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"I get it now. It's a basic algebra thing. You have to picture it written down in High Galactic instead of listening to it."
Nakari Kelen[1]
Leia writes

Leia Organa writing a letter in Aurebesh

Writing was a medium of sentient communication, a method of representing language in visual form.[2] A writing system was a set of visible signs used to represent units of a given language in a systematic way. Notable examples included Aurebesh,[3] High Galactic,[1] Outer Rim Basic,[4] and the Umbaran alphabet.[5]

In ancient times, writing was done by applying pigmented substance to a surface with a utensil held in the hand.[2] For example, the Sith of old wrote on scrolls.[6] Over time, technological evolution made it possible to produce virtual written characters without having to make complex physical motions with the hand.[7] In the aftermath of the Battle of Endor, Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan still wrote some of her letters by hand when she deemed they required a personal touch.[8] Some people, including Ezra Bridger,[9] Sabine Wren,[10] and Rey, kept a personal handwritten journal.[11] Emperor Palpatine occasionally sent handwritten letters.[12] At the height of the New Republic, however, almost nobody wrote by hand any longer.[2]

The art of fancy handwriting was called "calligraphy." Ben Solo practiced it when he was still studying under his uncle Luke Skywalker to become a Jedi. In his sleeping quarters at Skywalker's temple, Solo kept a calligraphy set that included several pens, parchments, and an inkwell.[13]


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