Wraids were large reptilian creatures found on many desert planets around the galaxy, including Tatooine, Ruhnuk, and Korriban as well as other planets like Tython.[1]



A Tatooine wraid.

Wraids were pinkish-red in color and had very powerful front legs, enabling them to move quickly when agitated by means of long, bounding strides. They had large claws at the end of their feet and sharp teeth, making them dangerous to the unwary. They also had two small back legs.[2]

Wraids were often seen in clusters from two to six members. Generally, they would not harm passersby unless provoked, at which point their danger became immediately apparent. A wraid could swiftly cover large distances in a bounding sprint.

Despite their ferocious appearance and short temper, they were a popular quarry of less-experienced big game sport hunters from around the galaxy as their massive forelegs left easily recognizable tracks. When the settlement of Anchorhead was founded, hunting wraids developed into a marketable trade with the opening of hunting lodges and salespeople dealing in wraid skull plates purchased from hunters.[2]

Their skull plates were rumored to have medical uses, but the market for them was very specific.[2]



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