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"Watch those wrist rockets!"
―A clone trooper[src]

Wrist rockets were rockets or projectiles that were fired from a wrist rocket launcher.


Wrist rocket launcher schematics

There were various types of wrist rockets that were fired from a wrist rocket launcher, such as "dumb rockets" (missiles with no tracking ability) and homing missiles. The homing missiles combined the computer systems of both wristband and rocket to lock onto movement.

Aside from these, there were many more exotic rockets that could be used, such as:

  • Anti-personnel rockets[1]
  • Stun rockets
  • Flash rockets which used intense light to cause temporary blindness[1]
  • Anti-vehicle rockets which were powerful enough to damage and disable vehicles[1]
  • Ion blast rockets which used ion damage to affect droids and cybernetic systems[1]
  • Hollow-tip rockets which injected the target with a nerve toxin or exploded with stun gas.[1]

Many rockets had a maximum range of twenty-five meters, while a few could reach seventy-five meters.


The technology of wrist rockets and their launchers was in use since at least four thousand years prior to the Battle of Yavin. The bounty-hunter Mira was particularly skilled with them. Direct-fire wrist rockets were also utilized by B2 super battle droids. The Kelvarek Consolidated Arms MM9 rocket system system was used by Boba Fett, and his father, Jango Fett.



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