"Wait a minute, you've never heard of Wroonians? C'mon, they're about as near-Human as you can get while still having that cool attitude about them. Some of my best smuggler contacts are Wroonians."
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The Wroonians were a blue-skinned species of Near-Humans from the planet Wroona in the Inner Rim, a world in the same sector as the Bestine system.



A Wroonian starfighter pilot

Wroonians could be distinguished from baseline Humans not only by their blue skin (even blue lips), but by their yellow irises. They shared physical characteristics with the Pantoran people.[1]


Wroonian society was wealthy, fun-loving, and deeply spiritual; as a result, Wroonians often wore ornate clothing and tattoos. Wroonians loved travel both at sea and in space. A well-traveled species, they were represented in the Galactic Republic by the blue-skinned Pantoran Senator Chi Eekway Papanoida[2] and later were part of the Galactic Empire. There were numerous Wroonian colonies, such as on Saleucami.

Wroonians were renowned for telling boastful stories.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

While Wroonians had been part of the Expanded Universe for years, the first Wroonian to appear in the Star Wars movies was played by George Lucas. However, after the airing of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode, "Trespass," Notluwiski Papanoida's species was changed to a Pantoran, meaning that the Wroonians no longer appear in the Star Wars movies, though they may have a link with the Pantorans.[1]



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