed within months to a year may be a better fit for a sub-initiative within WookieeProject Collaboration's efforts. Examples of now-completed efforts on smaller projects archive link project of 2020 or the obsolete quote formatting drive of 2023—2024.
  2. Find other Wookieepedians who are interested in the topic
    • Finding other Wookieepedians who are interested in the topic is central to starting a WookieeProject. It is recommended you ask around on Discord and start a thread in the Senate Hall before creating a project. There is no set number of editors required to start a WookieeProject, but one or two is probably not enough for a fully fledged WookieeProject.
  3. Create the project
    • Once you have gone through the steps listed above, you can go ahead and create the project page. There is no standard layout for WookieeProject pages, but most projects have at least the following features:
      • Infobox and introduction: details project scope and organization.
      • Potential articles/projects: a list of articles or other projects that members can sign up for.
      • Current status article nominations: a dynamic list of current nominations that other members are encouraged to review.
      • Portfolio: list of status articles promoted by the project and other status articles that fall within the project scope.
      • Membership: usually a numbered list of participants where anyone can sign their name.
    • Most WookieeProjects insert WookieeProject notice templates on talk pages of articles within their scope. See here for examples. Keep in mind item 6 of the Talk page policy.
    • The Project Data for JocastaBot should be updated to include the new project so that its portfolio and its list of current status article nominations are automated.

Chat channels

WookieeProjects can request the creation of a subchannel on the Wookieepedia Discord server. These channels are opt-in and can be joined by anyone with the Wookieepedians role on the server. A list of WookieeProject subchannels is available in the Server structure section of the Discord page. For more information regarding the eventual creation of a project subchannel, please contact an administrator.