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"Why don't you pick on someone not your size?"
―Wrecker, to Rex[5]

Wrecker, formerly designated CT-9903, was a clone commando who served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars as part of Clone Force 99. Due to genetic mutations, Wrecker was much larger and stronger than the average clone trooper. He loved blowing things up, and served as the muscle and demolitions expert for his squad, which was nicknamed the "Bad Batch." Wrecker lived through many dangerous missions during the Clone Wars, including the Battle of Anaxes in the last year of the war. He and his squad-mates were partaking in the Conquest of Kaller when Order 66 was initiated, and as Wrecker, Hunter, Tech, and Echo remained unaffected (Crosshair was affected but had some level of resistance to the order), they watched with much confusion as their clone brothers turned on the Jedi.

Upon returning to Kamino, the squad was apprehensive to the new Galactic Empire that was being established as well as the clones' complete loyalty to the new regime. Although Crosshair, after having his inhibitor programming modified to give maximum loyalty to the Empire, chose to stay and serve the Empire, Wrecker and the others, joined by the young clone Omega, decided to go on the run. Tracked by the Empire and with no other resources, the Bad Batch became mercenaries for the Mantellian Trandoshan Ciddarin "Cid" Scaleback.

Soon after, Hunter was captured by the Empire, which forced the clones to come back to Kamino. They witnessed the destruction of the Kaminoan capital Tipoca City and were thought to have died during the attack. However, Wrecker, the other members of the Bad Batch and Omega survived and remained mercenaries, while trying to avoid the attention of the Empire.


Commando of Clone Force 99[]

"Wrecker here cut off the Queen's stinger while she was still alive. That's why all those Yalbec males tried to eat us."
"Uh, technically, they were trying to mate with us."
―Hunter and Tech reflect on Wrecker's actions on Yalbec Prime[2]

Wrecker—designated CT-9903[6]—was a clone created on the planet Kamino.[1] Like other soldiers in the Grand Army of the Republic, Wrecker was created from the genetic template of the bounty hunter Jango Fett with the intention of raising an army of identical warriors to defeat the enemies of the Galactic Republic.[7] However, the cloning process contained a margin of error, resulting in the existence of beings that strayed from Fett's genetic code. One of these beings was Wrecker, who developed physical strength and stature far exceeding that of his fellow clones. Recognizing the strategic value in these genetic divergences, the Republic collected certain mutated clones to create an elite commando unit. This squad included Wrecker, as well as three other clones known as Hunter, Tech, and Crosshair. Together, they formed Clone Force 99,[2] named in honor of Clone 99, who gave his life defending their homeworld during the Battle of Kamino.[1]

Unofficially referred to as the "Bad Batch," Clone Force 99 went on several missions during the Clone Wars, a pan-galactic conflict between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems.[7] During this time, the squad maintained a 100% success rate in their operations, traveling in an Omicron-class attack shuttle known as the Marauder. Although it was rare, the squad occasionally worked with regular clone troopers, though the Bad Batch often came at odds with the so-called "regs," with Wrecker claiming the squad's ship would always be shot down when traveling with such clones.[2]

At some point during the Clone Wars, Clone force 99 performed an operation on Kuat, which Wrecker described as a "smash and grab."[8] In 19 BBY,[9] Wrecker and the other members of Clone Force 99 were sent to Yalbec Prime, where they were tasked with putting down an insurrection. During the mission, Wrecker cut off the stinger of a Yalbec queen while she was still alive, causing male members of the species to attack the team.

Although squad leader Hunter believed that the Yalbec intended to eat them, Tech, the unit's information specialist, corrected him and stated that Wrecker's actions caused the aliens to attempt to mate with the clones. Despite this, Clone Force 99 managed to escape the battle unscathed; while still on Yalbec Prime they received a message from Clone Commander CC-2224 "Cody," who requested the team's help on the planet Anaxes.[2]

Anaxes, Skako, and the new recruit[]

The Anaxes cavalry[]

"The cavalry has arrived!"
―Wrecker, arriving on Anaxes[2]

On Anaxes, Republic forces were caught in a tiring battle, struggling to defend the world from the Separatists. Led by Admiral Trench, the droid army seemed to be able to accurately counter the personal strategies of Clone Captain CT-7567 "Rex," leaving the clone forces baffled. With the consent of Jedi Generals Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker, Cody planned to lead the Bad Batch behind enemy lines to a Cyber Center and learn more about the Separatists' plans. Touching down on the planet, the Bad Batch was joined by Rex, Cody, and fellow clones CT-5597 "Jesse" and CT-6116 "Kix" of the 501st Legion. Wrecker regaled the "regs" with stories of his victory on Yalbec Prime and boasted that he could single-handedly destroy the Cyber Center, despite Cody's insistence that the mission was solely focused on retrieval. En route to the Separatist base, the team's Low Altitude Assault Transport was shot down, a development which Wrecker found delightful.[2]


Wrecker lifts the crashed gunship to rescue Clone Commander Cody.

