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The worrt was an amphibious creature native to Tatooine, though they could also be found on Nal Hutta and Phaeda. It was omnivorous, but was also known to attempt to eat rocks and metal objects, which led to the demise of many worrts. It used its long tongue to catch smaller prey, such as gorgs, but would often try to attack creatures bigger than itself. Sometimes, immediately upon eating prey, it will also let out a loud belch.

Worrts could, with great difficulty, be trained as housepets. Jabba Desilijic Tiure kept a number of worrts as pest control, exploiting the creature's lightning-quick tongue. The worrt counted the native ibian among its prey. Worrt venom tasted like tricopper and was strong enough to kill a bantha.

Worrts were among the exotic (and mostly predatory) flora and fauna of Gardulla the Hutt's indoor pleasure garden in her Tatooine palace, near the Dune Sea. One of these, in 32 BBY, bit deeply into the elbow of the Sakiyan bounty hunter Djas Puhr, who was in hot pursuit of unknown juvenile thieves of Gardulla's 'property': Anakin Skywalker, his rescuer-friends, and the beautifully fragile creatures they rescued, the Ghostling children, which the Hutt had planned to use as living garden ornaments. To deal with the pesky creature that so rudely and painfully interrupted his chase, the Sakiyan used his employer-issued Stokhli spray stick to stun the animal, flipping it end over end, and straightaway set it to snoring.[3]

It was said that there were giant worrts—much larger than 1.5 meters in height—roaming the tops of the barren mountains of Tatooine.

A close relative of the worrt was the aggressive sevorrt.


After the Battle of Yavin, Animal Control officer Entha Kandela tasked a spacer to eliminate a few worrts around Mos Eisley to collect sets of intact bones for creature specialists.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

A worrt on Phaeda

The worrt was a puppet, like many of the creatures seen at Jabba's palace in Return of the Jedi. Its production nickname is simply "road creature."

The worrt is sometimes mistaken for a frog-dog.

Some sources indicate Jabba introduced worrts to Tatooine from Nal Hutta. A picture from Hutt and Seek shows a worrt in the swamps of Nal Hutta.

In the video game Super Star Wars, worrts are colored green and leave sticky orange goo on the ground when killed.


A worrt

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