"You don't believe. I've seen the doubt in you. As I did in Wry."
―Seer, to Soldier[src]

Wry, originally designated "Subject H," was a male clone created from Jedi and Sith DNA in an Imperial research facility on a frozen moon in the Unknown Regions at some point around 9 ABY. A part of a clone project started by Grand Admiral Thrawn of the Galactic Empire, Subject H and the other clones developed a close Community between themselves, and one of them, Seer, claimed to have received summons from an entity called "Mother" and tried to convince them to escape from the facility. Wry doubted the existence of Mother, however, and was brutally murdered in response by the other members of the Community years prior to 41 ABY. His death put caution into Soldier, another clone with wavering faith in Mother, who chose to comply with the plans of his brethren.


"Subject H was killed by the other Subjects in an incident of collective… rage. We are unsure what sparked the incident."
―Dr. Black, in his hololog[src]

At some point around the year 9 ABY,[2] Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn established a research facility on the surface of a frozen moon orbiting a gas giant in a star system in the Unknown Regions.[1] Having recently discovered the late Galactic Emperor Palpatine's storage of Spaarti cloning cylinders,[5] Thrawn sent at least one of them to the facility along with the DNA of various Jedi and Sith, including that of Palpatine. The scientists at the facility were then tasked with combining the DNA to create hybrid Jedi–Sith clones to serve the Empire's needs. "Subject H," a male, was among the nine clones created at the facility. Although the scientists tried to slow down the clones' maturation process, Subject H and the other clones still rapidly grew to maturity. They then underwent memory-imprinting procedures and were constantly experimented on by the scientists. The clones, kept in confinement inside the facility, exhibited a strong connection to the Force, particularly its dark side, and shared an empathetic and telepathic connection to each other.[1] As time went by, the clones formed a close Community, giving each other names instead of their "Subject" designations, and Subject H received the name "Wry." Most of the clones, with the exception of the one called Soldier, were imperfect, suffering from a sickness that made them genetically and emotionally unstable, and they required constant injections of the drug metacycline to combat the disease.[4]

Years before 41 ABY,[3] one of the other clones, a female named Seer, informed Wry and the rest of the clones that she had received a call from the Force from an entity called "Mother." She claimed that Mother called the clones to her, offering home and salvation from the sickness, but Wry doubted Seer's visions and the existence of Mother. When Wry spoke his mind, his fellow clones violently killed him, tearing him apart in a fit of collective rage. The only clone who did not participate in the carnage was Soldier, who secretly shared Wry's doubts.[4] One of the scientists working on the clone project, Dr. Black, later documented Wry's death in an entry in his holojournal.[1] Having witnessed what had happened to Wry, Soldier kept his doubts to himself and stoically proceeded with the Community's plans to escape from the frozen moon. The clones eventually killed their Imperial masters and escaped from the facility, and they did find Mother—a self-aware Rakatan space station—who, despite Wry's doubts, was real. However, Mother's summonses were a trap, as she intended to possess one of the clones to escape from the confinement of the space station.[4]

Personality and traits[]

"…appear to have an unusual connection to one another, empathetic certainly. Possibly telepathic. This was unexpected."
―Dr. Black[src]

Wry was a clone of a male individual,[4] grown to maturity at an accelerated rate and, like the other clones of his kind, aware of his Force-sensitivity from his creation. He shared a connection to the other clones, sensing their thoughts and emotions.[1] Wry suffered from the sickness that affected all the clones except Soldier. Wry did not believe Seer's visions, doubting that "Mother" existed. He was not afraid to voice his thought to the other clones, only to be killed for doing so.[4]

Powers and abilities[]

"Memory imprinting will begin soon, though the subjects appear to have been born with extant knowledge of their Force sensitivity. All have exhibited mastery of basic and moderately advanced Force techniques. Testing reveals an extraordinarily high midi-chlorian count in all subjects. Grand Admiral Thrawn has been apprised of the results."
―Dr. Black[src]

Like all other clones in the Community, Wry exhibited a strong connection with the Force, having a high midi-chlorian count and being able to skillfully use basic and some moderately advanced Force powers. He and the other clones were inherently attuned to the dark side, making them Dark Jedi.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Subject H, one of the clones created on the frozen moon, was first mentioned in Crosscurrent, a 2010 novel by Paul S. Kemp. He was mentioned in Kemp's 2011 sequel to Crosscurrent, Riptide, which established the clone's name as "Wry." The novels revealed neither Wry's genetic template nor species, only revealing that he was a male.[1][4]


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