Though most of the clones emerged unscathed from the crash, Cody had been caught underneath debris, trapping him in the burning gunship. Putting his trademark strength on display, Wrecker forced the transport to topple onto its side, rescuing the injured commander without assistance just before the LAAT exploded. Alerted to the Republic's presence, battle droids approached on the survivors' position. Hunter led the Bad Batch in "Plan 82," a battle strategy that saw Wrecker use the reinforced doors of the downed gunship as an improvised shield, protecting his squadmates as they engaged the enemy with Electro Magnetic Pulse grenades. Once most of the droids were destroyed, Wrecker rammed the doors into a DSD1 dwarf spider droid, blocking the output of its central laser cannon and causing it to detonate from within. In the aftermath of the skirmish, Wrecker brandished the disconnected head of a B1-series battle droid, pushing it into the face of the team's sniper Crosshair and mockingly suggesting that the droid liked him.[2]

After regrouping at nightfall, Rex took command of the group and ordered the medic Kix to remain with an injured Cody until an evacuation team arrived. Wrecker and Crosshair took issue with the change in management, but Hunter reminded the squabbling clones that they all fought for the same side. The next day, the unit came across an enemy security outpost. While the main squad ascended to the tower's upper level, Wrecker covered the structure's entrance and, to his dismay, did not participate in clearing the outpost's interior. But the brawler would have his chance to wreak havoc, as the group discovered that the Cyber Center was very close. Flanking the building on Flitknot Speeder Bikes, Force 99 stormed the base, allowing Rex and Tech to find that the center was receiving a live signal from Skako Minor. Rex discovered that the broadcast was being given by CT-1409, the clone designation of an Advanced Recon Commando named Echo who was thought to have been killed in action. With this intel, the group escaped and retreated back across Republic lines.[2]

Rescue on Skako[]

"What are you doing?"
"I'm putting an end to Tambor's little science experiment."
―Anakin Skywalker and Wrecker prior to blowing up the stasis pod — (audio) Listen (file info)[10]

Determined to uncover the truth of his friend's disappearance, Rex convinced General Skywalker to lead a rescue mission to Skako Minor, with Clone Force 99 supplying transportation aboard the Marauder. En route to the planet, Wrecker continued to show off his abilities to Rex and Skywalker, lifting a GNK-series power droid over his head with one hand while eating a deep-fried nuna leg with the other. Upon entering the planet's atmosphere, however, Wrecker placed the power droid down and threw the nuna leg aside, ready for action. Immediately on planetfall, the group were attacked by the native Poletecs; flying atop winged reptiles known as keeradaks, the aliens captured General Skywalker and brought him into their village. Wrecker toppled a large boulder overlooking the village, giving the squad mobile cover as they entered the site, disarmed the Poletecs, and freed their general. After negotiating with the Poletec chief, the group was directed towards the Techno Union city Purkoll. Tensions rose once again between Rex and the Bad Batch; after the clone captain struck Crosshair for suggesting that Echo was better off left for dead, Wrecker restrained Rex and warned him against engaging with the squad. Skywalker broke up the clones, sending Force 99 to find an entrance into the tower base from which Echo's signal originated.[5]

After discovering a turbolift that led into the structure, Wrecker became apprehensive of entering the facility, as he suffered from a fear of heights. Nevertheless, he ascended with his team, and took great joy in decimating the D1-series aerial battle droids that awaited them at the top. As more droids flooded the halls, Rex discovered that Wat Tambor, the leader of the Techno Union, had indeed captured Echo, transforming him into a cyborg and using his mind to predict the Republic's movements.[5] Cornered in Tambor's lab and threatened by the organic-destroying Decimator, the team's only escape was a ventilation shaft in the ceiling; in order to reach the vent, Wrecker tossed each clone into the air, though General Skywalker, a Jedi Knight, was able to easily ascend to the opening. Before departing, Wrecker tossed multiple thermal detonators into the lab, ensuring that Tambor's experiments would not continue. Skywalker used the Force to lift Wrecker himself into the exhaust shaft, pulling the large clone into the vent just as the Decimator entered the lab.[10]

