Wurokkk was an eccentric and avant-garde male Wookiee musical composer who joined the percussion group Shluur. He gained an interest in the brainwaves of the Bith species while attending Shluur concerts on the planet Clak'dor VII, the Bith homeworld. The Wookiee fed his fascination by creating music that provoked Bith into aggression. After his methods were discovered, Wurokkk was escorted off-world by a group of spacers.


Wurokkk was a male Wookiee and a musical composer. He was part of the touring percussion group called Shluur, a diverse ensemble composed of dozens of different species who mixed different cultural percussive rhythms. During a series of Shluur performances at Purghom Musical Performance Hall on the planet Clak'dor VII, Wurokkk became fascinated with the Bith species' brainwave patterns and began experimenting with ways to subtly influence them using rhythmic vibrations. He eventually assembled a musical piece specifically designed to provoke an aggressive reaction in Bith by subliminally affecting their biorhythms and brainwaves. The piece's performance resulted in bedlam, with audiences shouting, damaging property, and fighting; the chaos shocked the Bith public.[1]

At the behest of the Clak'dor VII government, a group of spacers investigated the incident and discovered that the aggressive Bith had attended numerous Shluur concerts, for which Wurokkk had composed the music. Confronted with the allegation that he had caused the uproar, the composer merely expressed satisfaction that his efforts had succeeded. The spacers then escorted the Wookiee off-planet at the request of the government.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Wurokkk was a peculiar and innovative composer who developed a fascination with Bith brainwave patterns after attending several concerts with Shluur, the band for which he composed. He decided to feed his interest by trying to affect Bith behavior through his music. Wurokkk was a sufficiently skilled composer, and he was pleased with the success of his experiments, even though they caused Bith to lose control and become destructive. Even when publicly called out on his actions, Wurokkk showed satisfaction rather than remorse.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Wurokkk was introduced in "Beat of a Different Drum," an adventure seed published as part of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game sourcebook Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds, released in 2004 by Wizards of the Coast and written by Craig R. Carey, Jason Fry, Jeff Quick, and Daniel Wallace. The adventure seed suggests that Wurokkk may use another sonic "surprise" on the player-characters once they escort him off-world.[1] Wurokkk was mentioned in a Star Wars Blog post titled "Slugthrowers: An Overview of Popular Music and Musicians in a Galaxy Far, Far Away, Part 1," posted by Ed Erdelac on November 21, 2013, but his name was misspelled as "Wurokk."[2]


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