Woteba was a planet located in the Utegetu Nebula, in Wild Space between Reecee and Adumar.


It was discovered in 10 BBY. Under the terms of the Qoribu Truce, the Killiks of the Colony agreed to settle Woteba and thirteen other planets in the Utegetu Nebula rather than continuing expansion into Chiss space. Woteba was settled by the artistic Saras hive.

The planet was covered in bogs, marshes, mountains, and conifer forests of hamogoni trees. Woteba also had a unusual stone that was mined by the Killiks. When the planet was hit by the nova that formed the Utegetu Nebula, all animal life was wiped out, but plant life was restored within two years by the defense system.

The planet seemed a paradise for Killik colonization, but the planet had an ancient environmental defense system that attacked them anytime they interfered with the ecosystem, destroying both structures and living beings with a corrosive substance known as Fizz.

The Killiks believed the Jedi had purposefully sent them to Woteba to fall victim to the Fizz, but this was not true, merely a lie of the Dark Nest.

In 36 ABY, the Killiks abandoned the Nebula for fourteen nest ships built in the Tusken's Eye, alongside the nest ship of the Dark Nest. This fleet captured the Galactic Alliance Star Destroyer Admiral Ackbar in preparation for expansion into Chiss space.



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