Fleeing through the base's cooling systems, the team exited the facility through a door high in the atmosphere, intending to cross a thin pipe between towers to reach a landing pad. With no choice other than to confront his phobia, Wrecker crossed the gap with discomfort until the squad was once again cornered by droids. Wrecker was forced to dive off of the pipe in order to catch Crosshair, who had lost his balance in the chaos. Tech used recordings he had made earlier to replicate the cry of the keeradaks, summoning the flying reptiles and giving the squad a means of escape. The team was briefly followed by the winged D1 droids, but the Bad Batch swiftly shot down the droids and returned to the Poletec village. Tambor would not so easily let his "property" escape, however, and sent further reinforcements after the Republic unit. During the defense of the village, Wrecker again used his power to throw Rex and Hunter into the air, this time to take out the photoreceptors of octuptarra tri-droids. One such droid nearly crushed some of the villagers beneath its legs, but Wrecker pushed the Poletecs aside, grabbing the tri-droid's limb and holding it in place until General Skywalker toppled the walker with the Force. With Echo rescued and the village safe,[10] the team returned to Anaxes.[11]

Explosive finale[]

"I've got a present for you, Wrecker."
"Oh, seriously? I get to blow it up? The whole stinkin' thing?! This is the happiest day of my life."
―Anakin Skywalker allows Wrecker to blow up the Separatist dreadnought — (audio) Listen (file info)[11]
Clone Force 99 plus Echo

Wrecker and his squad-mates salute Captain Rex.

During the closing phase of the battle, Wrecker, his squad, Rex, Skywalker, and Echo boarded Admiral Trench's flagship, the Invulnerable, allowing Echo to transmit a signal that shut down the Separatist army below. After escaping the Providence-class Dreadnought, Skywalker gave Wrecker a detonator he had stolen from the bridge. Overjoyed at the chance, Wrecker was allowed to annihilate the entire Confederate fleet over the planet, securing a Republic victory. The squad later decided to leave before the medal ceremony, but Sergeant Hunter, realizing that Echo was no longer a regular clone, offered the corporal a place in their squad. Echo agreed to join the commandos, parting ways with Rex when he and the rest of the Bad Batch saluted the Clone Captain.[11]

Order 66[]

"The comm channel is repeating one directive, 'Execute Order 66.'"
"Yeah, I heard that too. What's Order 66?"
―Tech and Wrecker after Depa Billaba's execution.[4]

While deployed on Kaller, Wrecker and the rest of Clone Force 99 encountered Padawan and Jedi Commander Caleb Dume, who requested their help in fending off a battle droid force besieging his master, Jedi General Depa Billaba, and their clone units. With Billaba'a intended reinforcements already rerouted to the Kalleran capital, the Bad Batch agreed and stormed a battle droid squadron with their unorthodox method, narrowly saving the clones and both Jedi. Crosshair shot two cables that linked together three AAT Mk I, allowing Wrecker to come in and push them all down a mountain side.[4]


Wrecker meets Jedi General Depa Billaba on Kaller

After mopping up the remaining battle droids and approached Billaba's battalion, Wrecker had a command droid slung over his shoulder and ripped its head off in mid-sentence. As Billaba's troops launched a counterattack, Wrecker told Dume he missed the fun, with Caleb stating that watching them was the fun part. When Billaba asked about her own reinforcements, Hunter stated that they were elsewhere and she only has them. Wrecker confidently stated that they're all she needs, though Tech claimed that with Kenobi entering the fight with Grievous on Utapau, their help would not be necessary, as the Separatist movement was sure to collapse after the cyborg's fall. The Bad Batch then offered to let the general go their own way, which Billaba agreed to while allowing her Padawan to join the clone squad.[4]

Suddenly, Wrecker and the others halted their progress when they saw the battalion open fire on Billaba, killing her and causing Dume to flee from the Bad Batch and into the forest. Not understanding what had just happened, Tech informed his companions that the radio was repeating "Execute Order 66," something Wrecker heard but did not know the meaning of. Fearing for the Padawan's safety, Hunter ordered Echo and Tech to talk to the Clone Captain Grey, Wrecker to stop other clones from intervening, and for he and Crosshair to pursue Dume. Subsequently, a pair of clones approached Wrecker, demanding to know Dume's whereabouts. Wrecker attempted to brush them off, assuring them that Hunter was handling the situation, but the troopers insisted they were under orders from Supreme Chancellor Palpatine himself. Dismissing their claim as unimportant, Wrecker repeated his previous sentence more forcefully but the troopers just ignored him and forced their way past. Wrecker then radioed Hunter and informed him of the incoming troopers.[4]

