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Wroona was the homeworld of the near-Human Wroonians, located in the Wroona system.

Description[edit | edit source]

It was a small blue world, located at the far edge of the Inner Rim Territories,[1] in the same quadrant and region as Bestine IV. It was covered by great oceans divided up by long continents, creating thousands of miles of blue-sand coasts.

History[edit | edit source]

Wroona had a long tradition of seafaring, naval commerce, and materialistic spirituality. It was a wealthy tradeworld in the galactic community, located on the Keller's Void hyperspace shortcut. The Wroonians established many colonies, such as that on Saleucami.

The planet was represented in the Galactic Senate by Senator Chi Eekway Papanoida during the Clone Wars.[1] The Wroonians were more than willing to engage in military force to ensure Palpatine would surrender his emergency powers.

With the rise of the militaristic Galactic Empire, Wroona's strategic location gained new importance. The Empire established an Imperial garrison, dispatched an Imperial governor to rein in the Wroonian trade guilds, and built a small but vital shipyard and resupply post, the Wroona Stardock. In 2 ABY, members of the disbanded Guild of Armament Distributors raided the Stardock and damaged the Imperial Victory-class Star Destroyer Rampant.

Starship Outfitters[5] and Palestro's Wholesale Firearms were two businesses there.[6]

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