Worrites were a sentient species of crustaceaninsectoid hybrids from a planet unknown to the galaxy at large. As tall as Wookiees, their anatomy was dominated by a knobby, protective carapace. Members of the species had four arms, two of which served as small manipulators, and two ending in huge claws. A Worrite's face consisted of a mass of sensory feelers and four eyes on long stalks that were able to swivel in all directions. The Worrite Mazumoda, nicknamed "the big bug," left his homeworld and served as a thug-for-hire in the underworld of Coruscant during the Imperial Period. His frightening appearance and giant pincers served as assets in his line of work.

Biology and appearance[]

Worrites were a hybrid species with both insectoid and crustacean features present in roughly equal proportion. Their bodies were protected by a rugged exoskeleton that was divided into segments. In one member of the species, the carapace was colored a dark, dull red. They had two small arms that they held close to the body and used for fine manipulation. Another two arms harbored gigantic clawed pincers. Closed, these claws were deadly bludgeoning weapons; however, when used as pincers, they could easily sever the limbs of most humanoid species. Worrites were as tall as Wookiees. The overall effect was enough to frighten many non-Worrites.[1]

The Worrite visage was primarily composed of numerous feelers with which the species sensed the outside world. Four stalks rose from the head, each supporting an eye. These eyestalks were flexible and allowed the species a wide field of vision. Worrites had two sexes: male and female.[1]

Society and culture[]

Worrites were capable of learning and speaking a wide variety of alien languages. The Worrite Mazumoda, for example, was a fluent speaker of Basic, Huttese, Mugaar, and Rodese. The species' pincer-like claws and large size made them frightening warriors who were able to both strike with blunt trauma and clip off limbs.[1]


The Worrites hailed from a planet unknown to the rest of the galaxy. At some point before 3 ABY,[2] the Worrite Mazumoda made it off his homeworld and to the galactic capital Coruscant. There, he found a niche as a freelance bruiser, taking jobs for various underworld figures, who dubbed him "the big bug." The crime lords Beuga Odell and Quetemoor the Sub-Elder, for example, retained his services as a bodyguard and enforcer. Meanwhile, the bookmaker Tuchap employed him to intimidate clients late with their payments. His fearsome appearance and sound job performance earned Mazumoda offers of permanent positions with both Odell and Quetemoor, but he preferred to stay unattached.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"If the heroes see Mazumoda heading their way, they'd better start running."
―Daniel Wallace[src]

The Worrite species was featured in Coruscant and the Core Worlds, a reference book published in 2003. The book, a supplement for Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars Roleplaying Game, features the character Mazumoda in its chapter devoted to Coruscant,[1] which was written by Daniel Wallace.[3] However, the book provides no statistics for the Worrites in general, so the species is not available for players to use for their own characters.[1]


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