Formation of the Empire[]

Return to Kamino[]

After Hunter reported that Dume had fallen to his death when he stunned him, the Bad Batch traveled back to Kamino. As Wrecker expressed his relief to return home, he wonder aloud how long they've been away, to which Tech answered 180 rotations, only to begin oversimplifying, confusing Wrecker until Echo stated that it was simply a long time. As they approached Tipoca City, they were met with a flurry of unusual activity around the city from a pair of V-Wings demanding a clearance code to land to squads of clone shock troopers marching about, leading Wrecker to wonder what they missed out on. A shock trooper captain responded to his question to announce General Grievous's defeat and the systematic decimation of the Separatist command structure, effectively ending the war, fulfilling Tech's prediction, much to Wrecker's amazement. Subsequently, the squad became disturbed as a Jedi's corpse was carried out, so Hunter excused them to return to their barracks. As they made their way through the halls, Hunter noted that all the regs were acting unusual, prompting Tech to attempt to test that theory by accosting a random trooper only to be rudely shoved aside.[4]

As they entered their barracks, Wrecker got to work carving in their latest successful missions onto their board. As he got settled into his bunk, Echo insisted that the events on Kaller were far from a win. It was then that Crosshair revealed that Hunter allowed Dume to escape and lied about it, resulting in the two debating about blindly following orders. Echo then brought the subject around to the point on why Billaba's troops suddenly turned on her after years of loyal service. Tech answered that all clones were programmed to follow orders without question, but the Bad Batch's genetic defects, in addition to Echo's cybernetic modifications, presumably made them immune; Wrecker briefly teased Crosshair with his Lula doll as Tech said this.[4]

Subsequently, the Bad Batch attended a general assembly, where Chancellor Palpatine declared the Jedi Order enemies of the state, during which Wrecker quipped to Tech about the Chancellor's scarred face. After leaving the assembly, Wrecker remained silent as Crosshair debated with Tech and Echo over the formation of the new Galactic Empire, when Hunter suddenly announced that someone was approaching them from the rear. The squad turned to see a young Human girl, introducing herself as Omega, who addressed each member of the Bad Batch by name. Nala Se soon approached, introducing the girl as her medical assistant before leading her away.[4]

When the squad later went to the mess hall, Wrecker loudly protested the idea that he could have been programmed. To his indignation, Tech insisted that it was a logical conclusion that his affinity for destruction was a result of his conditioning and that his hypothesis fit the facts. In response, Wrecker shouted that his desire to cause explosions was because he wanted to. They were then joined by Hunter, who had overheard that an Imperial had arrived to evaluate all the clones. Their discussion was interrupted by the appearance of Omega, which confused the squad, as no one had ever willing sought to sit with them. As Hunter questioned the reason for her presence on Kamino, a passing clone mocked the squad, prompting Omega to throw food at him, much to Wrecker's endearment. Wrecker soon rose to his full height as Hunter managed to get the offending clone to back off, but as soon as the clone turned his back, Wrecker threw an entire tray of food at him, triggering a brawl.[4]

As Echo was knocked out in the fighting and sent to the infirmary, Wrecker bet two credits with the others on if Echo was alive, a bet which he had won upon entering the infirmary to confirm his status. As AZI-345211896246498721347 announced that they were genetically defective clones, leaving Wrecker bemused, Echo informed them that Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin was on Kamino. Tech guessed this was the same Tarkin from the Citadel mission that turned Echo into a cyborg; Wrecker bluntly pointed out Echo got blown up during that mission. Upon informing Echo that they had been summoned by Prime Minister Lama Su, Wrecker assumed their superiors were disappointed with the food fight but quipped he enjoyed it all the same. Omega attempted to accompany them to take responsibility for the food fight, only to be turned away by Hunter.[4]

As they were leaving the med bay, they were accosted by a shock trooper captain, who informed them that they were to report to the training area for a battle simulation so Tarkin could see more of the squad in action. Relieved they were not being reprimanded and that they were being given the opportunity to fight, Wrecker suggested the Empire wasn't as bad as it seemed as he gave Tech a gentle punch in the arm.[4]

