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"The people and leaders of Woostri, on the other hand, are a different matter entirely. Like the Ukians, they have a strong fear of the unknown and what they perceive to be the impossible. Equally important, they have a tendency to magnify rumors of menace far out of proportion."
Grand Admiral Thrawn to Joruus C'baoth[2]

The Woostoids were sapient humanoids indigenous to Woostri.


Woostoid AE

A Woostoid family

They were known for natural affinity for computer technology. Woostoids had reddish-orange skin with long red hair and their eyes rarely blinked. Woostoids were peaceful and were known as intelligent, logical thinkers who disdained abbreviations and shorthand in their communications with others. The average Woostoid was comfortable around computers and many Woostoid cities were automated.[1]

Woostoids also had an affinity for order and structure, which caused them to support the Empire despite their aversion to Palpatine's militaristic ways. A controversial view held by many Woostoids (even after Woostri joined the New Republic) was that the Empire could have led to a galactic paradise were it not for its warlike ways. Woostoids were disoriented by chaotic, illogical situations.

Bureaucracies across the galaxy employed Woostoids in high-level positions to put their analytical minds to work. On Woostri, much of the economy was geared towards recreation due to the leisure time permitted by their automated civilization, and Woostoids welcomed tourists from diverse species to their homeworld.

Common Woostoid names[]

Woostoid UAA

A Woostoid

  • Wan Akida
  • Nizu Didarri
  • Cham Eklou
  • Bzan Jopol
  • Shiendi Lomu
  • Dria Shiko
  • Shome Trahan

Behind the scenes[]

In the novel The Last Command, the Woostoid were referred to as Woostroid.



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