«He said I could grow up as strong as him, that I'd fight you too. I will, too. I will.»
―Woorwill, to Revan, about Rorworr[src]

Woorwill was a young male Wookiee living in Rwookrrorro village in 3956 BBY. Like most of the youth in his village, he was a great admirer of the famous hunter Rorworr. However Rorworr had actually been capturing his own fellow Wookiees and selling them to Czerka Corporation slavers, until Rorworr's treachery was ended by Jaarak who killed him in the Shadowlands. Not wanting disillusionment and sorrow onto the youth, Jaarak hid his actions, until they were exposed by Revan, who was the first off worlder Woorwill had ever met.

Revan brought this news to the Holder of the Laws Worrroznor who decided to place Jaarak on trial. During the trial Jaarak declared himself guilty. However, Revan also proved Rorworr's treachery by showing the datapad that clearly showed what Rorworr had done, resulting in Jaarak being found innocent. Woorwill was heart-broken about what Rorworr had really done but he would recover. Woorwill received two-thirds of Rorworr's possessions while Revan received the rest.

Personality and traitsEdit

Under the influence of elder Wookiees, Jaarak in particular, Woorwill was distrustful of off worlders and greeted Revan with distrust, and immediately suspected that Revan was a slaver. Because of Rorworr being missing he had lost sleep and was filled with concern. Woorwill was beginning to show desperation hoping that even an off worlder might help find Rorworr. When he learned that Jaarak had killed Rorworr, he at first expressed outrage, and he was at first reluctant to believe that Rorworr had been involved in slavery until Revan proved it. Lastly he was thankful to Revan for proving that not all off worlders were like those from Czerka.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the game it is stated that Woorwill, who had no living family, had a bond with Rorworr though it is not explained exactly what this bond was or what brought it about. At the resolution of the quest involving the murder investigation, the player earns four hundred credits.

If the player takes the dark side path, the player can declare Jaarak guilty; this results in Jaarak being executed disgracefully. The player would then only receive one hundred credits at the end of this sidequest.

According the Official Strategy Guide it was said that Rorworr was planning to sell Woorwill to Czerka and attempted to convince Jaarak to join him in his slaving activities but Jaarak refused and killed him because of this.


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