Upon entering the battle simulation, Wrecker broke formation to charge the training droids head-on. After clearing the field, he called out to Tarkin and Lama Su to give him more opponents to fight. He was soon obliged as two armored training droids emerged from the floor, which he proceeded to ram, only to be suddenly hit by live fire, forcing Tech to help him hide behind one of the barricades. As more droids were being deployed, Hunter then whistled at Wrecker and Tech and, to Wrecker's frustration, began using hand signals; Tech criticized Wrecker for failing to memorize their hand signals before clarifying they were going to repeat a maneuver they performed on Felucia. Wrecker then proceeded to restrain one of the droids with Echo's aid so Tech could reprogram it to use against the other droids.[4]

As the Bad Batch retook the momentum, Wrecker subdued one of the droids and slammed a second one to the ground. Unfortunately, one last droid destroyed the compromised unit and used the high ground to keep the Bad Batch pinned. At Crosshair's signal, Wrecker tossed his combat knife into the air, which Crosshair then shot right into the droid's head, ending the simulation.[4]

Mission to Onderon[]

Upon their return to their barracks, Wrecker expressed his outrage at being used as target practice, and got into an argument with Crosshair over being treated as "dummy droids." Suddenly, Tarkin himself appeared, agreeing with Wrecker, prompting the squad to stand at attention. Tarkin expressed admiration for the squad's unorthodox methods and assigned them a new mission to Onderon to neutralize a group of Separatist remnants.[4]

As they were loading up the Marauder, Wrecker and Crosshair walked up to boast of the Empire's new armory; Crosshair claimed that Wrecker actually cried upon seeing it but Wrecker sniped that they both did. Though Tech insisted that the crate Wrecker brought couldn't fit on the ship but Wrecker insisted on making it work. As he boarded the Marauder, he remarked that their lives had returned to normal with a new mission and unlimited explosives.[4]

The Batch arrived on Onderon and covertly made their way to the Separatist camp, though Wrecker wanted to blow something up rather than approach the situation with stealth. Tech again quipped that Wrecker's programming was to blame for this desire. When they got close enough, the clones discovered that the camp was actually accommodating a group of civilians, including children. Since the Batch expected to find battle droids, they concluded that something was wrong. Whilst Wrecker questioned what they should do, Crosshair declared they should finish their mission and eliminate the group. Before they came to a unanimous decision, members of the camp surrounded Clone Force 99 and took them in. They then came to meet Saw Gerrera, who explained that although the Clone Wars had ended, the Empire was a threat, and a civil war would soon begin. Gerrera allowed the clones to leave, positing that they would need to either adapt and survive, or die with the past.[4]

After their encounter with Gerrara, the Bad Batch came across a probe droid, which Hunter immediately blasted. Wrecker was surprised at the fact Tarkin had been spying on them the whole time, and Hunter recalled how Omega had tried to warn him about Tarkin prior to their departure from Kamino. Tech suggested that Omega's claim had merit due to her being an enhanced clone with heightened senses. Initially, Wrecker took the statement to be a joke, but Tech clarified that it was true as he had analyzed Omega's DNA. Although Tech deemed Omega's origin to be obvious, Wrecker and the other clones did not. Despite pushback from Crosshair, the Batch returned to Kamino to retrieve Omega.[4]

Desertion to the Empire[]

Back on Kamino, the Bad Batch was quickly surrounded in the hangar by shock troopers under Tarkin's orders, the latter having them arrested for treason due to their refusal to eliminate Gerrera and his militia. In detention and stripped of their equipment, the group was nevertheless reunited with an Omega who had been arrested earlier. Tensions then began to rise with Crosshair chastising his comrades for their failure to respect Imperial authority, a criticism that Wrecker has difficulty understanding since their team spends their time not following orders. With Crosshair's argument falling on deaf ears, he is escorted by shock troopers on Tarkin's orders.[4]

Tech suddenly realized that since their cell was originally a high security cell, he asked Wrecker to hit a specific point in the wall. After a small blow without effect, Wrecker hit harder, damaging a panel opening onto a ventilation duct. Wrecker points out that he will never be able to fit in, so Omega volunteers to go in. Wrecker then hid the opening by sitting in front of it. When one of the three shock trooper guards noticed Omega's absence, Wrecker tried to divert attention by stating that the cell was not designed for someone like him but that didn't convince anyone so that the guards ordered him to move from his position, which he refused to do. Omega simultaneously dropped a trap door on the three clones and managed to reach the cell opening lever. One of the guards grabbed the girl, only for a free Wrecker to punch the shock trooper in the helmet, knocking him out and cracking his helmet. The group then made their way to the hangar where the Marauder remained.[4]

