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"There is a purity to his loathing for the universe that is quite spiritually advanced."

Wuher was a male Human from Tatooine who worked as a bartender in Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina. Wuher lived on Tatooine all of his life. His original training in the field came from a correspondence school.[4]


A young Wuher.

"Bartenders in these sorts of places, frequented by different and unique biochemistries, were more xenoalchemists than simple pourers of drinks."

As a child, Wuher lead a harsh life as an abandoned orphan living in Mos Eisley. As he grew he began to tinker with his chemistry kit, and developed a taste for interesting drinks which eventually lead him to bartending correspondence school. He was rejected by most people, and in 27 BBY experienced a horrific speeder crash while being driven through the streets of Mos Espa by a presumed Twi'lek. The man was abruptly assassinated in cold blood by Aurra Sing and then shapeshifted back into his original Shi'ido form. Sing then nonchalantly told a cowering Wuher that the world was tough, and that he should get used to it.[5] Wuher's childhood gave rise to his overly gruff, sour attitude.

Later in life, Wuher was one of two bartenders at Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina. The other bartender that he shared the role with was Ackmena, a female Human. It was here that he developed a dislike toward droids and gained a certain satisfaction from removing them from the cantina. He claimed this was mainly due to the fact that they took up space in the cantina and did not require refreshment, but in fact he admitted only to himself, that droids were the only creatures he felt truly comfortable removing because he knew he could offend no one by asking.[3] At some point his EPT-212 droid detector was stolen by a Jawa trader named Dathcha. Wuher had hired a spacer to recover the detector, and when it was brought back, he promised the spacer an unlimited amount of free drinks in the cantina.[6]

As bartenders and bioalchemists went, Wuher was a genius. In a profession of serving drinks to an array of differing creatures and their biochemistry, simple humans were often distrusted with the ability to serve drinks safely. Despite this his knowledge of chemicals was exceptional, particularly when it applied to what substances are toxic, or merely intoxicating, to alien species. He was an expert at mixing the proper substances together to provide the most pleasant neurochemical reactions in his patrons. His most popular drinks were Blue milk, Juri juice, and Sarlacc kicker, and he even invented a drink of his own called the Frosty Sulphate.

Despite his personality, Wuher fostered a dream beneath his grizzly shell. He longed to make a signature drink that would earn him fame and wealth from Jabba the Hutt. Working in the cantina's basement with an elaborate chemistry kit, Wuher worked daily, mixing all of Jabba's favorite drinks in perfect portions in an attempt to produce an elixir, a perfect liqueur suited exactly to the taste buds of Jabba. He imagined that one day the wealth this drink would provide would allow him to leave the detestable planet of Tatooine.[3]

Wuher, working in his cantina.

On the fateful day that Luke Skywalker met Han Solo a 0 BBY, he told Luke to take two droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO, outside before he served him a glass of water, as per his policy. The fight between Doctor Cornelius Evazan, Ponda Baba, Luke Skywalker, and Obi-Wan Kenobi happened in front of his eyes. He also served the bounty hunter Greedo, and eventually witnessed Han Solo killing Greedo on that very same day. Before these events, Wuher had been working below the cantina on Jabba's perfect drink. Wuher knew he had almost perfected the beverage, but it was slightly lacking. Relying on his exceptional sense of smell, he realized the pheromones Greedo exuded were the final flavor the drink required. Employing his newly found droid C2-R4, he obtained Greedo's corpse and had C2-R4 brew Greedo into the liqueur. Upon tasting, Wuher believed he had finally created Jabba's perfect drink and at the same time, discovered a new-found sense of appreciation for droids.[3]

The next day, he was called on by Mos Eisley police investigating the death of Feltipern Trevagg. He informed them that H'nemthe females ritually disembowel their husbands on the wedding night.[7]

Sometime later, Wuher found himself in the middle of firefight within his own cantina, when Thuku and a group of his thugs attacked a Rebel operative during a meeting.[8] The street fortune teller known as the Prophetess told Wuher that he was the reincarnation of Cedo Partu, the original builder of the cantina. After hearing of this, Wuher banned the Prophetess from entering the cantina.[9]

Wuher knew Mirax Terrik well and developed a little "game" with her whereby he would point out to troublemakers that she was the daughter of Booster Terrik. They played this trick during the Bacta War, on an occasion when Corran Horn and Mirax visited the cantina on their way to Huff Darklighter's estate.

Behind the scenes[]

Wuher was portrayed by British actor Ted Burnett in A New Hope. However, his dialogue was replaced by another actor's voice.[source?] In the audio dramatization of Nightlily: The Lovers' Tale, Wuher was voiced by Steve Winfield.

Wuher was only known as "The Bartender" at the time of the film's release. The Star Wars Legends source the Mos Eisley Cantina Adventure Set gave the character's name as "Cedo Partu" in 1989. In 1995, "Be Still My Heart: The Bartender's Tale" from the Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina anthology named him "Wuher", which has been his official name ever since.[10] Pablo Hidalgo created a retcon in Star Wars Insider 91 to acknowledge the latter name Cedo Partu as a separate character, and the Prophetess's claim that Wuher was the reincarnated soul of Cedo Partu.[11]

In the Nintendo DS version of LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, Wuher can fly across gaps like an Astromech droid.


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