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"The cavalry has arrived!"
―Wrecker, announcing the arrival of the Bad Batch[src]

"Wrecker" was a clone commando who served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Due to genetic mutations, Wrecker was much larger and stronger than the average clone trooper.


Wrecker was a clone created on the planet Kamino.[1] Like the rest of his squad, Clone Force 99, Wrecker had desirable mutations. The squad was named in honor of 99. The members of the squad also called themselves "The Bad Batch." Although it was rare, the squad occasionally worked with regular clone troopers, although Wrecker claimed their ship was always shot down when traveling with them.[2]

In 19 BBY,[3] Wrecker and the other members of Clone Force 99 were fighting in the insurrection on Yalbec Prime. In the battle, Wrecker cut off the queen's stinger while she was still alive. The Yalbec males attempted to mate with the soldiers, but the clones proceeded to fight their way off Yalbec Prime. While dealing with the insurrection, they received a message from Clone Commander CC-2224 "Cody".[2]

The communique summoned the squad to Anaxes, where the Republic was fighting a drawn-out battle against Separatist forces commanded by Admiral Trench. Clone Captain CT-7567, also known as "Rex", believed that the Separatist Droid Army had learned his personal strategies, so he and Cody were to bring the Bad Batch, joined by CT-5597 "Jesse" and CT-6116 "Kix" of the 501st Legion, behind enemy lines to the Separatist Cyber Center.[2]

Despite some squabbling between the "regs" of the 501st and the supersoldiers of the Bad Batch, the mission to the Cyber Center was successful. They discovered that the command center was receiving a live signal from Skako Minor. It was then that they found out the signal was sent by ARC trooper CT-1409 "Echo."[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Wrecker's unit, known as Clone Force 99 and nicknamed "The Bad Batch", was comprised of "defective" clones with desirable genetic mutations. In Wrecker's case, his mutations granted him incredulous superhuman strength, strong enough to lift a wrecked LAAT gunship away to recover a wounded comrade trapped underneath.[2]

Wrecker was loud and brash, and prone to expressing his opinions in a very palpable manner; his short temper made him dangerous to friend and foe alike. He had a deep passion for explosions and destroying enemy material, including battle droids, with his bare hands. His only major weakness was his fear of extreme heights.[4]


In combat, Wrecker was known to use a DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System and a big knife. He wore modified Katarn-class armor with a specific helmet.[2]

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Behind the scenesEdit

George Lucas had a very specific vision of the Bad Batch, in that he wanted a version of the The Dirty Dozen with clones. Dave Filoni sketched their appearances which Brent Friedman and Matt Michnovetz used to imagine the Bad Batch's voices and personalities. Matt and Brent worked with Dave to flesh out the characters and their story where Wrecker would be based on something akin to the Hulk from Marvel Comics. Directors Steward Lee and Bosco Ng who are big Marvel fans likes to direct Wrecker the most like in scenes where he gets to rampage like the Hulk. Dee Bradley improvised Wrecker's voice the most and inserted gung-ho things like loud grunts and shouts.[5]

Wrecker on kashyyyk

Wrecker, riding a "monkey lizard" in the unfinished episodes on Kashyyyk.

Wrecker was to appear in a four episode arc written by Michnovetz[6] which starred the Bad Batch which now included "Echo", alongside Yoda on Kashyyyk. At the "Untold Clone Wars" panel at Celebration Anaheim, Dave Filoni talked about the plot of the arc. He revealed that the characters would ride on "giant ape lizards", that were holy to the Wookiees in a religious way. In one scene Tarfful would ask the tree spirits for permission to go into battle against the enemy, which was a Trandoshan and the Separatist Alliance. To get the enemy out of some of their cities they would have to burn some of the trees. The Clones had no problem with it, but it was upsetting to the Wookiees. A part of the arc would be about the Clones and the Wookiees finding a common ground to fight the separatists. A story reel clip was shown at the panel, which showed the Bad Batch and other Wookies riding on the "ape lizards" and battle against a new beast that was based on Kinraths from the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game.[7]



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