Back at the Marauder, the group recovered their weapons and armor stored in metal crates but Wrecker did not find all their belongings according to him. Abruptly, Tarkin's forces confronted the Bad Batch, led by a Crosshair brainwashed by Tarkin himself. Confused about the betrayal of their brother in arms, the Bad Batch refused to surrender and an exchange of blows followed, Wrecker being shot in the shoulder by Crosshair who then used him as bait for the others. Hunter took the risk of rescuing a Wrecker on the ground, luckily being helped by an Omega shooting Crosshair's rifle before he could fire at them. Once the fugitives were aboard the Marauder, they were able to flee Kamino.[4]

Out of danger, Echo proceeded to treat Wrecker's wound and Omega then returned Wrecker his beloved tooka doll that he was looking for earlier. Wrecker would later say that he wasn't that bad since it took more than a blaster shot to put him down, only for Echo to clarify that he was on the ground but Wrecker retorted that He wasn't there long before his wound tingled again. On Hunter's decision, the group headed to J-19's coordinates to meet a contact who could help with their new situation as Imperial fugitives.[4]

Stop on Saleucami[]

"Shaeeah, Jek! Remember me?"
"Uncle Wrecker!"
―Wrecker, to the Lawquane children[12]

The Batch made their way to sector J-19, looking to make a stop on the planet Saleucami. As they were arriving at their destination, Wrecker and Omega were sound asleep. Hunter and Echo stood over them, and questioned what they would do with Omega.[12]


Clone Force 99 traveled to Saleucami to meet an old friend.

Walking out onto the surface, Omega took in the fresh air and marveled at the soil on the planet. Wrecker looked on, openly curious as to what she was doing. The Batch quickly got moving to avoid an incoming storm, making their way through fields of crops until they came across a tripwire. Wrecker laughed at the rudimental booby trap, calling it "cute," and stepped over it, though he unintentionally triggered a laser sensor which caused several inactive B1-series battle droids to pop out of the ground. Startled, Wrecker began shooting the droids. The squad then came face to face with their old friend Cut Lawquane and his wife Suu.[12]

Inside Cut's house, Wrecker enjoyed a meiloorun fruit as Hunter introduced Echo and Omega. Cut asked about the whereabouts of Crosshair, to which Hunter simply replied "it's complicated." Cut revealed that Rex had stopped by the day before, talking about a behavioral implant. Omega recognized this to be the inhibitor chips placed inside the clones, something the rest of the Batch (besides Tech) were surprised to learn. Cut and Suu's children, Shaeeah and Jek, then came inside. Wrecker jumped from his seat, asking the two if they remembered him. Excited to see him, they remarked "Uncle Wrecker" and ran over to him. Shaeeah and Jek then became acquainted with Omega, and the three went outside to play.[12]

Later, the ball the children were playing with had been accidentally thrown past the farm's fence. Omega snuck out to retrieve it, resulting in her coming dangerously close to a Nexu. Shaeeah and Jek ran inside for help, and Wrecker raced outside along with everyone else. After Hunter and Suu had warded off the creature, Cut comforted Omega. Wrecker asked if she was alright, and Cut responded that she would be fine. Wrecker then stood with Hunter, Echo, and Tech as they made a plan to forge chain codes so that the Lawquanes could safely leave the planet.[12]

As part of their plan, Tech and Echo called the authorities to seize the Marauder, much to the vexation of Hunter. He and Wrecker could only watch on as they saw their ship impounded. Unbeknownst to Tech and Echo until they had already set the plan in motion, Omega was on board with them.[12]

Wrecker and the remaining members of the group traveled to Saleucami town in hopes that Tech could supply them with chain code disks in time for the Lawquanes to leave. At the spaceport, Wrecker accidentally hit his head on an overhead bar. Omega, realizing the importance of the chain codes, took off with the disks and set out to deliver them herself. Tech informed Hunter of the situation, and Wrecker left to ensure the young girl was safe. Clone troopers stationed around the dock holding the Marauder were soon alerted to the presence of Tech and Echo. Despite the area being mostly clear of troopers, Omega was almost exposed by an R-series astromech droid, though Wrecker arrived and dented the top of the droid as it tried to signal authorities. Omega escaped unnoticed, leaving Wrecker faced with three clone troopers who asked him where he was going. They prompted Wrecker to show them his chain code, so Wrecker put up his hands as if he was holding something, before knocking all the troopers' helmets together. Multiple other troopers took notice of Wrecker and began shooting their blasters at him.[12]

