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Wor Tandell was the primary planet of the Tandell system in the Dolomar sector. Its surface was covered with an array of oceans and landmasses.


The surface of Wor Tandell.

Wor Tandell was located in the Dolomar sector and was part of the Core Worlds. It was mostly an oceanic and tropical planet with vast jungles located on its surface. The Tandreed was a native animal of these jungles.

The planet housed many urban settlements as well of which the capital was Gantra Lea. It served as the primary spaceport and commercial hub of Wor Tandell. Most of its inhabitants were immigrated Humans.


In 3963 BBY a Republic Hammerhead-class cruiser Testament made a stop on the planet, while Captain Telettoh and Jedi General Malak were looking for Zayne Carrick and his band of renegades.[2]

Imperial Governor Lord Cuvir had a mansion on the planet. While serving as the Governor's personal physician, surgical droid 2-1B accompanied Lord Cuvir to his mansion. There, he witnessed Cuvir's assassination at the hands of an aide, secretly working for the Rebel Alliance. 2-1B accepted the Rebel agent's request to join the Rebellion.[3]



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