"I didn't recognize Wud at first, he'd grown so much. His face had broadened, and his chin seemed sharper."
―Pernicar about Wud Mortull[src]

Wud Mortull was a male Human Padawan of Jedi Master Pernicar who fought in the New Sith Wars under Master Pernicar, but went missing some time during the fighting. Mortull would reappear eight years later as a member of the Brotherhood of Darkness.


A Force-sensitive male Human, Wud Mortull was trained in the ways of the Force by the Jedi Order, attaining the rank of Padawan and constructing a green-bladed lightsaber in 1020 BBY. Learning under the tutelage of Jedi Master Pernicar, Mortull served alongside his master during the New Sith Wars until he disappeared in 1018 BBY. During this time Mortull succumbed to the sway of the dark side of the Force and defected to the ranks of the Brotherhood of Darkness, the Sith organization headed by former Jedi Master Skere Kaan.[1]

Eight years later, during a battle, Mortull joined the Brotherhood's forces on Ruusan as the Sith did battle with the Jedi Order's Army of Light. Spotting his former Jedi Master during the fighting after the old man had just slain three Sith soldiers, Mortull called out to Pernicar. When Pernicar spotted him, Mortull began to sprint towards him, arms open and a wide smile as if he had missed his old teacher during their long separation. While Pernicar was initially pleased to see his apprentice whom he believed to be a friend, the Jedi was momentarily caught off guard when Mortull revealed his red-bladed lightsaber. Pernicar wondered what could have driven Mortull to forsake the green-bladed weapon he had prized upon first completing it. Before Mortull could strike down his former master, Pernicar slew the man who, even in death, wore the friendly smile of a friend. Following the conclusion of the battle, Pernicar had his armorer analyze the shoddily-constructed weapon of Mortull and learned that the weapon's core contained a synthetic lightsaber crystal like most of the other weapons on the Sith members of the Brotherhood.[1]

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The story of Wud Mortull is recounted by Master Pernicar as he talks about the differences in Jedi and Sith lightsabers. The story appears in Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force.


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