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Wupiupi coins

«Are you going to pay for that? It costs seven wupiupi.»
Gragra, to Jar Jar Binks[src]

The wupiupi was a type of golden currency used by the Hutts on Tatooine. Sixteen wupiupi coins equalled one trugut, and sixty-four of them equalled one peggat. The value of a single wupiupi coin was around 0.625 Republic credits.[1][2] On one of their sides, wupiupi coins bore an old Huttese code of trade.[3]

Around the time of the Invasion of Naboo, large amphibians called gorgs were sold in Mos Espa Market for seven wupiupi apiece,[4] which was considered a princely sum.[1]

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The images for wupiupi coins featured in Star Wars: The Visual Encyclopedia[3] are Ottoman coins issued by Sultans Selim III and Mahmud II in real life.[5][6]



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