Omega successfully brought the chain codes to the Lawquanes, but was surprised to hear that Hunter had arranged for her to leave with them. Omega expressed her desire to stay with Clone Force 99, but Hunter told her to go for her own good. Hunter then returned to the Marauder, helping Wrecker and the others in the ongoing shoot out. After the clamps on the ship could not be released by Echo, Wrecker manually tore off the clamps using his enhanced strength. As they were about to leave, Wrecker hesitated, telling Hunter that Omega had not returned. Before Hunter could say that she wasn't leaving with them, Omega shouted for them to wait for her. She ran across the dock, being grabbed by a trooper in the process, but Hunter and Wrecker protected her as she was guided on board the Marauder. After the successful escape, Wrecker sat on the ship lifting their droid Gonky.[12]

A new galaxy[]

Crash on the Ordo Moon[]

Traveling through hyperspace, Wrecker scoffed a ration bar and excitedly requested more to eat. To his disappointment, Hunter told him their rations were low so he would have to wait. Omega offered her own food, but Hunter pulled Wrecker aside and pointed out that she didn't even have a place to sleep, and that Wrecker should let her keep the food. Wrecker confided that he was not used to having a kid around, which Hunter agreed held true for the rest of the Batch.[13]

Moments later the Marauder was abruptly pulled out of hyperspace due to the damage taken while fleeing Saleucami. As the ship hurtled towards a nearby moon, Wrecker helped Omega into a chair to prepare her for a crash landing. During the descent, Wrecker was jolted around in his seat, causing him to bump his head. He repeatedly voiced worries that they were going to die, until he looked at Omega and decided to express more a optimistic outlook so as not to scare her. Fortunately for them, the clones managed to make a relatively safe, albeit messy landing on the desolate moon.[13]

The Batch became stranded on the moon because of a damaged power capacitor. Tech mentioned that they had a spare capacitor that they could use to replace the faulty one. In an attempt to be helpful, Omega pulled out a crate that she thought may contain the part. In actuality, she had grabbed Crosshair's old weapon kit. Wrecker admitted to missing his former squadmate, despite a reminder from Echo that Crosshair had shot him back on Kamino. Tech noted that Crosshair's actions could have been a result of programming from his inhibitor chip, and Omega all but confirmed as such. As Wrecker and the others grappled with the idea that Crosshair's behavior was not his fault, Hunter reminded everyone that they needed to fix their ship.[13]

Wrecker stayed on board while Echo and Tech went out to replace the capacitor. Following their rough landing, he began to complain about his head, clutching it and groaning about his pain. Suddenly, the ship's power went out, caused by an Ordo Moon Dragon stealing the newly fitted capacitor. Hunter ordered Wrecker to stay on the ship while he and Omega went out to retrieve the part.[13]

Encounter on Pantora[]

Following the incident on the rocky moon, the Batch contemplated their next move. Hunter suggested hiding on Idaflor, though Wrecker groaned that it was uninhabited. However, the crew had exhausted their rations and were low on fuel. Additionally, Echo noted that their ship’s signature was on a wanted list. These factors led the Batch to land on the nearby moon of Pantora to restock supplies and scramble the Marauder's signature.[14]


Wrecker and Tech did maintenance on the Marauder while on Pantora.

Upon landing, Wrecker was complaining about his hunger when he and Tech were approached by Raspar Six, who needed to scan their ship into his depot. Wrecker loomed above Six, and asked if he was sure about the scan. Six suggested he could skip it, provided he was given some financial insentive. Wrecker and Tech gave him some credits and began preparing to work on the Marauder. Meanwhile Hunter, Echo, and Omega ventured further into the city for supplies. To allow Tech to reach the ships's signature key, Wrecker pulled out various components from the Marauder.[14]

Eventually Wrecker removed the signature key and gave it to Tech so he could adjust it. The two were then contacted by Hunter, who explained that a woman had attacked him and taken Omega. Wrecker made his way to the maintenance tunnels where he found Omega on the run. He picked her up and began to take them back to the depot, when Fennec Shand caught up to them. Omega continued on as Wrecker confronted Shand. He charged at the bounty hunter, but she used his momentum against him to push him into a wall and knock him unconscious. Shand left Wrecker in the tunnel and pursued Omega. Wrecker later awoke to hear Tech on his comlink, who instructed him to return to the ship. On his way, he saw Pantoran Security speeders flying overhead, and was disappointed that he was missing out on the action. He finally returned to the Marauder, with the rest of his squad already aboard, and they quickly fled Pantora. Hunter deduced that the woman must have been a bounty hunter sent to capture Omega. As the group discussed this, Wrecker directed them not to scare the young girl.[14]

Personality and traits[]

"I like to blow things up because I like to blow things up!"
Wrecker AG

Wrecker had a penchant for utterly destroying enemy droids.

