The Wroona Stardock was a Kuat Drive Yards Type IV-A Stardock that orbited the planet of Wroona.


It was built by the Imperial Governor of Wroona, but gained its independence after the Wroonian revolt shortly after the Battle of Endor. After this, it was run by the Wroonian Guilds and leased out as a repair facility to anyone with enough credits.[1]

The facility was large enough for one Star Destroyer analog or several smaller capital ships. The station had the capacity to host many crew and technicians, but only 50 were permanently stationed there. When more were required, they were shuttled up from the surface of the planet, where many smaller repair jobs were also carried out.[1]

In 7 ABY, the Vengeance, a Star Destroyer commanded by Imperial Advisor Bregius Golthan, docked there for repairs after suffering heavy damage from New Republic forces. It was then infiltrated by the mercenaries Dirk Harkness and Jai Raventhorn who scuttled the ship.[1]



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