"No. They are not mythical. I wish they were. I hoped never to see one. The Emperor caused a few to be created. He gave them as rewards, to the cruelest and most loyal of his officers. Tokens, he called them. His "tokens"' were a greater gift than a natural world."
Rillao, on the worldcraft[src]

A Worldcraft was a large type of habitation sphere.[2] The Worldcraft were artificial planetoids which resembled a terrestrial planet or moon and were capable of traveling through hyperspace and realspace.[1]


The mobile planetoid had real terrain including a forested surface with several small bodies of water including rivers and swamps, an unknown stretch of desert and a blue "sky".[1] The Worldcraft retained its atmosphere through the use of a force field while buried gravfield plates maintain the standard gravity of the worldcraft. The core of the Worldcraft was an immense reactor that powered the hyperdrive engines and the tractor beam, the latter used to hold a miniature "sun" in place. Due to its miniature size and its rapid rotation on its axis, days on the Worldcraft were much shorter than standard days on most other worlds.[1]

The former Imperial Procurator of Justice Lord Hethrir, who owned a Worldcraft, maintained a small compound on his station which contained a "school" for children he kidnapped, living quarters, a dinner house, training quarters and a control center for the planetoid. It appears the Worldcraft was largely automated and required no organic crew to pilot it.[1]

A Worldcraft could be adapted for different purposes, including being turned into a battlestation or a repair station for starfleets.[2]


The only known manufacturer of this class of starships was the Galactic Empire. There were only a few vessels in existence, each commissioned by Emperor Palpatine himself as a gift to his most loyal and capable servants.[3] The Procurator of Justice Lord Hethrir was granted his Worldcraft by Emperor Palpatine after he committed genocide against his own species, the Firrerreo. Hethrir named his gift the Rebirth[4] and used it as a mobile base for his "Empire Reborn movement". After his death, the New Republic took possession of the station.[1]

Two Worldcraft being constructed over Coruscant.

At the height of the Galactic Empire, the operative Ennix Devian, alongside Imperial Moff Ardus Kaine, were also intended to be recipients of a Worldcraft each, although Palpatine died before the Worldcraft could be completed. Devian stole both stations after the Battle of Endor (being especially delighted to learn that his rival Kaine was intended to be a recipient) and sent the two to opposite parts of the galaxy. One went to the Moddell Sector, accompanied by a fleet of Star Destroyers and the other to the Spawn Nebula. The station sent to Endor was fitted to be a mock-up of a Death Star battlestation, as part of Devian's ruse. The similarities between the Worldcraft and the Death Stars were enough to fool Alliance of Free Planets forces and the station kept the Alliance occupied in the Battle of Death Star III, while Devian's Dissension forces raided Alliance shipyards in neighboring star systems.[2]

Devian's surviving Worldcraft was kept in secret in the Spawn Nebula and used to repair and refurbish a fleet of capital ships. Among the growing fleet were warships refitted with old Confederate technology in the form of powerful ion cannons, derived from the Subjugator-class heavy cruisers.[2] The repair station and much of the fleet were later destroyed during an attack by New Republic forces, using unstable Illerium brought aboard the Worldcraft by saboteurs.[2]



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