Wranderous was the most famous wrestler and fighter in Arratu Station of the planet Parnassos. Wranderous was a hulking and vicious individual, possessed of enormous physical strength and skills in unarmed combat. His pure strength was such that he could face many unarmed warriors at once, including ones proficient in combat, and come out seemingly unscathed while dealing serious damage.[2]

After a dangerous trek across Parnassos, Phasma, her companions of the Scyre and Brendol Hux and his stormtroopers of the First Order were captured in Arratu Station. They were made to fight with him to entertain the Arratu. In the first fight, the group lost badly, leaving Phasma and Torben unconscious. The second day, the group was provided with weapons, which drastically altered the outcome of the fight. Phasma and Siv defeated him with swords, leaving him to die of his injuries.[2]

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  1. Phasma takes place a few weeks before the beginning of Galaxy's Edge: Black Spire which begins during the events of Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, which is dated to 34 ABY by Star Wars: Galactic Atlas. As Wranderous is killed in a chapter set ten years before the main story of Phasma, it can be deduced that he was killed around 24 ABY.
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