"But if you want a sap that's great for guzzlin', then the trees 'round Mount Arayakyak are the ones for you. The way their sap's fruity undertones bubble to the surface in this hot cider will have you wishin' that Life Day was every day!"
―Strono Tuggs, The Life Day Cookbook[1]

Wroshyr Sap Cider was an alcoholic cider made using the sap of the wroshyr, a type of tree that covered much of the surface of the forest planet Kashyyyk. The drink was served hot during Life Day, a festival originating on Kashyyyk in which the wroshyr was deeply significant. It was brown in color and could be served with orange fruit peel and brown sticks in it.[1]

The Artiodac chef Strono Tuggs included a recipe for the dish in his second cookbook, The Life Day Cookbook, which was released at some point after he published his first cookbook[1] in 34 ABY.[2] In the recipe, Tuggs recommended using the sap from the trees found around Mount Arayakyak on Kashyyyk, which had a fruity undertone that bubbled through when used in the hot drink.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Wroshyr Sap Cider was created as a recipe for the 2021 Star Wars: The Life Day Cookbook, a recipe book written by Jenn Fujikawa and Marc Sumerak. The out-of-universe recipe uses unsweetened apple cider, packed light brown sugar, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, ground nutmeg, sliced orange, and orange peel.[1]


Notes and references[]

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