Wrecker's unit, known as Clone Force 99 and nicknamed the "Bad Batch," was comprised of "defective" clones with desirable genetic mutations. In Wrecker's case, his mutations granted him incredible superhuman strength, strong enough to lift a wrecked LAAT gunship away to recover a wounded comrade trapped underneath.[2]

Wrecker was loud and excitable, and prone to expressing his opinions in a very exuberant manner. He had a deep passion for explosions and destroying enemy material, particularly battle droids, with his bare hands. His only major weakness was his fear of extreme heights, which he described as having a problem with gravity.[5] Despite having some difficulties when working with regular clones,[2] Wrecker and his squad came to respect Clone Captain Rex, even saluting the clone trooper officer after the Battle of Anaxes.[11] He had a stuffed tooka doll named Lula, which was very important to him.[4] Due to his genetic mutation, Wrecker was initially unresponsive to the programming of his inhibitor chip, though he eventually began to develop headaches[13] that were interspersed with minor episodes of Order 66 programming after hitting his head during a crash landing and various other moments where his head was hit, which he was able to resist.[15] He eventually succumbed to his inhibitor chip on Bracca, though he was able to get it removed.[16]


Wrecker had a bond with Omega and his tooka doll, Lula.

Wrecker developed a bond with the young clone Omega, becoming something of a playful older brother to her. Like the other members of the Bad Batch, Wrecker was protective of Omega and worked hard to make her feel a part of the team. He customized a section of the Marauder to act as her own room.[13] Wrecker displayed a great of deal of guilt when he nearly harmed Omega after succumbing to his inhibitor chip, and he deeply apologized for his actions even though he could not help himself.[16] His boisterous and happy energy often appealed to younger individuals, such as Omega, but also to Cut Lawquane's children, Shaeeah and Jek, who referred to him as "Uncle Wrecker."[12]

Wrecker was shown to be an expert on the operations of explosives and even tutored Omega on how to defuse certain kinds of ordnance, though he had the common sense not to train her using live explosives.[17]



Wrecker's helmet after deserting the Empire

In combat, Wrecker was known to use a DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System and a vibro-knife sheath on his right leg. He wore modified Katarn-class Commando Armor with a specific helmet.[2] Wrecker loved to use explosives like grenades,[2] thermal detonators,[10] and proton torpedoes.[17]

Behind the scenes[]

George Lucas had a very specific vision of the Bad Batch, in that he wanted a version of The Dirty Dozen with clones. Dave Filoni sketched their appearances which Brent Friedman and Matt Michnovetz used to imagine the Bad Batch's voices and personalities. Matt and Brent worked with Dave to flesh out the characters and their story where Wrecker would be based on something akin to the Hulk from Marvel Comics. Directors Steward Lee and Bosco Ng who are big Marvel fans likes to direct Wrecker the most like in scenes where he gets to rampage like the Hulk. Dee Bradley improvised Wrecker's voice the most and inserted gung-ho things like loud grunts and shouts.[18]

Wrecker on kashyyyk

Wrecker, riding a "monkey lizard" in the unfinished episodes on Kashyyyk.

Wrecker was to appear in a four episode arc written by Michnovetz[19] which starred the Bad Batch which now included "Echo," alongside Yoda on Kashyyyk. At the "Untold Clone Wars" panel at Celebration Anaheim, Dave Filoni talked about the plot of the arc. He revealed that the characters would ride on "giant ape lizards," that were holy to the Wookiees in a religious way. In one scene Tarfful would ask the tree spirits for permission to go into battle against the enemy, which was a Trandoshan and the Separatist Alliance. To get the enemy out of some of their cities they would have to burn some of the trees. The Clones had no problem with it, but it was upsetting to the Wookiees. A part of the arc would be about the Clones and the Wookiees finding a common ground to fight the separatists. A story reel clip was shown at the panel, which showed the Bad Batch and other Wookiees riding on the "ape lizards" and battle against a new beast that was based on Kinraths from the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game.[20]


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