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"Beneath Belsavis dwells the Great Master of the Esh-kha. The World Razer..."
―World Razer Cult follower.[src]

The World Razer

The World Razer was an entity that dwelled in the core of the prison world of Belsavis by the time of the Cold War. It was claimed that the creature had devoured planets with writings claiming the entity to be the "destroyer of worlds" and as the "eater of stars".

Almost nothing was known of this ancient being whom no one had seen or spoken to in a thousand years. According to cryptic warnings of the Rakata, the World Razer was Belsavis's oldest prisoner and its prison was created to hold it. This was because this terrible force had a hunger that consumed a thousand worlds. In the Tomb, Rakatan inscriptions spoke of the fury of the World Razer was only subdued by the combined might of the Infinite Empire, which subsequently imprisoned it within a planet which became the Belsavis facility. The rage of this being was so great that if it were ever released, its power was capable of shattering the galaxy.[1]

During the Galactic War, the Sith Empire made the mistake of releasing the Esh-kha during their assault on Belsavis. The Esh-kha escaped from their cells and planned on releasing the World Razer. The Republic strike team attempting to stop them learned from the imprisoned Rakata intelligence called Failsafe that above the World Razer's prison was a failsafe measure called the Burning Way, which would drop molten liquid on its cell, thus sealing it. After the strike team killed the Esh-kha leader Gore Claw, the World Razer attempted to bargain with them for its freedom. It argued that it would get out eventually and offered power in exchange for its freedom. The strike team refused and released the Burning Way, re-imprisoning the World Razer.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

This creature was found in "Star Wars: The Old Republic" on the planet Belsavis. Players have the option to assist in awakening The World Razer or to put it back to sleep.[2]

If releasing the World Razer, it speaks of the player's reward, saying that on the ice world of Ilum, "a small cluster of my worshipers remains. There you will find the Builders' technology".[3]

On Ilum the vault labeled "The Builders Vault" has a cut scene that shows the character entering a room of crates. A terminal is approached, tapped on, and then the character is given a choice of two gloves, or a lockbox, minimal upgrades compared to the gear they are likely already wearing.[3]

In the unpublished novella Supernatural Encounters: The Trial and Transformation of Arhul Hextrophon, the World Razer is revealed to be Athla'giroth, one of the primordial Old Ones, the ancient dark gods who tried to destroy the Celestials.[4]



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