«Hello outsider. I heard of your arrival. I trust you won't cause trouble in our village? We don't want bloodshed.»
―Worroznor, to Revan[src]

Worrroznor was a male Wookiee who was living in Rwookrrorro Village on the world of Kashyyyk around 3956 BBY, during the Jedi Civil War. He served his home village as its Holder of the Laws, and was tasked of finding out what had happened to Rorworr, a hunter who was greatly admired by the younger Wookiees of the village. He was not able to tread the Shadowlands at that time as his hunting days were long over. As it happened, Revan, the amnesiac Sith Lord, investigated the Shadowlands for him and discovered that Rorworr had been murdered there because he made dealings with Czerka Corporation slavers. When Revan brought back a bolt casing that belonged to Jaarak, Jaarak was implicated in the death of Rorworr, and Worrroznor presided over the murder trial. Jaarak first declared himself guilty but Revan wouldn't allow Jaarak to be executed and gave evidence of Rorworr's dealings with slavers in the form of a datapad. After having accepted evidence presented by Revan, Worrroznor proclaimed the older Wookiee innocent of the charge. By proving that Rorworr was guilty, Revan received a third of the monetary worth of Rorworr's possessions. This was also the first time in Wookiee history that an outsider received a reward.

Personality and traitsEdit

Although an elder Wookiee, Worrroznor did not say anything of his disdain to Revan. This didn't mean that he fully trusted outsiders, he still thought that Revan could be a slaver and would not accept what Revan had to say. When Revan offered to find Rorworr he intended to reserve any judgment until he saw results. When Revan found out about the murder of Rorworr, Worrroznor was very distressed by the events. Since it was the first time an outsider would get a reward, he hoped at first that it would be the last. When Revan proved Jaarak's innocence Worrrozno felt that some Humans were capable of honor after all.


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