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Worlport was the capital of Ord Mantell, a shadowport in the galaxy's Mid Rim. A symbol of the planet's independence from the rest of the galaxy, Wolport's diverse citizens and visitors sought out the planet's famed casinos and illicit pleasure houses.


The coastal city of Worlport was a sprawling sea of round domes, elaborate facades, and obelisks that dotted every plaza. While the oldest portions of the city have an architecture that hearkens back to the first settlers from Corellia, the city is primarily known for its rotundas, colonnades, carved entablatures, and ornate spires. To the southeast of the city's crumbling walls was the sandy coastline known as the Coral Coast, while just north was a wasteland known as the Scraplands that contained Ten Mile Plateau. Relatively safe, the streets of Worlport were not as dangerous as the more rural neighborhoods; every private business employed their own security in place of a city wide military or patrol. Inhabited by a diverse number of alien species, no one species dominated the city, and was viewed by offworlders as being highly cosmopolitan.[1]

The many interconnected neighborhoods and districts that comprised Worlport were distinct and diverse, changing rapidly from the small community originally established on the site. While the architecture of the city is meticulously crafted, the city was poorly planned, with streets proving increasingly chaotic the further from the center of the city one moved. As more and more neighborhoods sprung up, buildings went unnumbered or marked, making it extremely difficult to navigate or find a destination.[1]

City center was usually considered to be Morro Spaceport, with the rest of the city spiraling outward like an oblong wheel. Named after one of the city's founders, the Spaceport was well-known throughout the Bright Jewel sector. The central government of Ord Mantell established itself within Government Circle. The center of the Circle was the location of the palatial Government House, home to the planetary governor and his family. Around the Government House stood administrative buildings, courthouses, and the Red House, Worlport's prison facility.[1]

Three gambling districts surrounded Morro Spaceport, each offering something a little bit different from the other. Herglic's Folly was the most dangerous of the three, with little security to keep the bar fights and brawls to a minimum. The Path of Coins was the largest and most visited gambling districts, as it stretched from Government Circle to the main gate of Morro Spaceport. Famed casinos such as the Lady Fate and Mugwaar's Palace were located on the border of Government Circle, and bustled with activity day and night. The Jewel District was home to the city's wealthiest residents and was heavily patrolled by private security groups. Well-planned cobblestone streets separate the mansions and palaces of the elite, and access gates comprised of a particle shield prevent undesirables from entering the area to cut down on crime. Invitation to enter was restricted and deadly force would be used to eliminate individuals trying to breach its walls.[1]

Named for the white uniforms and armor of the Republic military, the White Zone was the site of the Republic garrison. When the Galactic Empire came to power, the White Zone became home to a large garrison of stormtroopers who were sent out to patrol the city streets. Because of the encroachment of the Empire into the streets beyond the White Zone, the average citizen of the city had begun to develop a distaste for the Empire, making Worlport an apt recruitment ground for the Rebel Alliance.[1] The Breakwater district was dominated by the maritime industry and made up the city's southern edge. Quays and warehouses lined the oceanic border and a scattering of lower-class neighborhoods butted up against the bulkheads. Merchant marines and fisherfolk vied for business in the Breakwater, while pleasure yachts set out to explore the vast ocean. The mercantile district, known as Killairn's Bazaar, hosted busy market days, during which nearly anything could be bought or sold. Ranging from slaves to weapons, from droids to drugs, the Bazaar was a busy place for black- and grey-market sales. Guides would vet potential buyers and lead them to unmarked stalls where unscrupulous merchants could fleece their clients. Between the Scraplands and the city, the Industrial District churned out the city's non-gambling commerce and provided many jobs for the working class citizens. Producing droids, weapons, and pharmaceuticals, the businesses in the Industrial District worked with little government oversight and churned out acrid smoke which contributed to the city's dense smog.[1]


Originally established as a small trading post when the Corellian settlers established a colony on behalf of the Galactic Republic, Worlport provided lodging and supplies to big game hunters, traders, and Republic agents working on the planet. Thriving by the sea, Worlport expanded as more and more Mantellians settled on the world, flourishing into one of the most profitable towns on the planet.[1]

As the millennia passed, Worlport became a city of crime and intrigue, as more and more cantinas popped up around open-air markets and hangars. During the height of the Republic's military presence on the world, Republic troops garrisoned nearby would visit the city and start brawls and fights as they stumbled drunk out of bars and fight clubs. Following the Republic's withdrawal from the planet during the Cold War with the Sith Empire, Worlport expanded exponentially, with law and order crumbling as the old Corellian spirit of freedom was thorough embraced. As the city became nearly unmanageable, the planetary government asserted its authority and quelled the anarchy, bringing Worlport back to a more manageable level of corruption. Near-lawless and always on the brink of total anarchy, Worlport was a prosperous city for the Republic during the Clone Wars, and was once more frequented by Republic troops with the establishment of the Grand Army of the Republic.[1]



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