Wulkarsks were six-limbed, four-eyed pack predators from the jungles of Joralla. They were easily capable of eating humanoid-sized prey. Wulkarsks were trained to hunt for the Tikiarri. They were part of a family of animals known as wulkensos. Wild wulkarsk were always found alone, prowling the jungles of the planet.

Appearance and BiologyEdit

The Wulkarsk had two distinct torso sections: the lower torso had four legs and provided a low center of gravity while the upper torso had one pair of clawed limbs and the neck and head at the top of the upper torso. Each limb had three digits each with a long claw, and a rear claw at the back of the foot or the base of the wrist. Wulkarsk had elongated snouts, with four eyes (two forward looking and two backward looking) and elongated ears set just above the jawbone but below the eyes. The wulkarsk were the largest members of the family wulkenso, with several closely related animal species also found in the jungles and forests of the planet.

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